In her eyes, I sensed a story never told. Behind the disguise, there's something tearing at her soul

Cynical. Psychotic. Schizophrenic. *glares*

My favorite diaries:

fannatic profile - diary
comments: a major fan of zai zai, fann n takuya ~ a cute n pretty ger~ heh a fren i like alot! plays an impt part in my life.
skyluvjap profile - diary
comments: my "mad clone" understands me e most.. though we dun meet everyday, e feelins dun change. can't live when she's not there.
washed-sins profile - diary
comments: muahaha, the closest classmate i have in my mass com class.. sporty punk girl =0
stonewindow profile - diary
comments: a cute sporty ger* abit siao sometimes.. a gd listener when she wants to.. gd tolerater of my nonsense an impt role~
pandora84 profile - diary
comments: a unique fren of mine..sometimes i dunno whether to laff or to cry.. a special person to me.. corny one too.. :P
spit-tears profile - diary
comments: i randomly went to look at it .. and it really caught my attention.. cos it's sad
amplyfied profile - diary
comments: a tennis- freak? A nice and sweet ger~

My favorite music:

comments: Did anyone tell you they rock? esp bao long!! Wo Shi Zhen De Zhen De Zhen De Heng Ai Ni
Kinki Kids
comments: Hehe liked them since I was in Pri 6...becos of a show .. consists of Koichi and Tsuyoshi~
Daniel Chan
comments: His songs are really nice... liked him since pri sch too... N i actually shook his hand n got his autograph? OOoo
Jay Chou
comments: My goodness.. he's like sooo talented! Got gd body, gd voice, can play bball,can compose songs n lyrics.. *aDmiraTioN*
For gers only!
comments: I like e ger who acted in a-i,her character is Suzu n her real name Yumi Adachi! Next is Kelly Chan( pretty ) Kyoko Fukada (cute!) n e girl who acted as Jing in Liu Xing Hua Yuan(wow).. Last but not least.. I realli like Song Hae Gyo (i wan to marry her)

My favorite movies:

Liu Xing Hua Yuan
comments: it's not a movie but a serial based on the japanese comic Hana Yori Dango.. a idol-serial i love alot .. which made me cry...(esp got Jerry)
Angry Innocence
comments: not a movie too.. a Japanese serial.. i really liked it cos it made me cry.. n it made me find alot of gd frens
Precious Time, Under the Same Roof,Heavens Coins,S.O.S, L.G n many more la!
comments: japanese serials... verY nice...
Autumn in my Heart
comments: a korean serial.. wow.. consists of Song Hae Gyo,Song Sun Hun and Won Bin..
OK I noe Here Are the MoVIes:
comments: I like Xin Dong, Armageddon,Final Destination and many more la huh~

My favorite authors:

comments: Not all of his plays i like (esp political .. Boring) ... but he's really good huh.
Adeline Yen Mah
comments: Her Chinese Cinderella n Falling Leaves are real good and touching.
Roald Dahl
comments: i uSed to like his books alot when i was a kid haha not to forget Enid Blyton

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