Tuba's Trials

Three things define me...

I was a 5-year member of the Texas Longhorn Band (hence the "tuba" stuff)... I am a computer nerd with a business degree... I am a gay man.

Feel free to leave notes, email, or even IM me on AIM. I love to hear from new people and don't hesitate to comment on anything you've read in my diary...

My favorite diaries:

sillers profile - diary
comments: My first diaryland buddy!
dacoso profile - diary
comments: Stumbled upon his diary looking through some diaryrings... will keep reading...
alviehsu profile - diary
comments: sillers pointed me to this diary... the first post I read was enough keep me reading
invernal profile - diary
comments: signed my guestbook... turns out to have a great diary
spiderbait profile - diary
comments: signed my guestbook... going to keep reading this diary
proofrok profile - diary
comments: read just one post... can't wait to read more
tinywings profile - diary
comments: going to keep reading...
mij profile - diary
comments: anyone who says I "lost myself" in my diary deserves to be on this list... just can't wait for the diary to begin!
defiant74656 profile - diary
comments: another gay tuba player!
rich-monsoon profile - diary
comments: found me first...
texanboy14 profile - diary
comments: reading this just takes me back to when I was that age...
pyxopotamus profile - diary
comments: I don't know how I feel about people in my own city reading my diary...
exhale9203 profile - diary
comments: gonna read this...
dancemonkey profile - diary
comments: enjoy chatting with this guy online...
its-not-over profile - diary
comments: I always read the diaries of fellow tuba players
artega profile - diary
comments: fellow gay texan... yea!
fergie profile - diary
comments: there's always room on this list for cute gay men
thisway profile - diary
comments: a diaryrings discovery.... "He's one of those redneck mother fuckers who can't eat sour cream on a taco without getting paranoid." Priceless
treblemaker8 profile - diary
saxyjackclar profile - diary
comments: high school boys drive me nutz!
ryan8-5cut profile - diary
twelvebeer profile - diary
think101 profile - diary
comments: hmm... I wonder how much plane tickets to NY cost...
crownvic4141 profile - diary
boredforever profile - diary
comments: there's nothing I love more than spoiled rich kids who can't gain weight. Lucky for him I think he's hot.
vrylucky13 profile - diary
comments: damn the attractive rich kids in this world!

My favorite music:

Frank Sinatra
comments: I am the master of singing Sinatra at karaoke
Bobby Darin
comments: I am the reincarnation of Bobby Darin.

My favorite movies:

My favorite authors:

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