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i'm a 31 yr old woman using this space to recover the rightritewrite to fly; here i soar from in/sight out, blasting off words, hapless and hope-full:

"... and I made my own way, deciphering that fire, and I wrote the first faint line, faint, without substance, pure nonsense, pure wisdom of someone who knows nothing, and suddenly I saw the heavens unfastened..." --Pablo Neruda, "Poetry"

My favorite diaries:

nourish profile - diary
comments: Her nourishing words carried me through the rockiest hour to hour of recovery, c. 2002. listen: "trust the strength inside you", "atlas no more" "surprise yourself". self-help books may ring hollow, but nourish jostles me
chordchild profile - diary
comments: harmonious dissonance; thunderous melody. steadfast, she inscribed the notes of her journey, a continuous tone that inspires me to stay on d-land for a while longer. her truth resonates deep and long, echoes of which impress me still.
eventhewind profile - diary
comments: still as wonderous and wondering as my first atomic chorded reading, her lifetravels continue to soar and dip on wings, tender strong towards...
agave profile - diary
comments: desert storms, sage writer quiets
citizenjane profile - diary
dharmaqueen profile - diary
dissolving profile - diary
comments: disappearing acts
heavenlyging profile - diary
hitch-hike profile - diary
intheory27 profile - diary
just-fine profile - diary
knowing profile - diary
comments: in two lines, a life time. axiomatic gift: swift, weighty, wisdom sears.
limned profile - diary
comments: she writes with the gift of conciseness, imbued with wit and wisdom to boot. e.g, " he says, i'm a catch, and like my mom says, i don't need to be caught." here, here!
linguikat profile - diary
comments: grad survival for one isn't easy; yet this supergrad gets herself by, while raising a darling daughter besides. "I carry myself with me where ever I go," she explains. i'll try to carry myself too.
mess profile - diary
comments: poet. punctuates. poignant. precise. pithy. pointed. priceless
novembre profile - diary
paperbridges profile - diary
phaiding profile - diary
comments: fading down under?
perdiendome profile - diary
sharpsecret profile - diary
teenymisa profile - diary
the-thinline profile - diary
comments: a L-A-N-G-U-A-G-E poet who doesn't perform formalist wonderworks for arts sake, but rather plays punctionation like an instrument, scatting emotions deft and dangerous across the page.
theothergirl profile - diary
unquiet-mind profile - diary
weetabix profile - diary
marn profile - diary
fivehundred profile - diary

My favorite music:

India Arie
comments: "I got to step out on faith, gotta show my face....strength courage and wisdom, it's been in side of me, all along"
Lauryn Hill
comments: "Fantasy is what people want, but reality is what we need"; "It's just like the water, I ain't felt this way in me, purging me, and moving me around"
Ella Fitzgerald
comments: "One of these mornings, you're gonna rise up singing; then you'll spread your wings as you take to the sky"[Gershwin, "Summertime"]
Soundtracks I
comments: "The Pianist," "The Hours," "Garden State" "Talk to Her"
Soundtracks II
comments: "The Mission," "A Beautiful Mind", "Magnolia", "Hilary and Jackie", "Il Postino"

My favorite movies:

comments: McKee's Commandments: "Thou shalt respect thine audience," "Wow them in the end, but DON'T CHEAT!"
A Beautiful Mind
comments: "still looking for that 'truly original idea'"
Requiem for a Dream
comments: "make your fridge your best friend, not your enemy"
Six Feet Under
comments: "your whole life has been leading up to this"
comments: "never give anyone the power to take away your freedom"

My favorite authors:

Dionne Brand
comments: "Open your eyes. I want to see what your feeling."
Ntozake Shange
comments: "She was like a half-note, scattered, without any rhythm."
Pablo Neruda
comments: "You keep only darkness, my distant female, from your regard sometimes the coast of dread emerges"
comments: "Here in the field of the dream, you are at home."
Audre Lorde
comments: "I feel, therefore I can be free"

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