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from tabatha-rz :
are you gay
from bledgirlblue :
dear andie- I used to read your diary all the time. I would like to start up again... would that be possible? We can trade passwords if you like, but a little ohio girl like me doesn't have half the awesomeness you possess. [email protected] Much <3 to you.
from claudette :
hey, i saw that you updated and went to read it and it asked me for a password. did you lock it permanently? i'd love to have the password if you were still updating. you can email me at [email protected] thanks!
from anglewings :
Well I like it, I'm sure to return for more. Latezzzzzzz
from chadmuska :
i read yours and justins diary, i have been for a while. i'm one of those people that was upset when you broke up. and lately i've felt how i think you may feel but in an entirely differnet situation. i love a boy, he loves me, and for needed reasons we can't be together right now. its sad. you wrote something hte other day that really reminded me of it. thanks for being you.
from localaura :
Andie too nice. Call Laura eloquent, make her blush. Laura not string sentence together well. Really, though, thanks hugely. Also, you should definitely do some community theatre because it's good for everyone, and also because I want to read about it.
from cdghost : :)
from laveychild33 :
Hey.... You seem hella cool, and I totally admire you. Nightmare Before Christmas is an awesome movie! My friend Dickie loved it so much, that not only did he start refering to himself as the Pumpkin King, on Halloween, when his band was playing, he put a pumpkin on his head as a tribute to Jack Skellington, and lit it on fire. He threw everyone into a panic when he couldn't get it off for at least five minutes. He died seven months later. Why I'm telling you this, I don't know... you just seem like you'll listen. Anyway, I really enjoy reading your diary, you're an awesome person!
from liverfasion :
you sound kool
from diosadebaile :
I am completely reminded of times in highschool where I had a really close group of about 10 friends and we'd get together every weekend. The actual party wasn't bad, but the most fun comes the day after, when you all sleep in, have breakfast together, and basically spend the day together, all cuddly and warm, like puppies. Good feelings.
from barefootsage :
Your name makes me think of Action Comics and Super- girl.Did you ever see the Supergirl movie? I read that Wonder Woman is going to have a new image.Short-haired and more military. Why do you think some men are so crazy about Amazons?
from djraindog :
I shouldn't be leaving a note having read only one entry and your profile, but in your profile you called NIGHTMARE B4 CHRISTMAS a love story, and I smiled. The guy who loaned me the movie asked, after I'd seen it, if I thought it was a Christmas or a Hallowe'en movie; I replied, "Neither. It's a Valentine's Day movie."
from cuntgirl :
are those the shoes that leave flowers when you step, cause if they are, you're my new hero all over again. What are they called?
from soulepiphany :
I just read what you wrote about the Temple of Tears, the first I have ever heard about it, and it sounds like the most amazingly beautiful thing I could imagine. I would love to know more about it. ~sara
from cuntgirl :
amen (or should I say awomen?)
from cuntgirl :
I think it was a Barbara Kingsolver book that had a line reading something like "there is no greater sign of love than to let a person have the space they need" I hope those who need to are able to see that too
from toothbrush :
I read dictionaries too! I collect dictionaries, actually, but I try to limit myself to buying one a year. I have this old one that was always around when I was little and one day when I was a young adolescent, I looked up the word "masturbate" in that old dictionary and it said "a form of self-abuse".
from emptycage :
Bill Hicks rocks the house! I've often thought of making bracelets that read "W.W.B.H.D.?" I think the market is there.
from freshsoul : dont know me...yet...this is Allie, the girl who has an almost intollerable crush on Tollef... i jsut wanted to say hello and wish you a happy sounds as though the love you and Justin share is one of those rare kinds that most of us only dream of...and i think it is RAD that you guys just went with how you felt when you first met....i admire you both for that... congratulations! we shall be meeting soon....AllieJean
from girle :
Ghost World...that was me.
from cuntgirl :
as much as I believe that sometimes responding to anger only feeds it, there is a point where you receive all that you can, and it seems you passed that a while ago. Good for you, I know it sucks, but it's amazing he still feels YOU need to carry the weight for HIS pain. Congratulations. You do not need to carry everyone you have ever loved around. Good luck.
from muffbaby :
awwww muff muff.......don't worry Laura and I will stalk you like you've never been stalked fact we're looking at you right now
from actiongrl : says my mom!
from redwoods :
I want to face the person who called you ugly....I know your beauty better than anyone. I'm finally taking time to go back through your entries and I have to think you must have a hell of a mom who encouraged you to think so freely.
from ludicn :
This is weird enough that I had to leave a note for you. In your diary, you mention "Jenny and Ash and I" which is just kind odd, considering my closest friend/ roommate/ co-worker is Jennie and I'm Asha. Then in another entry you say "Glenn and Smooshi" which is odd again, because Smooshie is Jennie's cats name. Okay, it's a small coincidence, but I had to say something. Other than that, I just looked at your diary for the first time today, and I'm already half way through it. I appreciate and respect many things you have to say. Take care.
from cuntgirl :
I've read enough that I feel like a voyuer, but wanted to thank you, going through a point where EVERYTHING in my life is in transition towards an unknown destination, and it's had to come across hope. I was beggining to think I had to let go of my desire of a life centered around art, music and those I love. Thanks for reminding me that it's still out there, even if I haven't found it yet.
from katima :
actiongrl! You rock my socks!
from isolatedsoul :
i also love to read so much its all i live for sometimes
from alora-dream :
Dude, I want to be a clown. Uh, I am a clown! I want to march! Do I get to wear face paint? Oh no, I don't have face paint. We will discuss Thurs. Bye!
from localaura :
*Hugs you till you can't breathe* I've just spent about half an hour staring at your message in my guestbook and smiling like a goon. I love your diary-- and I find the phrase "surrogate puking" to be one of the funniest in the English language. I will *so* be back for more. I hope this note lives up to your impression of me as a writer... ;) Wow, I'm still grinning from ear to ear. Thank you so much, and feel better!!! *smooooch*
from alora-dream :
Hey Andie, I met you once when I was hanging out with adam. I always read your journal. The funniest thing is seeing yours, then Justin's. Anyway, I found your journal through adam's and I am hooked. I would love to hang out one day. Oh! I read the afterburn report too! Nice work! good on you. Laura
from adamexe :
Maybe we would go to the movies tonight. But then again, without the net, we wouldn't have been able to plan our evening, nor would I have directions to the theater. See you about 8.
from shuriken45 :

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