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I was raised on the principles laid out in the Quran and Dale Carnegie's How to Make Friends and Influence People. None of it took very well, but one thing I did come away with--the most important person in a conversation between you and me is YOU (Carnegie, 10). This diary is a conversation between me and myself. Finally, I am allowing myself to be the most important thing. This scares me. Try and enjoy it.

My favorite diaries:

notoriousrrz profile - diary
comments: he has a magical way of blending the serious and the silly, pop and politics, and more than once he has brought tears to my eyes. so check him out
perplexity15 profile - diary
comments: she's the first to add me as one of her favourite diaries so I though I'd return the favour. Also, she seems pretty neat. :)
peaceplz profile - diary
ratherbored profile - diary
comments: i wish i had been this cool when i was 14 (?)
ladeeleroy profile - diary
comments: I should have listened to my friends when they told me about her years ago. Some of the things she writes really resonate...
brucedowns profile - diary
comments: Find links to amusing things...
yibba profile - diary
comments: is she my soul sister?
creamsickle profile - diary
comments: an old school friend rediscovered. i hope she doesn't mind
infinityfye profile - diary
comments: Deep.
chakra-chick profile - diary
comments: S'Africa here she comes!
resrap profile - diary
comments: Totally cool with a great background song.
dano profile - diary
texbex profile - diary
comments: notorious says i should, and therefore i must.
xcayse profile - diary
zaprudy profile - diary
comments: the second coming
trancejen profile - diary
penmaster profile - diary
apple-scruff profile - diary
dragprincess profile - diary
betholindo profile - diary
rrznotorious profile - diary
comments: he's baaaaack!

My favorite music:

poetic teenage angst:
comments: sometimes i still like to wallow in it. that is why i like: nirvana, counting crows, the smiths, pearl jam, U2 (ok, this doesn't necessarily belong here)
slow and mellow:
comments: billy holiday, patsy cline, edith piaf, mazzy star, cheb khalid, outlandish
loud and fast:
comments: flogging molly, nirvana (yeah, bitch, it's in here twice), no doubt
A little hip for my hop:
comments: missy eliot, ludacris, tweet, sean paul, camron (pretty much just "hey ma"), snoop, eminem
i even like country:
comments: yeah shut up--randy travis, early shania twain, trisha yearwood, dixie chicks

My favorite movies:

comments: from actors, to scrip to cinematography this movie kicks ass, i don't care what you say
dazed and confused
grease 1 AND 2

My favorite authors:

hanan al shaykh
comments: so in the past few years i haven't read much besides arabic lit. and hanan tops my list of arab women writers that rock. check out story of zahra if you don't believe me.
jabra i. jabra
comments: grabs me by the heartstrings everytime
yusuf idris
comments: one badass writer
john steinbeck
comments: for the simple country girl in me
gabriel garcia marquez
comments: 'nuff said

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