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personal log (this is how i keep track of myself!):<p>favorite artist(s): cecily brown, jackson pollock

favorite actor: jack black

favorite sound: the sound of nothing, total silence.

favorite band name:morticia (hopefully my future band name).

favorite book of all time: the dictionary

favorite names: cecily, candi, elvin, fayre, naomi, tiva, avani, mischa, gemni, indre, jimi, julian, indie, eva, evelyn, dante, chanel, meredith, nathalie, creed, neo, rosalin, ethan, leona, florence, armani, aiko, ace, ande, angelo, aria

favorite food: pure steamy BLACK coffee from starbucks, NO CREAM, NO SUGAR

favorite color: black, pink is too happy

favorite type of car: oh wait, i HATE CARS, i am a METRO person.

favorite number: 0

favorite kind of gifts to recieve: (for you peeps who don't know what to get people) in order of importance- chocolate, art supplies, money, and roses...

favorite type of music: indie rock, alternative rock, new york art punk, garage

favorite thing to do ever: paint duh

favorite animal: cats

favorite place to shop: GOODWILL on CENTRAL, and eBay

favorite thing to buy frequently: coffee from STARBUCKS

favorite holiday: thanksgiving

favorite place: chicago, downtown areas of big cities, cafes and galleries, warehouse parties

favorite flavor of toothpaste: cinnamint

favorite thing to sniff: books and old clothes (not dirty of course)

favorite day of the week: tuesday


pet peeve: the stuipidity of the uncultured mainstream masses of america

about a guy: dis-honesty

Top five things I hate most:

1. loose Book Covers

2. Chewing Gum

3. Area Codes

4. CARPETING (can we get some wood, tile, or concrete in here PLEASE!)

5. Aerobics (Richard Simmons Stuff)


1. pierce my nose/eyebrow?, and my belly button, and my ears, again, and the cartiladge in my left ear! :D

3. pull all-nighters, stay up all night painting/dancing

4. wear mini-skirts, and other forbidden but fashionable clothes

6. get a tattoo on my chest of a broken heart

7. not eat regular meals, drink lots of straight coffee

8. watch lots more movies

9. dance around my loft(apartment) singing at the top of my lungs at night, or whenever i feel like it

10. get out more, move to a CITY where there is lots of culture and subways

My favorite diaries:

My favorite music:

the pixies
comments: ttaaaaaaaaa a aaaaaaaaaa me.....where has my mind gone?
the white stripes
comments: my baby's got a heart of stone, why can't you people just leave her alone?
the strokes
pretty girls make graves
the yeah yeah yeahs
comments: they don't love you like i love you

My favorite movies:

my fair lady
comments: audrey hepburn
school of rock
comments: jack black
alice in wonderland (disney)
comments: everyone here is mad

My favorite authors:

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