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Berry's a 23-year old living in Pennsylvania and now spending her life as a junior in college. When not sleeping through classes...she goes to them (duh). And she also likes hanging out with her brothers in an honorary fraternity. Oh. And she sometimes likes talking about herself in third person.

My favorite diaries:

mdnghtmagic profile - diary
comments: Tiff, my best friend both offline and on! She's a wonderful person!
janette profile - diary
comments: Darling Jam, yet another of my best friends! This will take you to her lovely diary designs page.
psianina profile - diary
comments: Who wouldn't want to catch an episode of the Lola Show?
shlippy profile - diary
comments: She's back! I'm so elated. ^_^ Her entries are always a good read, whether they're serious or funny.
marn profile - diary
comments: How can you be a DiaryLander and not read Marn? She's got a wicked sense of humor...I love it! ^_^
megan0905 profile - diary
comments: She's super cool. ^_^
elvensea profile - diary
comments: When did we lose touch, girl? Come back to meee! *giggles*
culotte profile - diary
comments: aka freuds-fave...yes, she's back! And she has her own line of panties!
pb-and-j profile - diary
comments: I like her ode to Sirius. ;)
cathieanne profile - diary
comments: In some ways, Cathie and I seemed to be living parallel love lives. Welcome to the Twilight Zone, hehe...
for-no-one- profile - diary
comments: Why do people move on me? I hate change! LOL...anyway, this is Lisa...again! ;)
wacewace profile - diary
comments: This girl rox my sox0rs. Or something along those lines, hee hee
srogers909 profile - diary
comments: She joined one of my diaryrings, and I kept reading her diary after that, and I like it! So there. ;)

My favorite music:

comments: They are...well, the best band ever, IMHO. What more can I say? I love them!
The Moody Blues
comments: The Moodies are now on the same level as Queen. I'm definitely in love with their music.
The Guess Who
comments: I was surprised to find out they weren't all that popular in their time...They've got some really good songs!
The Lovin' Spoonful
comments: No, "Do You Believe In Magic" wasn't their ONLY hit. ;)
Classic Rock
comments: Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin, Emerson Lake and Palmer, The Doors, The Who...the list is never-ending!

My favorite movies:

Slipper and the Rose
comments: Romantic movies are automatically favored by me, and I just LOVE this one! Not many people know about it, but it's a great adaptation of Cinderella!
Ever After
comments: Another of those Cinderella adaptations...but it's still just as good!
Moulin Rouge
comments: "I NEED your poetry!"
comments: This is a great romantic movie, and not 'romantic' in the conventional has adventure, comedy...and some tension at the end between Sarah and just have to watch it to understand it!
Monty Python
comments: The Meaning of Life is my favorite, but The Holy Grail is sort of growing on me too... ;)

My favorite authors:

Antoine de Saint-Exupery
comments: Le Petit Prince is an adorable, poignant book. But I like the French version best. The translated English version just loses the beautiful poetry!
Maggie Furey
comments: Her 'Aurian' series is one of my favorite fantasy series (second only to the Shannara series).
J.K. Rowling
comments: Yeah, Harry Potter! I was a little late in succumbing to the HP craze, but I'm glad I finally gave in and read them, because they're great!
Terry Brooks
comments: The Shannara series is a terrific one (the original trilogy especially). They're what REALLY got me into reading fantasy books!
Rosamond du Jardin
comments: She wrote teenage fiction back in the 50's (and 60's, I think)...All her books are out of print now, though :\

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