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Just a college chick, trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

My favorite diaries:

Astralfrog profile - diary
comments: Gone, but not forgotten. We miss you, Davey!
cursedfemale profile - diary
comments: "Hell yeah. And not just Guns N Roses, but Patience. Damn, I love that song. And I too admire how Axl can make the word "bright" three syllables long in that song. "
perceptions profile - diary
comments: "let's just say it's the way i'm wired. if i could curl into the fetal position and suck my thumb and be blissful, i would be locked in my closet now, and you would have never known my name."
lynnstjoseph profile - diary
comments: "Today's just a day to make sure my mom doesn't get too drunk, and the kitten doesn't fall into the toilet. Sweet. "
Weetabix profile - diary
comments: "What is more... the hair was in the form of the letters "F" "U" and what could have possibly been the letter "C"."
cerebrate profile - diary
comments: "I am sore, exhausted, achy, hot, dirty, somewhat cranky, my fingernails hurt... and I'm inordinately pleased. "
surlygurl profile - diary
comments: Oh wow, she's neato!
ladeeleroy profile - diary
comments: She's a Texas chick.. and so am I.. so that means she rocks.
SuicideBlond profile - diary
comments: "does it strike anyone else as weird that beef has a theme song?"
Boogabooga profile - diary
comments: "It�s a very long and difficult process to make homemade boiled peanuts. It involves� well, you have to boil them."
olei profile - diary
comments: Guess who's back! Back again! Guess who's back? Tell a friend!
GBG profile - diary
comments: More hardcore than you.
Phoenixchild profile - diary
comments: Living with me in the kingdom of the pop culture whore.
tandia profile - diary
comments: "I once said "I just really need some action right now. It's the one thing Bestest can't give me." Ironic yes? I was MONUMENTALLY wrong."
wicked-sezzy profile - diary
comments: "Is actually getting up and out of bed and walking across the room to hit snooze ten times a new record?"
Mollyx profile - diary
comments: "If 'make up for it' means writing a long letter in red ink and burning it in my driveway at 2am cuz I believe ghosts can read smoke."
subsequent profile - diary
comments: A fellow reviewer and good times chick.
tuluum profile - diary
comments: "Guns n Roses are gonna perform? Oh this so totally makes up for any earlier suckage! I can only imagine that MyMichele is probably creaming her panties in anticipation at this point! "
stumblebee profile - diary
comments: I can really relate to her and other gushing type of words to describe why I like this diary.
enigmareview profile - diary
comments: I just love how these chicks review. They are not afraid of kicking your ass.
rockergemini profile - diary
comments: "Anyone intrigued by the rise of hard rock or by the manic excesses of the 70's scene will find a treasure trove of raw data here."
thespark profile - diary
comments: I'm a member! Yay!
owauno profile - diary
comments: I can't tell you how many times today I've said, "I'm gonna murder someone."
prettytiedup profile - diary
comments: a chick who loves GN'R.. how can I not add her to my favorites?
rocketqueens profile - diary
comments: my novel!
fallonme profile - diary
comments: "Relationships are not easy and don't fool yourself that they are just because some people look like it's easy on the outside. It's like you have to think about someone else now instead of just yourself. Things you do impact their life
agentmerp profile - diary
comments: "So anyway, had this huge exam in Modern today that was so sucky I'm not sure if I can put its total suckificity into words. "
Cuillin profile - diary
comments: cuz.

My favorite music:

Guns N Roses
comments: December 31st, 2001. The day I could die a happy woman. The day that will live in infamy.
comments: Almost "Dildo" but not!
comments: Here we are now, going to the East Side!
Elton John
comments: You just can't get any better.
comments: "Dream on" is just one fantabulous song.

My favorite movies:

Rock Star
comments: Gimme some Marky Mark with long hair! Indeed.
When Harry met Sally
comments: "But I would be proud to partake in your pecan pie."
Pulp Fiction
comments: Does he look like a bitch?
comments: You took away your friendship without even discussing it with me!
Jerry Maguire
comments: Thre greatest movie of all time.

My favorite authors:

Jennifer Crusie
comments: Puppy dogs, mysterious and smoldering men, calculating siblings, beautiful women, a small town, and sex. Can you get an better? No.
Mary Higgins Clark
comments: That bitch keeps me on the edge of my seat.
Ann M. Martin
comments: I am sophisticated! But I don't have diabetes.
Rita Ciresi
comments: Even though she hasn't had a good book since Pink Slip, like 4 years ago!
Stephen King
comments: Well, duh!

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