Tales of a future dictator

What else can I be? All apologies...

And what else can I be apart from myself? I wonder who myself is. Basically, this is just another whiney teen diary, but I'm growing out of it, and I'm also a vaugely intelligent person who has daily rants about things that happen in the world that I just cannot change.

I love music, I love Donnie Darko, I love Buffy The Vampire Slayer, I love arguing and debating, I love making people feel small and hate myself for loving making people feel small.

My favorite diaries:

ghoul-queen profile - diary
comments: one of my favritist people in the whole world
plectrum27 profile - diary
comments: my Lizzie! LIZZIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hugs* Lizzie is a friend of mine
his-mask profile - diary
comments: another of my favouritist people
lil-bo-creep profile - diary
comments: sibz's quotey diary
rabidliberal profile - diary
comments: well i was looking through diaries today, and all of them were even more boring than my own. except this one. i like this one.
antisthenes profile - diary
comments: they added me to their favourite diaries thing and they seem interesting enough - plus a lot to read which is a big bonus.
chasingavoid profile - diary
comments: He interests me, and wrote my alltime favourite diaryland entry (I'm not sure why I like it so much)
kenz77 profile - diary
comments: the first person i've met through this thing. she's pretty cool. showed me a nice pretty band named brand new. and we talk daily.
dark-world profile - diary
comments: dead foxes are specialer than me according to her. :-) but that's okay cause she's as special as macoroni cheese
angeltoes profile - diary
comments: i'm a firm believer of listing everyone who lists you as a favourite diary as a favourite diary. especially those who leave you notes.
stopit-billy profile - diary
comments: same as above
bootstraps profile - diary
comments: and as above minus the notes
diaryreviews profile - diary
comments: Thought I'd just pick one review site to get new diaries from
honestliar profile - diary
comments: Pretty good writer. Interesting.
cheerchik234 profile - diary
comments: Someone who reads my diary, so I thought I'd start reading theirs.
freaktard profile - diary
comments: Someone else who reads my diary. Apparantly they relate to everything I say. Damn. Not as unique as I thought.
sharybobbins profile - diary
comments: Tristan
superguitar profile - diary
comments: Rich
hateforce profile - diary
comments: This is SIbz's new best friend
happy-can profile - diary
comments: meh, I needed someone new to read. They seem okay. (Christ what brilliant compliments I give)
milk-shaker profile - diary
comments: She did a GCSE in ethics! Who woulda thought diaryland people could be cool?
crazynahida profile - diary
comments: This is Nahida, a friend of Sibz's. She's cool
price-to-pay profile - diary
comments: This is Zim / Harry, a boyfriend of Sibz's...oops, that makes her sound a bit slutty, lol, he's her only boyfriend. And he too, is cool.
tool-nin-fan profile - diary
comments: been communicating through notes and reading diaries for a while now. Too lazy to add it til now though.

My favorite music:

comments: My favourite band. Yes, definately my favourite band. Glorious, glorious guitar solos, glorious lyrics and fantastic music. I love this band, I just hate the members of it.
Alice In Chains
comments: I just love the whole grunge thing, and Dirt is probably my all time favourite album. I mean it's kind of real in a way, dirty and gritty and uncomfortable and yet genius.
Rage Against The Machine
comments: I like a bit of politics in my music. Love Anti-Flag for the same reason, but they don't even really come anywhere close to Rage's legacy.
Tool & APC
comments: I love the lyrics a lot, and the music is fantastic too. Sleeping Beauty by APC is probably one of my favourite songs.
comments: Gotta love Science. Of course there are a bunch of other bands I like too; everclear, no doubt, nirvana, radiohead, sex pistols etc but only so much room

My favorite movies:

Donnie Darko
comments: My favourite film of all time. It is not only beautiful, it is one of the most intelligent and thought provoking films I've ever seen. And it IS beautiful. I cannot stress enough how much I love this film.
Requiem For A Dream
comments: A surreal film about drugs? Of course I'm gonna love it.... and for the same reason I love Alice In Wonderland!
Girl, Interrupted
comments: I actually thought this was very good. It proves my love for sociopaths.
Cruel Intentions
comments: While it is horrible and I despise people who take advantage of other people.. i..i..i think manipulativeness is sexy
Blade Runner
comments: I just love the way it makes you think

My favorite authors:

Michael Moore
comments: I love him! I love him! I love him! I love him! I LOVE HIM!
Dr Seuss
comments: Him and Michael Moore are kind of my writing idols. If I ever write a book it will be a rhyming book exposing the government.
Robin Jarvis
comments: I've only actually read one of his books, but I loved it so much that I decided to give him a spot on here as one of my fave authors.
C.S Lewis
comments: Yes, I am an atheist who loves C.S Lewis. Gotta problem with that?
Phillip Pullman
comments: A war in heaven, gay angels, people's souls in physical form, cruel experiments done on children by religious organisations? I LOVE IT!

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