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My favorite diaries:

mcgrupp profile - diary
comments: just a local boy i enjoy reading from time to time- he needs to add more entries, either that or send me a note! <3
xemowhorex profile - diary
comments: She reminds me of me
speculating profile - diary
comments: I love your afirmations and quotes =)
just-fine profile - diary
comments: She breaks my heart, and I want to be her, all at the same time =/
iluvspeed profile - diary
comments: <3
Perfectbone profile - diary
comments: <3
sarahsundae profile - diary
comments: new friend/reader <3
wilyred profile - diary
dimstar profile - diary
fatnomore profile - diary
thintowin profile - diary
raygirl999 profile - diary
sharpsecret profile - diary
pigger18 profile - diary

My favorite music:

Janes Addiction
comments: I live for Perry Farrel, he was my dream man..until i met Shawn.
Jam Bands
comments: Phish, Dead, WSP, String Cheese Incident, Jim, Laughing Colors, South Catherine Street Jugg Band, Bailey Brothers, Willie Nelson- Classic Stuff too- Beatles, CSNY, Led Zep, Neil Young
Hot Chicks
comments: Fiona Apple, Ani DiFranco, Brit *swoons*, Dixie Chicks, Gwen Stefani, Pink, Madonna, Patsy Cline, Ella Fitzgerald

My favorite movies:

Blazing Saddles
comments: God Save Mel Brooks
A Fish Called Wanda
comments: Anything with Kevin Kline actually
Lord of the Rings
comments: Fellowship of the Ring, Two Towers- umm Legolas *swoons*- it's scott with bleached hair and elf ears! (Maybe a straight nose *teeheehee*)
Hot Chick Flicks
comments: Crossroads (Brit), Tomb Raider (Angelina) Charlies Angles (Cameron, Lisa, Drew)
War Movies
comments: Saving Private Ryan, Apocalypse Now, Plattoon, Hamburger Hill, Blackhawk Down

My favorite authors:

Brian Weiss, MD
comments: Only Love is Real- true story of soul mates reunited. *tear* everyone enters our life for a reason, we've known them at some point before. I know that Scott and I have lived many happy lives together- he is a kindered spirit. Kasey and i have also li
Tom Robbins
comments: Another Roadside Attraction- simply brilliant. John Irving-World According to Garp- I think the funniest book ive ever read
comments: I read alot- about a book a week- it all depends on my mood, some environmentalist writing, some esoteric, classics, mystery, horror- just not so many romance novels....
comments: Kerouac- Dharma Bums, Ken Kessey, Tom Wolfe, J.D.Salinger, D.H Lawrence, Carson McCullers
Children's Writing
comments: Harry Potter, The Little Prince, The Chronicles of Narnia, Judy Blume, Madaline L'Engle

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