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from distopian :
why did you stop writing/lock this diary? i used to read your diary all the time, and then i went on a diaryland hiatus and now when i'm back you're gone :(
from funkbox :
i just had to let you know that i adore your diary. i must add you to my buddylist to remember your page. <3
from sarahoney :
Your site is so...Captivating...Wow. Keep going.
from clairebob :
ooh so you think you were reincarnated too? I rekon I was John Lennon, he was shot on the date of my birth a few years before I was born and he was from Liverpool and I like British accents so that's why I reckon I was him! I read your dairy because I saw it listed in the top 100 sites and er cos I love gay men, I have a fascination. That's called a fag hag isn't it? I don't mean to be rude, I just REALLY like gay men! TTFN ClaireBob xox
from urbancadence :
Hey, there! I'm a gay band geek too, although I wouldn't usually admit it. (I play the French Horn.) Anyway, very captivating entries. I hope you never abandon Diaryland. Keep on writing for your adoring fans!
from slkj131 :
I started reading your diary while I was scanning the top 100 site, and I like, couldn't stop! Your diary is very intresting, and you are vary articulate. Thank you for sharing!
from stancovet :
In regard to your relationship woes, I do feel ya. The relationship is too easy? Check. The libido is going down the tubes? Check. Feeling guilty about not wanting sex all the time? Check. You're not alone, buddy.
from the-crowtnb :
cool diary, it`s very likeable ^.^
from hibryd :
*RAnDOM nOTE SpREE!* Hey, University of Texas huh? That's sister is a die hard longhorns fan...but saying stuff like that in Oklahoma...a person could get shot.
from gumphood :
Hello Mr. Tuba. I would like to inform you of my insane jealousy of the quality of your banner. I couldn't beleive how perfect it was or how badly I wish I had thought of it. I am also saddened by the fact that you have about twice as many linkers and 1/2 as many buddies. Your buddie to friend list is asotunding. I read your diary. Mostly the historical ones, because lets face it, those are the "juiciest". Damn you!!! Damn you for being so likeable and honest. It's a shame really. Someday you will get yours...but for get this note. I am really not upset, I just play it on the internet.
from carrythezer0 :
fantastic reading.
from mychael :
I feel like ive found a gay brother(I am a gay male myself) in DiaryLand. I really do feel like ive known you all my life just from reading your diary. And ....Sinatra AND Darrin..mmm sexy men who could sing...
from theatreliz :
I love your layout. Mmm... Sinatra. By the way, hope your New Year's party went well. [Hopefully your "friend" didn't get on your nerves too much.]
from dreamgazing :
hey... good luck with the party..oh- you could always try saying you or your friend is bringing his ex and you thought it'd be awkward...Happy New Year!
from hadassah :
Happy Birthday, hon.
from renewedgrace :
Wello hello there. I found your diary through your banner. (Ahhh, band memories...Wouldn't know about tuba, though. Drums are more my type. But I know all about lugging the heavy stuff around. Gah, the things drummers and tuba players do all for the sake of wonderful shows...) ANYWAY, I enjoyed your diary. And don't sweat the forgotten birthdays. I know where you're coming from, though. It does suck to no end. Bleh. Anywho, I just thought I'd stop by and drop a line (or two, or three...ha.) So have a wondermously spiffy day/week/month/year/life! :) Ok, I'm leaving now. x:.:bETH aNN:.:X
from anotherwish :
and the cute nice ones who can actually write are alwaaaaaaaaaaays gay :( :P lol.. dont mind me im just in a state of anti menness at the moment.. love ur work. x
from punkmuzicpa :
First i'd like to say that Dean is cool, but I'm personally a Clark man myself Second I'd like to point out that Frank Sinatra is the man!! And Finally, as a tuba player for 8 yrs, I'd like to say that any tuba player is a friend of mine
from bhfool :
hey! well, i must give you props for band. cause, im in band too! except i play clarinet. too bad youre gay cause youre a cutie! if thats your picture... hehe bye!
from jarf :
Hey. Interesting diary you got here. - Matt
from warmvanilla :
yeah, heh. -ish a Texan and all- Anyways, found your journal, diary, I call it a journal. Found you intresting and will contined to follow your journal. I'm not new, this is just my third journal and all that fun stuff. Read and then look at the other journal.
from toxic-franky :
well, i believe i am the reincarnation of a bug, so your definatly one up on me
from blackprism :
^big fan.
from laura-ly :
Been reading your diary for awhile, just wanted to say that it's great. Take care.
from s-c-o-t-t-y :
band rocks my socks
from sexgod-king :
i like your diary
from shiftypride :
i can officially say i now love you because you are the reincarnation of mr. darin. *bows down*
from toastersrock :
cool diary. it's awesome that you can be so open. nice work.
from born-a-loser :
Hi... Stumbled upon your diary and enjoyed. Decided to leave a note. In sentence fragments. Welcome to my boredom.
from charonstyx :
Hi! Just came across your diary. I'm sorry to hear about the job ending, and glad to see your romance is good! Hope you don't mind, but I'm going to add you to my fave page. :-D
from rockshithot :
cool diary.
from linz5255 :
Hey. I just wanted to say thank you for inspiring me to sing at karaoke night at band camp. I love to sing, but I had never sang in front of anyone. It's my senior year and I almost chickened out ... but I remembered reading all about your karaoke experiences. So I just had to sing! I was expecting silence at the end, but there was an enormous applause instead. I loved that feeling! So, thank you for the inspiration!
from clover1203 :
Hi! I basically stumbled across your banner since it was on the top 100 list.It;s pretty interesting and I will keep reading it. I have a diary and it's lame but it's a place to store my thoughts. I may even contact you to say hey online one day if you don't mind. That's basically it I just wanted to say that your diary is a good read. BYE!!!!
from treewillow :
I just want to start off by saying I can't wait to read your updates. I am so glad I clicked on your banner, I think it's wonderful how open and honest you are about your life and feelings. I have a question, may I ask what your vet gave your dog? My dog does the exact same thing, apparently she's allergic to the grass. I have mine on Benedryl the stuff we as people take. But I am not sure it's strong enough, so I was wondering what the vet gave you. Thank you, take care, hugssssss
from sockpuppet- :
um um um HI! =D i clicked on one of your banners last month and I've been hooked ever since. YOURE COOL! =D!
from ange-casse :
go with your heart
from koodah :
Yaaaaay Your Gay..Me Too Tehehe Well..Lesbian..Same Thing Tho Right..Sorta. Ha Anyway Lovin Tha Words..Keep It Fabulous!
from cadwaladr :
Hi. I found you because of your banner, and I sure am glad. I didn't know anything about Dean before, but I think I'm a convert. Thanks. Also, I do enjoy your writing.
from ldybug1113 :
hey, if you know how to make a cast page- could you help me make one too. i'm html illiterate. :p kate
from fairy-x-dust :
hey i read your diary. you're so cool. keep it up. <3alexandra
from a-little-off :
Yeah yeah yeah like the others I saw your banner and clicked on it. I am very glad I did because you're diary is very interesting to read. Take care.
from obi-lass :
Hi there! Go you, Tubaboy! Go tubas! I'm in a band too! But I play the tenor-horn. Know that one?
from ericbenet06 :
saw your diary on the top 100 diaries page....saw the word gay and figured i could relate. :-) have a great day!
from ldybug1113 :
hehe, you're cool. i like you. what song did you sing for the contest? I'm glad you like good ole' Frankie- when he sings, it makes toes curl. :) katie
from domifc :
stumbled upon your diary not too long ago and now i keep coming back for more! great layout, excellent banners!
from phreak13 :
Your diary actually made me giggle. It's cute in a funky little way. Luv the three things that define me thing too.
from thedarmy :
wel-woba-hoba-*lost for words*-i'm buying you a pizza!
from randimac :
Thanks for writing your diary. I would definitely have a different view of the world without it.
from redivivus :
I envy you.
from soulstrong :
hi! *waves* i'm adding you...i dont know why yet..but i am lol so i can find out why i'm *drawn* to you. dont worry i dont use asterisks this much in my diary. loves, letti
from kevski :
Hey. Nice readin'. The redneck straight guys who are both annoying and alluring are all too familiar. : ) By the way, I have a quote for ya: "I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're going to feel all day." -- Frank Sinatra
from dazzlinglife :
hey! your diary's a great read, just want to tell you to keep up the good work! Rock on, tuba boy!
from lobsterchick :
How can I NOT love a blog that has a "Match Game" banner? You so ROCK! I will put you on my favorites just as soon as I figure out exactly how to do that!
from ub3r :
have you been to the country uruguay? haha. you are gay. U R <second u is silent> G <so is the third U> AY. HAHAHa. i'm surpirsed you don't play the flute, or other long slender instrument.
from ub3r :
have you been to the country uruguay? haha. you are gay. U R <second u is silent> G <so is the third U> AY. HAHAHa. i'm surpirsed you don't play the flute, or other long slender instrument.
from ub3r :
haha. you are gay.
from emiloo :
Shut UP! That Golden Girls banner kicks so much ass.
from roxxydesigns :
nice pic, cutie ;) like the diary and the banner.
from genius182 :
I love your Homer banner, and your layout! Simpsons and Sinatra! 2 of the best things on earth!
from laveychild33 :
Hey, found you at random.... You kinda remind me of my brother (he's gay as well). Anyway, very interesting diary, I shall have to read on...
from elnara :
You have a lovely layout! :)
from punkrockchix :
I like your layout! And your banners are kick ass! *much love* ~shelly woo~
from kbaa :
from kirlianstate :
your diary is wick
from lola-rose :
Frank Sinatra?? You are friggin AWESOME!!!!!!!!
from lola-rose :
Frank Sinatra?? You are friggin AWESOME!!!!!!!!
from lola-rose :
Frank Sinatra?? You are friggin AWESOME!!!!!!!!
from hope-street :
"I'll take the rapist for 500" "That's therapist.." "YOUR MOTHER TREBECK!"
from ddrboy :
Aah, I just saw all your banners and I want to scream! I love them! Hugs!
from kimrose :
I saw your Golden Girls banner (#2) and had to check out your diary. Love it! You seem like a pretty cool dude. Also, your lay-out seriously kicks ass! You made it yourself? Wow, people who are computer savvy amaze me.
from kbaa :
youre my daddy.
from taura :
I absolutely enjoy your diary! It's great that your not afraid to be so open with everything and tell the world exactly how everything is in your life. I do believe that's what a diary is for. Keep up the good work. :-)If you want to IM me on AIM, my screen name is in my profile.
from artega :
Very interesting diary to read. Nice to meet another gay man in Texas. ;)
from meli-belly :
i've only read ur diary once, because it was in the countdown near mine, but i hink you should go for this"casual relationship" with javier... i mean if the only problem, is the whole thickness thing, then that can be worked out..ok, just my advice :)*cough cough, feel free to come to my diary anytime, cough cough*..bye
from megsicle :
I love Frank Sinatra.
from seether-gurl :
Hey I was trying to post this in your guestbook, but it told me I had to wait so I said screw it and now I'm here. What I wanted to say is that I identified with your "Love Hurts" entry. I had this whole story to go with it, but I have to go eat now so I can't retype it. :) Sorry.
from funjules :
Oh, holy lord gawd, but I LOVE the Margaret banner!!!
from gagfactor :
What is it with homos, texas, and diaryland? I keep finding you people. *lick*
from sunstarr :
I just read your diary and I have to say, it's good to know that PEOPLE do weird stuff in relationships. I always thought that straight guys were the only ones that were jerks to the straight girls who were after them, but after reading your diary, I figured out that jerks are everywhere and in every situation. Thanks for giving me a new perspective!!! :-)
from lastlostpoet :
Do something about that banner, man. You have a business degree, correct? Then you should know that "Then you gay" is incorrect. It should be "Then you're gay." Much more accurate. Just informing you. The only reason I clicked on it was to correct that, so don't think I'm hating just because you're gay. That's ok. Just don't try and fuck me.
from jade-rain :
hey! clicked on your banner cause band kids are cool, but you seem cooler than most! stop by my diary sometime, its not that great but hey, oh well! :)
from lameassgirl :
me again, had tell you that your diary is now one of my favorites. O, and jason is a loser
from mangofarmer :
I just clicked on your banner (being a former band geek it was the name that intrigued me) and I just wanted to say lovely, lovely diary. :)
from biohazzard80 :
Love the Cho banner!! Just saw her Revolution show...if you haven't yet it's excellent. If you have, then all I'll say is, "I WANNA GO SEE THE CHING CHONG CHING CHONG LADY!!" I'll check back to your diary when I have some more time...I loved Austin when I lived there, miss it so *sob*.
from born-fallen :
liked what i read. read what i liked.
from darkfairy13 :
I like your diary very much. I am a begginner in playing the viola (3 months), so its pretty cool to see another music player.
from maryboleyn :
Hook 'em tubaboy! Wasn't in the Longhorn band, but did play trumpet for 7 years in school. UT grad, BA and BA '91.
from bluermyiz :
wow awesome diary!
from me-me-meee :
Me again. I was looking through your guestbook. (I'm nosy and I saw stuff about bad messages) and I can't believe that crap! Wowzers! I'm bi (female) and I know for a fact that God wouldn't find anything like that wrong. It isn't harming anyone. I can see where drugs or smoking or killing people is a sin but how is loving someone wrong? Stupid people! And this would be why I've gone to church once in 17 months.
from lameassgirl :
hey i clicked on ur banner and im glad i did, i love ur diary go u!
from pyxopotamus :
ok, so, i've been up, unable to sleep, being all sad and crying, so after starting from the latest entry and going back a few, i started at the beginning. this sounds so ridiculously dorky, but it was very exciting reading the older ones and wondering, "hmm i wonder who this nerd is. oh my gosh it's tim!" :grin: oh, and david and jason, i was wondering what they could have possibly done. that really is terrible. i am so sorry you had to live that. a girl i used to know always said to me, "thanks, chelsea, i can always count on you to hate my enemies!" cause when she'd talk badly about someone, instantly i'd respond, "i hate them!" if david really ever cared for you, he wouldn't have accepted jason for hurting you like that. random comments: i, too, like being talked about and ramble to anyone about the goings-on in my life because i want everyone to know. and the golden girls rule! ;) anyway, sorry this was so long. i love your diary, though, and i've stopped being sad and stuff, and it takes a lot to tear me away from tears. ;) you do indeed have an interesting life. best of luck with karaoke! p.s.-it's never your fault. it's everyone else who sucks. ;)
from pyxopotamus :
greetings fellow longhorn. at least you can get dates. i seem to be the antithesis of what the general population seems to find appealing - people don't even talk to me. ugh. a friend and i are planning on destroying humanity one day. wee
from feverlover21 :
hey hun...i just clicked on your banner while trying to update. i admire you for being who you are disput all the ignorance in the world. anything negative i'd take like a grain of salt and pity those weak souls who are too scared to be who they are. and rock on hunny. be strong be safe and gay..:)
from invernal :
Hey, thanks for the sig. I know that my diary's difficult to read... I actually had red text before that, but it didn't look very readable and this purple isn't working either. Any suggestions?
from sillers :
Hey. I bannered my way into your diary! It's splendidly awesome. I'm gonna keep on reading!!

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