There's no point in getting all worked up about it.

Apathy disguised as complacency.

My favorite diaries:

andrew profile - diary
comments: The gearbox shivers when you play that Johnny Rivers.
ataraxy profile - diary
comments: Rock salt as the sea changes.
bil-lie profile - diary
comments: Gonna go down south and build us a house of toothpicks and popsicle sticks.
bleedtears profile - diary
comments: a tendency to start forest fires
dangerspouse profile - diary
comments: If there were ever any doubt
doug profile - diary
comments: Because it's all for you.
dougstewart profile - diary
comments: Formatted to fit your fifteen television sets.
ebm profile - diary
comments: it adds durability and minimal cost
exophthalmia profile - diary
comments: The protrusion of the eyeball so that the eyelids will not cover it, in consequence of disease.
fever-pitch profile - diary
comments: Wheels and motion.
geoffchaucer profile - diary
geosmind profile - diary
comments: It's never the bricks, but the straw.
girls-suck profile - diary
comments: I'm tired of the fantasy.
iceyflames profile - diary
comments: "I couldn't help it. It's all your fault."
mcearstix profile - diary
comments: Everything is aspiring.
murk profile - diary
comments: Like looking through a thinner, more eloquent mirror.
my-tree profile - diary
comments: Sometimes things happen to good people.
nozzle profile - diary
comments: You fell asleep. Coffee's cold now. I folded your laundry.
pan-opticon profile - diary
comments: Lettuce go swimming.
perceptions profile - diary
comments: Waiting for the lights to change, the raindrops skip the wiper blades.
pinupandgun profile - diary
comments: Because anything more would let you know that I was listening.
ravieslave profile - diary
comments: Word associate.
sunshinesky profile - diary
comments: Takin'em to the plage-bot.
theshivers profile - diary
comments: Not are but where.
warp profile - diary

My favorite music:

Chuck Wilson
comments: Untitled 17
DJ Shadow
comments: Walkie Talkie
Green Day
comments: Jesus of Suburbia
Poem Rocket
comments: Appeal to the Imagination
Regina Spektor
comments: Chemo Limo

My favorite movies:

American Beauty
comments: "For you Brad, I've got five!"
High Fidelity
comments: Are you ready for rockingk and rollink?
Lost in Translation
comments: Customs-made
Melvin Goes to Dinner
comments: Sometimes things work out a little too well.
The Royal Tenenbaums
comments: Because we've got everywhere to go but up.

My favorite authors:

Douglas Adams
comments: The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Anthony Burgess
comments: A Clockwork Orange
Hermann Hesse
comments: Demian
Lynne Truss
comments: Eats, Shoots and Leaves
Elizabeth Wurtzel
comments: Prozac Nation

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