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My favorite diaries:

caged-freed profile - diary
comments: it's not okay to think some things are okay. and it's not okay to close your eyes to it.
chordchild profile - diary
comments: my mary. she sometimes leaves me breathless
empty-weasel profile - diary
comments: I'll always be listening, here at the top of the well
littlebirdie profile - diary
comments: warm and wise, still finding her way
nourish profile - diary
comments: stronger and healthier and still growing
perdiendome profile - diary
comments: her words are heartache and quiet smiles
prettyponies profile - diary
comments: because if you find someone who'll let you live with her in janis joplin's car, you should consider yourself very lucky
psychodyke profile - diary
comments: words the way I can't quite manage
sherpahigh profile - diary
comments: poetry in the realest kind of way. also the surge of beauty behind my diary's layout
the-closet profile - diary
comments: mental illness is not something to be ashamed of
whereistand profile - diary
comments: I just don't know anymore

My favorite music:

Melissa Ferrick
comments: "crack the mirror and hang a sign on my door that says, that girl doesn't live here anymore."
Alice Ripley
comments: "you had better learn how to lie, if you're gonna to take on the world. you will see a very good girl on the outside."
Tori Amos
comments: "just what god needs, one more victim"
Indigo Girls
comments: "we're sculpted from youth, the chipping away makes me weary. and as for the truth, it seems like we just pick a theory."
Ani Defranco
comments: alix olson, bitch and animal, matt caplan, sarah mclachlan, sleater-kinney, norah jones, tegan and sara, tracy bonham, melissa ethridge, U2, the beatles,adam pascal, idina menzel, simon & garfunkel, and I'm one of those showtune dorks

My favorite movies:

Life Is Beautiful
comments: truly
comments: like being embraced
Dead Poets Society
comments: I cry uproariously every time I see it.
Moulin Rouge
comments: it's beauty and pure fun
Princess Diaries
comments: Shakespeare in Love, Dogma, Frida, Good Will Hunting, City Of Angels, Noises Off, Chasing Amy, Rocky Horror Picture Show (I guess I kind of have to say that), First Knight (swordfights and Julia Ormond in rain-soaked skivvies!)

My favorite authors:

Madeleine L'Engle
comments: "the angels, being unshackled by body or passions... understand. but I do not."
Jonathan Larson
comments: "how, as we travel, can we see the dismay and keep from fighting?"
Eve Ensler
comments: "to love women, to love our vaginas, to know them and touch them and be familiar with who we are and what we need"
Thich Nhat Hanh
comments: "our capacity to make peace with another person and with the world depends very much on our capacity to make peace with ourselves."
Alix Olson
comments: "we all take different routes to the same somewhere. you've gotta grit your teeth and say 'see you there'"

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