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I'm sixteen, and I have a twin sister named Valerie.

I'm an English Major at Ateneo de Davao University. Next stop? Law School.

In my spare time, I like to sleep, read, hang out with my friends.

I really love people who listen to odd bands that I end up liking. They keep me updated. So no, I do not watch MTV, Myx, Channel [V] and what not. I like radios.

I love love love people who are nice to me and I hate being misjudged.

Although I am complicated, I'm fun..that is, if I'm already comfortable with you. (:

Ever since I watched The Notebook in 15th grade, I've always liked the name Allie. Then I watched Breakfast at Tiffany's 3 years ago and also liked Audrianna, because Audrey's too short and I like long names. Except for Taylor. I love that name.

I'm not tall. At all. I see a lot of people I know in random places and when I tell them about how they just ignored me, they would say they didn't see me. Yeah.

I don't like taking too much effort in my physical appearance, so I channel my inner Rachel Zoe on http://looklet.com/user/276588.

I love looking at pretty things and hardwood floors.

I appreciate.

In life and love, you learn that things hurt a little less every day. I think that's just one of the best things, ever.

I like people who can be sarcastic and laugh about tense situations.</p><p>I'm paranoid and insecure...most times.

I don't like arguing outside Debate Club.

I need everything to be organized. All the time.

Right now I don't imagine myself having kids and settling down in the future.

I don't like to drink alcohol. I talk the talk, but I don't do it. I would talk about it, plan drinking sessions and different bars and such, but at the last minute I will always chicken out.

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