{now the ears of my ears awake and/now the eyes of my eyes are opened}

I used to want to be emo and angsty and maybe a little mysterious. I'm not. I like detailed descriptions. Also, bright colors, the smell of chlorine, planning my future and helping other people. I'm also fond of thick body lotion, red things and finding the perfect words.

My favorite diaries:

bumpercar profile - diary
comments: "I'm really not so mysterious, I just have a lot of excuses."
diamondsky profile - diary
comments: "In all this noise, what are we really listening to? And what are we not hearing?"
luminescent profile - diary
comments: "Future tenses are important. I'm not so sure I belong in California (I am a Midwestern girl who wears wool and scarves and brown brown brown), but I don't think I belong here either."
softblossoms profile - diary
comments: "i wish i were in my hometown so i could go out late at night and ride down the springtime wet streets where it is dark and very silent. and the visible patterns of stars above which are fixed, for a time."
swimmmer72 profile - diary
comments: "It was there, and it was gone, and watching it filled me with a sort of bittersweet feeling. happy and exhilarated with the beauty of it all, but saddened that it was gone."
vocalfern profile - diary
comments: "i´┐Żll tell you what i really need. you to come over so i can throw lit cigarettes at you."
waltzingyeti profile - diary
comments: "I wonder where i am when i am invisible."
kissmyargyle profile - diary
comments: "(This could be a problem) I'm starting to think Ii'm going to feel sixteen for the rest of my life."

My favorite music:

Taking Back Sunday
comments: It's the new American classic.
Ben Folds/Five
comments: Piano rock is hot.
Tilly and the Wall
comments: Because you have to love at least one group no one else has heard of.
Ben Kweller
comments: Passive-agressive butterflies. What's not to love?
Everything else
comments: You name it, I love it. Matchbook Romance, Emery, Frou Frou, Teitur, Howie Day, Wilco. So much more

My favorite movies:

Napolean Dynamite
comments: Your mom goes to college
Love Actually
comments: "It seems to me that love is everywhere. Often it's not particularly dignified or newsworthy, but it's always there - fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, old friends...If you look for it, I&
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
comments: "Life goes pretty fast, if you don't stop to look around once in awhile, you might miss something."
Romeo and Juliet
comments: "...for stony limits cannot hold love out...."

My favorite authors:

Wally Lamb
comments: "There are misconceptions to be abandoned, biases to be dropped. There are a heart and a mind that need opening. There are many."
Robert Cormier
comments: "I can't remember a time, really, when I haven't been a writer."
Anne Lamott
comments: "I love her so much it makes me cry, it makes my heart feel sandy and peculiar, the way your teeth do after you've eaten raw spinach."
Ayn Rand
comments: "One gains a profoundly personal, selfish joy from the mere existence of the person one loves."
E. E. Cummings
comments: "you shall above all things be glad and young"

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