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Welcome to the world of the unknown, may we introduce our latest endeavour NaiveReact.

My favorite diaries:

revolution15 profile - diary
comments: political reactionary
fellbehind profile - diary
comments: hates stupid people
kalifornier profile - diary
comments: knows a person in a band, no really, he does.
mainsqueeze profile - diary
comments: she seems insecure, she needs to respect her inner light
naivecurve profile - diary
comments: Kalifornier's former personality
neonhalo profile - diary
comments: he has a lack of confidence, which is bad, think Buddha
attakreload profile - diary
comments: defunct
youscareme profile - diary
comments: defunct
banefulvenus profile - diary
comments: baneful=no, venus=yes
theredqueen9 profile - diary
comments: other than bad grammar and drunken entries, a funny read
parlance profile - diary
comments: yeah, I don't know what to say
rebforever profile - diary
comments: a Lucia fan, like myself, interesting diary
wretch101 profile - diary
comments: funny girl, not Streisand, but she is a girl and she is funny, oh shut up
theyknew profile - diary
comments: be ready to open your mind
super-banana profile - diary
comments: who doesn't love se@le?
dstruktshun profile - diary
comments: new from the guy that brought DLand 'Kalifornier' & 'NaiveCurve'
jesbohn profile - diary
comments: who doesn't want to read the bohner?

My favorite music:

comments: The Ultra Heavy Beat
Lucia Cifarelli
comments: I am a dedicated fan who is currently promoting her music, buy her cd at luciastore.com
Norah Jones
comments: Jazz is one of my greatest genres of music, it is calming, especially after FedEx fucks up again.
Lords of Acid
comments: Sexually explicit lyrics make for a good Sunday night.
comments: A british chick pseudonymned Texas, perplexing.

My favorite movies:

Enemy of the State
comments: "Big Brother is watching you"
Empire Records
comments: Quite possibly the most accurate look at the life of an independent music shop
Back to the future
comments: Who wouldn't want to go back in time in a Delorian?
comments: "Whoa!"
comments: oh, there's more. I can only list five though, damn short lists.

My favorite authors:

comments: King Lear is possibly one of the best plays from this man
George Orwell
comments: 1984 will never NOT have a place in historical reference
Michael Crichton
comments: Airframe shows this guy isn't totally dedicated to Sci-Fi themes
Mary Shelley
comments: Frankenstein is always a gruesome look at what Humankind can become
Jeph Loeb
comments: Yeah, he writes comics, but he is also the man that helps Smallville keep true

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