::eat drink (speak) and be mary::

the girl(woman): one Mary Brave, battling toward peace and transformation. essentially loving and very much obsessed with home. poet/ playwright/ superheroine/ being.

the complications: mental illness recovery - eating disorder, depression, anxiety, self-injury, codependency; issues - shame, abandonment, control, scarcity/ deprivation, identity; color - grief for one home, one residence, two loved ones, and (the impending end to) parents' marriage.

assets: hella good resilience and desire to live well - as acquired from my one-and-only, altogether brilliant Home, recent removal from extended exile period to an actual city, (far-off) friends who love in spectacular ways, and a superdoctor.

moody quote of the moment: "I wish for a place/ where the earth doesn't shake/ and if the earth won't be still/ then I will." -Lisa Loeb

My favorite diaries:

agiel profile - diary
comments: cami, the blessed, gargoyle-protected co-conspirator whose writing is like breath
backagain profile - diary
comments: true inspiration: the wisdom of pain seen through willingness to examine and to change...
being-katie profile - diary
comments: because she's been nothing but love in my life, and I know what it is to need that.
blondeness profile - diary
comments: a gentle lesson in re-attachment; loveliness
bluehamster profile - diary
comments: a julie-related brilliance...you can't go wrong with anything entitled "whee..."
brittbrat profile - diary
comments: britt, the loyal atomfollower, who is more fit to be a leader than she knows
bronx-bound1 profile - diary
comments: take a walk through berlin in this grrl's moccasins. oh, do.
circling profile - diary
comments: her words about words give everyone's importance. not to mention that she's marvelous.
clean2202 profile - diary
comments: a different voice on a parallel path. much appreciated
crystalwalls profile - diary
comments: on the days when we have wings, lyndzie meets me here...
elfling profile - diary
comments: julie, the once androgynous! now happy!champion of allies
glitterboi profile - diary
comments: he is so like a hero; I wish someone could be his...
iwillsurvive profile - diary
comments: she talks about therapy. and depression. and therapy. and she used to have *daisies!* (i.e. divine diaryland intervention) but her new layout is good, too. ;)
iws2 profile - diary
comments: more of that awe-compelling, honest strength. woot!
lilith73 profile - diary
comments: oh. so. admirable...
lovelindsey profile - diary
comments: angel dearling metamorphosizing again. she'll be given love// she'll be taken care of...
mess profile - diary
comments: jess is like sleep with better-written dreams; even nightmares would be soft inside her hands
myfreedom profile - diary
comments: truth liberated. she mends my heart in breaking it.
mystomach profile - diary
comments: when I first found her, I thought - I can't be reading this. now, I realize the same reasons I thought that are exactly why I can't stop reading her.
pacifiste profile - diary
comments: krista's courage, openness, and willingness to transform amaze me. I want so much for her...
papercloud profile - diary
comments: lindsey, my fairy-winged beach-partner, version 4.0
perceptions profile - diary
comments: ocassional conformity meets the only consistent boy favorite
perdiendome profile - diary
comments: somehow, just bearing witness to her strength makes me feel stronger. (she remains) such a gift.
peregryn profile - diary
comments: she is the laughter my perspective craves, the face of reality when smiling
phoenix89 profile - diary
comments: and oh what a dear phoenix she is. (pacifiste transformed.)
pinkpajamas profile - diary
comments: because she has the power to make everything better temporarily. such a gift.
quirkette profile - diary
comments: refractory reincarnated. yeaaay!
raoulduke profile - diary
comments: when I get sad, I read raoul. he's like the kitty I can't have.
refractory profile - diary
comments: she likes yarn-craft, dar, tori, ani, spilling open, and me. I like her. plus, she started the agoraphobia diaryring.
relish1280 profile - diary
comments: she is my comrade in a battle won in ones.
runningstar5 profile - diary
comments: she has me hooked somehow. I have delusions that I know her.
someday- profile - diary
comments: a being of incredible strength who is just beginning her journey to discover it. I want to hold onto her, muchly.
the-closet profile - diary
comments: come out wherever you are...(mental illness awareness is *cool*)...
thryn profile - diary
comments: sisssssssssster. there is a day when ours is a short-distance sisterhood.
verts-yeux profile - diary
comments: linds, the happy thought that redirects my course to fairyland...
whereistand profile - diary
comments: she calls it surplus. but there's no such thing as too much Shannon.
xxlaughyxx profile - diary
comments: she has an incredible kindness, evident not only in the support she offers but the support she receives. and she has a strong heart, willing to listen to other strong hearts. and I respect that dearly.
yotothechild profile - diary
comments: i see this as a reflection that heals. who knew such an entity existed.
* profile - diary
comments: *
nourish profile - diary
comments: dear abby aspirations compell my scattered brain. help me share my words with...me.
atomgirl profile - diary
comments: the origin/ the archive. quite a bit of beauty but began prior to my finding safety. please take care of you.
caged-freed profile - diary
comments: community. against. [the.] glorification. [of.] eating. disorders. (come write an entry! or browse...)

My favorite music:

comments: Tori Amos, Ani DiFranco, Tracy Bonham, Liz Phair, Dar Williams, Tracy Chapman, Indigo Girls, Rasputina, Fiona Apple, Carolyn Arends, Alanis Morissette, Melissa Ferrick, Joni Mitchell, Sleater-Kinney, Shawn Colvin, Bjork, Erin McKeown, Sissies
comments: Ben Harper, Lifehouse, Third Eye Blind, Elvis Costello, my-brother-the-prodigy, REM, Smashing Pumpkins, Nine Inch Nails, Live, Leonard Cohen, Stephen Merritt, Moxy Fruvous, Winter Machine
comments: The Crabs, Rainer Maria, Belle and Sebastian, Ks Choice
my theme songs
comments: Tori: Winter & Girl - Lifehouse: Somewhere In Between - Winter Machine: Going Through - Ben Harper: Forever - Melissa Ferrick: Win Em Over & Cracker Jack Kid - Alanis Morissette: That I Would
more theme songs
comments: Be Good & Utopia - Ks Choice: Everything For Free - Liz Phair: Canary - Dar Williams: You're Aging Well - Fiona Apple: Sullen Girl - Ani DiFranco: Swan Dive

My favorite movies:

fried green tomatoes
comments: women.
good will hunting
comments: breakthrough.
the princess bride
comments: recitable.
the laramie project
comments: gratitude.
28 days
comments: [[for remembrance.]]

My favorite authors:

comments: Charlotte Bronte, Gaston Leroux, Mark Twain, Louisa May Alcott, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Nathaniel Hawthorne
comments: Emily Dickinson, Alix Olson, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Sapphire, Shelley, Celena Glenn, Robert Frost, Dorothy Parker, Margaret Atwood
comments: Aimee Bender, Anne Lamott, Trina Paulus, Joanne Greenberg, Elizabeth Wurtzel, Lauren Slater, Melody Beattie, Iyanla Vanzant, Aldous Huxley, Emma Donoghue, Graham Greene, Sandra Cisneros
comments: Paul Zindel, Tony Kushner, Craig Lucas, Jane Martin
books supposedly intended for children
comments: all things Ramona, Daphne's Book, There's A Boy In The Girls' Bathroom, A Murder For Her Majesty, The Secret Garden, A Little Princess, the Little Critter books, anything by Chris Van Allsburg, Roller Skates, Harry Potter, Walk Two Moons

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