(Still) Feeling Good About Thinking Mean Things

every morning and every night I brush my teeth for 5 minutes. except at family reunions after I puke and fall down in the mud.

My favorite diaries:

marie-soleil profile - diary
comments: a can of sunshine on a spam day
fleigen profile - diary
comments: frau has les meilleurs pantaloons.
cheRRYpits profile - diary
comments: so many adventures, so many friends, so many brains, so many plans, so many fantastic ideas, so much universe, somebody write this girl a blank check and I mean STat, pronto, alley-oop!
lilmo-fo profile - diary
comments: the badassedest in the west (and in particular, Devon, ah do believe)
bobbysuprise profile - diary
comments: "I wasn't sure how I could be so brilliant sitting in my car with my "blizzard" but the light of another car had been behind me and the magic appeared"
itineration profile - diary
comments: yet another funny fungi! I will forcefeed him (or her?) friendship.
hissandtell profile - diary
comments: well, she called me darling, for one thing.
geeked-out profile - diary
comments: so far so great.
orgami profile - diary
comments: some people actually can write poetry! and/or combine words in lovely ways.
beckers-j profile - diary
comments: no, seriously, get OFF her damn island!
dinahsoar profile - diary
comments: adventures of a dinasoar. no just kidding adventures that will rip your heart out and play jacks with it.
sparkspark profile - diary
comments: Welcome, fellow alumni of Ned Flanders Academy! [she made up that academy thing, not me, I give.]
hardsauce profile - diary
comments: hard... and... saucy? hmmm. better comment to come.
smartypants profile - diary
comments: so let it be known that: mimi smartypants makes retarded people cry and she makes me laugh out loud when I'm all alone.
acecoolg profile - diary
comments: I think the buddy's name speaks for itself.
lrig profile - diary
comments: all gone. so sad.
andrew profile - diary
comments: Oh sure! He never updates so I remove him and then I find out from the hotdogs that he's started again! Goddam pork.
iooi profile - diary
comments: the sound a french person from france makes when they hit their head on the cupboard door
metonym profile - diary
comments: smarter than me, smarter than you, keep on reading and you might get a freakin' clue, crissakes!
coexistapart profile - diary
comments: snappy caption coming soon

My favorite music:

Bands that changed things for me (ongoing list as I remember)
comments: Pixies, Fugazi, Big Black, Nomeansno
I have listened to over 100 times
comments: Dwarves: Lick It; Weezer: Pinkerton; Diana Ross & the Supremes: 20th Century Masters album; Fugazi: Repeater + 3 Songs
Perfect Albums
comments: Dwarves: Lick It; Fugazi: In on the Killtaker; Pixies: Surfer Rosa
And I love
comments: Velvet Underground, old Rolling Stones, Chet Baker, Guitar Wolf, Billie Holiday, the Pagans, T-Rex, the Make-Up, New Bomb Turks, Alternative TV, Roy Orbison, the Amps, the Black Lips, Wire, the King Khan and BBQ Show, and on and on I don't feel like
Have been in heavy rotation in the past, still think is good, don't listen to so much anymore though
comments: Modest Mouse, Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Kittens, the Refused, Tricky Woo, Blonde Redhead, LeTigre -- more more more more more.

My favorite movies:

Les Triplettes de Belleville
comments: I can't believe I still haven't seen this!
comments: If you haven't seen it, see it. I can't think of another movie I've seen that is this good.
A Dirty Shame
comments: Ha ha! I can't decide if it turned me on or so extremely off. I'll never put lipstick on in the same way again.
Revenge of the Nerds
comments: I like this movie better than Lost in Translation. Movies w/ subtle humor are a little too much like other peoples' inside jokes, to me, I guess.
Breakfast at Tiffany's
comments: Shiny shiny!

My favorite authors:

David Foster Wallace
comments: He's never failed me yet.
Laurence Durrell
comments: the older the berry the sweeter the juice.
McSweeney's Magazine
comments: Go to www.mcsweeneys.net.
Salman Rushdie
comments: fatwa fatty fat fat fucking fat fat fatty fatwa
Daniel Clowes
comments: What's the frequency, Kenneth?

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