twisted thoughts

have you ever had that feeling that your not really alive that your dead in your own right?that your mind has frozen completely abd you have no further control over your thoughts or actions

when you want to cry when you are happy, when you see someone with the one thing you most desire and you will neverbe able to have it no matter how hard you try it will never be truely yours when you know it's never gonna get better but how could it get worse

when you's like to kill yourself but know that it won't solve anything

and are too afraid to try! thinking that if you killed yourself that everybody would suffer but when really you beleiveand think no one will care.

and when you know thatno one really likes you for you rather for an image. The one thing that seprates me from you

"i wear black on the outside because black is how i feel on the inside"

NOTE:::: vamp in vamp-queen is not the stuttly vamp it stands for vampire

My favorite diaries:

haunted-me profile - diary
comments: i read this diary from the first entry. i am totally changed it sparked something inside me and made me see what's not really there
devil-boy profile - diary
comments: a small town sk8ter how can i resist this is one of my favorites i cna't not read it speaks to me you know in ways i couldn't put into words
gothboy profile - diary
comments: intense. i don't know how he does it. living life in that way i mean.
autophobia profile - diary
comments: reading this diary sent chills up my spine this gurl is amazing
pinkstardust profile - diary
comments: i love her layout and the music is hott. she left a good comment in my box. :) more power to you
tofukiller profile - diary
comments: i love this diary. this gurl kiks
raped profile - diary
comments: this girl is amasing i love to read

My favorite music:

no doubt
comments: old skool. i ahte the new cd it sucks
comments: they rule so does icp
rob zombie
comments: jawsome man
comments: i love them
insane clown posse
comments: if your down with the clown your down for life yo

My favorite movies:

Idle hands
comments: seth green devon sawa what else is there to say
The Nightmare Before Christmas
comments: i watched that today 6/8/01 it's like the best movie ever.
The Matrix
comments: yummy i love this movie it made me cry hmm it also made me think about what life really is
comments: i love Jay and slient bob.
american history x
comments: i cryed throught the whole thing one of the best moive's on the face of the planet.

My favorite authors:

Stephen king
comments: i love his books expecally carrie
Laurell Hamilton
comments: Anita Blake is so cool. IT so surreal that it's seems real

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