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"I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it." - Alice

My favorite diaries:

vinaceous profile - diary
comments: "I will take snapshots of your hands with mine, frame you just right, between where my index fingers meet my opposite thumbs."
impertinent profile - diary
comments: "Just felt like (I was going to write dancing, but I can't dance.) Phil Collins."
girlsmad profile - diary
comments: "Then I can't say my life was a total waste. Even though I'm always wasted "
argolam profile - diary
comments: "They didn't think I was funny. People in real life rarely think that."
modernmonkey profile - diary
comments: "The preceeding guide is a joke based on actual events. Yes, it was pretty skeezy. "

My favorite music:

the cramps
comments: "all women are bad"
the distillers
comments: "my one heart felt too much from the start"
flogging molly
comments: "it's been the worst day since yesterday"
the ramones
comments: "still it begins needles and pins"
ani difranco
comments: "when i said i'd take it i meant as is"

My favorite movies:

nightmare before christmas
comments: dead alive, army of darkness, reanimator, rock n roll highschool, all i want, amores perros, y tu mama tambien, life is beautiful
cemetery man
comments: hedwig and the angry inch, velvet goldmine, dog soldiers, lost boys, rocky horror picture show, natural born killers, kill bill, but i'm a cheerleader, shaolin soccer, battle royale
boondock saints
comments: texas chainsaw massacre, empire records, mists of avalon, fight club, little shop of horrors, harold and maude, tank girl, fear and loathing in las vegas
pulp fiction
comments: the big labowski, aliens, ghost world, heathers, james and the giant peach, pi, igby goes down, breakfast club, titus, the city of lost children, lost and delirious, suicide club, pirates of the caribbean
harold and kumar go to white castle
comments: spirited away, miyuki chan in wonderland, lord of the rings, royal tenenbaums, the house of yes, believer, a clockwork orange, chutney popcorn, leon the professional, the usual suspects, lord of the rings, saved!

My favorite authors:

katherine dunn
comments: "she made the nipping off of noggins such a crystal mystery..."
david mack
comments: "when the bible says that god created us in his image, it doesn't mean we look like god, it means we are created to be creators ourselves..."
jhonen vasquez
comments: "accept my heartwarming gift of tree scratchies!"
edward gorey
comments: "a is for amy who fell down the stairs"
terry moore
comments: "but little girls grow up, my friend, and learn the wicked ways of men. and this mask i wear comes off the day this mask i wear lays on your grave."

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