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I'm Brave...

My favorite diaries:

agiel profile - diary
comments: she ventured to D-$%^ for my sake- even said only I could make the place pallatable. the truth? its best morning, I woke up to watch her sleeping. she's even lovelier awake, but I still hope to see that peace on her face by day as well.
backagain profile - diary
comments: she's managed to call me on nearly all of my really bad days, on intuition. she gave me penguins, and I pretend I love them over everything, but the truth is I love them most because they remind me of Shan, and I love Shan even better.
being-katie profile - diary
comments: tortured by the angst and agony so prominent at diaryland, I discovered her living a hopeful life and writing a hopeful journal. since then, she's challenged me considerably, a gift equal to the continuous faith she holds between her words.
blondeness profile - diary
comments: when so many turned vicious (right or not), blondeness stayed bright as her name. she happily welcomed me back and proved, just by telling of her life, that beautiful flowers can blossom from our hope. it keeps me breathing.
brittbrat profile - diary
comments: she's let me hear her voice by a thousand definitions. and I could never underrate that. she's let me know her friendship, too, and now I overflow.
bronx-bound1 profile - diary
comments: she bounced down new york streets wearing rainbow tights and singing stephen merritt. she used unjustly good conversation to turn me nocturnal. her words are brilliant consolation for her lacking physical presence and, indeed, have made me salivate.
circling profile - diary
comments: true to her name, she circles away and in again like seasons, sharing the best of other's words along with her own store.
clean2202 profile - diary
comments: she has yet to write an entry I don't want to plagiarize - eh-hem - quote.
crystalwalls profile - diary
comments: when reality is overrated, I will always see her wings here, and I will always come to light the beach up with my love for her.
elfling profile - diary
comments: were cuddles a competition, our dear elf would be the champion. long-distance, I substitute with journal tales. this is the dear one who took my N*land reality and gave it a new dimension, a sky with stars, a perspective until then unseen. bouncing.
iwillsurvive profile - diary
comments: I knew immediately that her user name was an inspiration. it took me longer to begin understanding the gift of her story and later the gift of her friendship. I still melt like a certain candy in the mouth every time she mentions my name...
iws2 profile - diary
comments: see the above description of yeayness.
lilith73 profile - diary
comments: she makes mommyhood look like an Olympic event. one that she kicks international ass at. and this is good because when I get caught up in all that's painful, I remember that at the very least, her handful of kids have a home worth living in...
linusthegirl profile - diary
comments: I pretty much like everything about her. with the exception that she came up with this username before I did. :)
lovelindsey profile - diary
comments: love lindsey is an order, and I do. somewhere in time, we took on reality as well as fantasy, and the list of things I learned and gifts I received from her grew too long for this description. stick with what I know: she is a dear heart, truly.
mess profile - diary
comments: here: the sweet relief of a language I know best, even when English makes some sense. and when it doesn't, her words are some of the very few familiar enough to reach in and touch me. I can only speak when I can listen, i.e. immense gratitude.
musetoself profile - diary
comments: despite some mutual friends, I actually found her through shared experience. when my own words faltered, hers stayed steady. when I didn't understand myself, she helped clear my confusion. & in doing so, she created phrases that sent me ecstasizing.
mystomach profile - diary
comments: somehow, we were connected before I found her words. and though I burned a little at the recognition, I can't minimize the sparks of connection, or the lives they power. we've done powerful things, within our stomachs and toward our freedom.
perdiendome profile - diary
comments: her name here misleads. I read the real one in her words, and when she says 'sister' and stitches a new name centered on Brave (and other ever-important attachments) I soar, though I am grounded. I feel understood and loved equally.
peregryn profile - diary
comments: she can pick the heaviest, geekiest, or silliest of topics, and my attention remains undivided. whether she's making me laugh, hold silent vigil, or sing a praising chorus, she has me hooked.
phoenix89 profile - diary
comments: she lights down just often enough to let me know how much I'd miss her if she stopped. there is life behind the ashes, and I know that she can grab hold of it and rise.
pinkpajamas profile - diary
comments: she knows the natural sweetness in things, no sugar added. maybe this is why, after she's given me a smile, some fuzziness, or a little knot in my throat, I understand how she pulls off pink. I understand: she's kid-tested, mary-approved.
quirkette profile - diary
comments: I joined her agoraphobia ring before I really understood I had the problem. that premature step was more than justified by the loveliness of getting to know a girl who understands yarn, music, and even the downs and ups of life as I've known it.
someday- profile - diary
comments: daily, she takes courage and uses it to scratch the im- away and make it possible. someday, yes. someday she will know herself and all the worth that comes with who she is.
thryn profile - diary
comments: she's been known to send me pinstriped packages and college literature improved by cartoons. better still, she's been known (to me.)
valeofenna profile - diary
comments: anyone who would list their own diary as a favorite with a comment like hers deserves to have it listed by many, many people. between the incredibly well-articulated similarities and the challenges posed by our differences, I'm very much engaged.
whereistand profile - diary
comments: I like to pretend her notes section is my private message board... but seriously, the words here are often our most constant contact. so, by virtue of those words, I visit much. trying to turn whereistand into wherewedance, simply through love.
xxlaughyxx profile - diary
comments: she takes words I think I've heard in fortune cookies and makes them more substantial. she whets my appetite early but sends me home full. and that's a rather darling process, don't ya think?
* profile - diary
comments: *
nourish profile - diary
comments: my baby (who doesn't get all the attention she deserves.) a collection of all I didn't understand originally that I now know well enough to write. I got sick of other people telling me how to better my life and started telling myself.
caged-freed profile - diary
comments: neglected, but not for want of passion. caged is the community against (the) glorification (of) eating disorders. it's trying to maintain some sanity for those of us ready to go postal on pro-ed ass. actually, it's a forum for the discussion.
atomgirl profile - diary
comments: brave-below. journal v.1, before I understood my sickness or had received my miracle. (despite the early roots of now-impressive forestry, this qualifies as the dark part of my transformation story. go only when safe and stay only so long as you are.)
chordchild profile - diary
comments: brave-becoming. journal v.2, post-miracle, with a far greater understanding of my adversaries (and my assets). follow me in sickness and in health, finding dimension, strength, and voice.
* profile - diary
comments: *
a note profile - diary
comments: journalist in mirror is not necessarily as anti-boy as she appears.

My favorite music:

0-12 yrs
comments: showtunes galore: Annie, Evita, Carnival, Cats, Cinderella, Joseph, Little Shop, Les Mis, Miss Saigon, The Secret Garden, Sound of Music, West Side Story, etc. non-showtunes: Cranberries, Crash Test Dummies, Gloria Estefan, Amy Grant, Lisa Loeb
13 - Rogers
comments: Tori Amos, Carolyn Arends, Fiona Apple, Belle and Sebastian, Bjork, Tracy Chapman, Shawn Colvin, Leonard Cohen, The Crabs, Ani DiFranco, Melissa Ferrick, Indigo Girls, Joni Mitchell, Moxy Fruvous, Liz Phair, Rainer Maria, Rasputina, Dar Williams
Rogers - 17
comments: Tracy Bonham, Ben Harper, Lifehouse, Live, Chantal Kreviazuk, Ks Choice, John Maxfield, Erin McKeown, Stephen Merritt, Alanis Morissette, Nields, REM, Sissies, Sleater-Kinney, Third Eye Blind, Gina Young
comments: Stephanie Dosen, Christine Lavin, The Smiths, They Might Be Giants, The Pogues, Winter Machine, Cat Power, Matt Nathanson

My favorite movies:

28 Days
comments: [[for remembrance.]]
Fried Green Tomatoes
comments: women.
Good Will Hunting
comments: breakthrough.
The Laramie Project.
comments: gratitude.
The Princess Bride
comments: recitable. || + Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, 8 Femmes, Run Lola Run, Finding Forrester, Fly Away Home, It's A Wonderful Life, A Little Princess, Mr. Holland's Opus, Whale Rider, Scent of a Woman, Triplets of Belleville

My favorite authors:

comments: Charlotte Bronte, Gaston Leroux, Mark Twain, Louisa May Alcott, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Mary Shelley, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Vladimir Nabokov
comments: Aimee Bender, Anne Lamott, Trina Paulus, Joanne Greenberg, Elizabeth Wurtzel, Lauren Slater, Melody Beattie, Iyanla Vanzant, Aldous Huxley, Emma Donoghue, Graham Greene, Sandra Cisneros, Samuel Beckett, Janet Frame, Richard Adams, Gregor
comments: Emily Dickinson, Alix Olson, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Sapphire, Shelley, Celena Glenn, Robert Frost, Dorothy Parker, Margaret Atwood, Marge Piercy
comments: Paul Zindel, Tony Kushner, Craig Lucas, Jane Martin, Susan Sontag, Samuel Beckett, Gertrude Stein, Tom Stoppard
inner kiddle
comments: all things Ramona, Daphne's Book, There's A Boy In The Girls' Bathroom, A Murder For Her Majesty, The Secret Garden, A Little Princess, the Little Critter books, anything by Chris Van Allsburg, Roller Skates, Harry Potter, Walk Two Moons

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