i'm so confused i don't know whether i've lost my mule or found a rope.

My favorite diaries:

mspantone profile - diary
comments: she knows her colors. i like her uncoated best.
dcmadden profile - diary
comments: some yinzer. he's friends with my friends.
lauriapple profile - diary
comments: she kinda scares me. i hope she doesn't beat me up. but she is in texas.
andrew profile - diary
comments: he lives in toronto like me. i also have a big head.
idlekaori profile - diary
comments: very friendly and has a lot to say.
maskedmofo profile - diary
comments: he has a mask.
tecumseh profile - diary
comments: reminds me of some of my friends.

My favorite music:

the clash
comments: if there is a best band ever, this is probably them.
stevie wonder
comments: probably the most joyful musician i've ever heard.
big star
the flatlanders
comments: i only know that one album, the original one, but it has everything i like best about country music. like a saw.
david bowie
comments: especially station to station.

My favorite movies:

comments: the best movie ever.
touch of evil
comments: a close second.
big trouble in little china
comments: not a close third, but i really love this movie.
the happiness of the katakuris
comments: horror-musical with claymation sequences. so strange, but so good.
celine and julie go boating
comments: the best part is that at the end, they actually do go boating.

My favorite authors:

vladimir nabokov
comments: cleanest prose ever.
ambrose bierce
comments: edgar allen poe meets sam peckinpah. also, as an old dying man he left for mexico to find pancho villa, and disappeared.
john gardner
comments: the only contemporary-ish writer of novels about intellectuals who isn't totally dull-illo.
william faulkner
comments: especially absalom, absalom, the only citizen kane redux that outdoes citizen kane.
herman mellville
comments: did anyone else out there not only read the whaling parts, but like them more than the story?

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