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from coronakym :
You had a really great idea by starting this diary up and keeping it going for so long. Unfortunately, it seems as though its kind of been abandoned lately, which is very sad. All your images are "x's" and some of the links don't work. Also, the layout and archives are pretty random. I've been linking to this site and rocommending it to people but I think cleaning it up a bit would do a lot to catch people's attention when they came to look at it. if it looks as though the person running it doesn't really care, that's going to devalue whatever anyone has to say. I'm more than willing to help with getting activism back up and going, including possibly donating a gold membership. I think that what you're doing is very important and I don't want to see this site be forgotten about. Let me know!
from fuschiashock :
it's too bad that this isn't being updated any more.
from coronakym :
Its been quite some time since this blog has been updated! I would be willing to take it over for you, add some posts and links, clean it up a bit and promote it. Leave a note in my diary or email and let me know!
from theyknow :
Have you found anyone to re-design the site? If not, I might be able to do it.
from for-you-only :
You should see my site, :) Hey, I have this awesome review site going at, I don't have anybody in pending right now, so your review would come fast! Go ahead and check it out. Feel free to read my diary, or add me, or any of that other good stuff. :) Also feel free to note me. Notes are fun. And you can leave comments... I like those. !!! Have a nice day from PINK!
from hamiltonian :
from hamiltonian :
Okay I can't help but leave one more quote: "There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble opinion, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution." -- John Adams
from hamiltonian :
It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. -Krishnamurti.
from autumntorn :
Totally support the cause. Im a feminist activist based in New York. People need to be made more aware of the issues and get out and vote. Ive registered 5 people to vote this week. not a huge number but each person CAN make a difference.
from directaction :
What the fuck? All you guys are are nothing but green party reformist assholes. Regester to vote links? Gimme a break. voting dosen't change anything. thats obvious. If voting changed anything then the working class, which makes up 70% of the population, wouldn't be so repressed. you won't get what you want by voting and collecting signitures. The only way to change anything is by direct action. By fighting for what you want. (A)//(E)
from ikss :
Hi there! Ghostgirl suggested I stop by and i am very glad I did. You rock! Keep fighting the good fight! :)
from public-list :
Hi. I've included you in my public diary directory. If you want to be taken off or moved to a different category, please visit. Thanks! By the way, before tonight I never knew this diary existed and it seems pretty cool. I'll probably be visiting under my real diaryland name (sewer-rat) if you don't mind.
from himfan :
hello my name is katie, i was wondering if you could check into the boycotting gap issue. i find you as very bright person and hopefully you agree with the issue of keeping redwood forests alive, and stopping these compainies from running sweatshops. i know this issue is touchy, and i am not exactly aquanted with you... but adding one of these sites to your link site, would help a lot of people open their eyes to these problems. thank you. kt
from theghostgirl :
The war doesn't look so great now it's killed a few hundred American soldiers, does it?
from myroom :
Kestral - what in the world are you talking about? It has not even been a month into this "war" where the results are yet to be seen as actions are yet to be performed. Please do not make this into a fight between who is right and who is wrong. I really couldn't give a shit about being wrong, but I care about the *actions* and events that determine such. People who are against this war on Iraq are not against the troops, are not against liberating the people Iraq, and are not against America. It's *how* this war is being conducted and under what circumstances the route to war is being taken.
from kestral :
The whole world now sees that the US was right in the liberation of Iraq. The American people will never forget those who pushed their own agendas and tried to stop this liberation. Groups such as ANSWER and NIMN will bear the burden of their actions forever.
from angelseyezzz :
all the activism acts are related to US?
from seethesea :
a leaked UN document estemates the likely humanitarian crisis resulting from an invasion of Iraq. visit and spread the word about this powerful information.
from ashen :
Next on my list would be Bill O'Reilly.
from sins-to-tell :
If you have a dark secret to tell.....come rid yourself of the guilt in this public diary.
from desertwitch :
Great site! And thanks for pissing off those who are allegedly not "naive"! It's hilarious how even one site dedicated to the views/topics that scare them get under their skin like that! Guess it's just not enough that most radio talk and "news" channels have been bought off by corporations and Rush Limbaugh clones. Not enough to quell their fear and loathing! So keep up the great work!
from beinghuman :
i don't know if it's been mentioned on here but i'm sure tons of people have brought it up, i think we should be able to vote for or against this lousy war. there is so little support for it, and really it just seems to me and so many as validation for the presidency, as a place-marker, as a "daddy-did-it-so-i-should-too" move.. i don't like that our countries foreign affairs are so self-involved and inconsiderate. also, do you ever take any stance on the commercialization of livestock and the poor distribution of food to starving third-world countries? it's more of a PETA matter, but i was just curious.
from kestral :
heh...that picture is funny however it has been faked.
from meowth2007 :
Hey I love your site. Keep up the great work.
from qwert :
Actually you should leave posts from raving right-wingers up because the more people see that their attempts to justify global fascism the more people will go left.
from jenga21 :
I'm glad you finally mentioned something about the huge anti-war movement going on at college campuses all over. Sunday October 6 marked the anniversary of the day we started bombing Afghanistan last year, and there were huge anti-war protests all over the country. 20,000 people gathered in New York City and 10,000 in Los Angeles. If the hawks in charge get their war, they will have to deal with A LOT of resistance from the public. At least I hope they will. Thanks for making this site.
from joleen :
Nice to see the post about opposing the Anti-Consumer Bankruptcy Bill. It's making me sick hearing the news about Government Bailouts of the major airlines lately! Those are FOR PROFIT corporations, not regular tax paying citizens trying to make ends meet. The whole reason the airlines are filing for bankruptcy and requesting the bailouts is they aren't making ENOUGH of a profit. They are still making a profit, just NOT ENOUGH. And our taxpaying dollars are going to help the fat cats at the top of those corporations, yet the same government willing to help them is now making it harder for us to get out of credit card debt? Insane. This country is insane, getting worse all the time. Grrrrr........ Can we do anything at all to change it? I want to think so, but I am beginning to doubt our effectiveness. The only solution I can foresee is strength in NUMBERS. If everyone takes a stand, then maybe. Peace.
from mandypandy83 :
For you:
from broken-glass :
Well, it's pretty obvious that these causes wouldn't appeal to raving right-wingers!
from onlylevski :
Talk about naivety on display. Obviously most of you who post this crap have never lived in the real world.
from soulkitten77 :
i've tried to post to this twice but it is not working. it always sez "oops- something went wrong" .. does anyone know why? thanks!
from ciara2 :
i admire your will to make things change. keep up the good work :)
from broken-glass :
Re: Justice Owen - here's a link to send email to your reps about it:
from myroom :
It always makes me happy to see this diary frequently updated and read new activist alerts. One thing - why not a links section? Maybe not necessarily topic specific, but links to alternative media sources, how to get involved sites, etc... Again, great job with the site, survey, et al.
from joleen :
Holy moly! I missed it, whatever it was. I swear I read this site every time it's updated, but I'm just getting to it today. If I'd seen it, whatever it was, I would've told you, Kassia. I'll try to pay more attention. I need to go through the activist ring and delete a bunch of people too - not that one is like the other, but you know what I mean, right? Keep up the good work! I have tons of stuff I get in my email that I need to post. I'll try to put something up this weekend. Maybe a few somethings. :
from activism :
Unfortunately I can't afford SuperGold membership right now, which comes with a comment box. As for as I know, Diaryland doesn't offer a way to stop people posting anonymously, which is a pity. When you see posts from raving right-wingers, please drop me an email to let me know. I'll delete them when I see them. So far it's only happened about twice. Man - Can't these people read? If they want to set up a diary for conservative action alerts, or right-wing rantings, I'm sure they can figure out how to do it!
from lostwithzeal :
Re: The Opinions of a Black Man. This guy is obviously not who he claims to be. Can't something be done to keep people from posting anonymously? There's no excuse for posts like this. If somebody wants to post a series of absurd arguments without any facts to back them up, they should be required to leave a link to their site. Or, there should be a comments area for each post, so that people can share their reactions. The way it's set up now is not working.
from en-trance :
i just dont see why anyone would deny a woman emergency contraception after such a traumatic event... children should come out of love not just the fact that they have been created... for those poor women who have children after being raped having to look into their childs face and seeing part of the man who raped them, it must just tear them up inside and for the kids to one day find out who their dad was and knowing what he did to their mom what kind of impact would it have upon them? i myself would not want to have an abortion, but i like that if i found myself in such a situation that i would not have to have a child that would be a constant reminder of what happened... too bad people in power cant see it that way...
from resistivity :
Hola! Thanks for the tip. I added an alert about Disney in Bangladesh. This is a great site!
from joleen :
Finally, an actual "progressive activist alert"! That Working Assets 'working for change' site is really cool. And I have Working Assets Long Distance, I've had it for YEARS - I'd never actually gone to their site before though, silly me. Now I have, and I signed up to email Steve Case, and I intend to email all kinds of people, to make a difference! Whoo hoo! Thanks to whoever posted that!!! :))
from broken-glass :
Re: dogs in Korea. Stopping cruelty has to start somewhere. Some do it at home, by stopping eating factory-farmed animals here and now. Others do it by trying to stop cruelty to dogs on the other side of the world. Being a vegetarian I rather agree that eating dogs isn't any more disgusting than eating cows, so I can see your point, but at the same time I can't excuse cruelty in Korea because we're also cruel here. Though I do wish that people concerned about cruelty to cute animals on the other side of the world were as concerned about less cute animals on their dinner plates.
from entity- :
that's a very interesting cause...WTF?
from en-trance :
it just goes to show you, you can never be sure of people and should wait before you judge them... this reminds me of when i lived in california and i had friends who were mexican yet they looked as white as me...
from ashen :
The disease of anorexia is commonly misunderstood. A number of atheletes, male and female, suffer from this and treatment is usually difficult once the prolem is realized, due to the sever state of the body. Anorexia touches people in all walks of life and of all races. Unfortunately, in our current society of fast living and pretty icons on T.V., the best way to make a difference is on a personal level. You can find hospices dedicated to anorexia nervosa and they are usually more than happy to take on volunteers. There are too many sites to list, but if you are interested, just do a search for anorexia nervosa volunteer hospice.
from dapperdan :
i have to say that i like this site alot, but i have a problem with your information on the consumption of dogs in south korea. there are many unique cultures in the world community that have their own special dietary wants and needs. since dogs are considered pets in the united states, that does not make it wrong for others in the world to enjoy the animal for its meat. some of us in the united states enjoy the meat of cows, which appalls some in india, while others in the world consume whales for food, which is appalling to some of us in the united states. the use of dogs as food in korea is a cultural matter that should be approached with some tolerance.
from migrainegirl :
Hi. Just wanted to thank you for making all this info available. Now, to get people to DO something; that's trickier. But delighted to have seen your banner and I've added new sites to my faves. Thanks again.
from en-trance :
oh, i am so glad there is stuff like this out there! the world can change and the change is now! YEAH!
from walktome :
Hey, I'm making a revolution, want to help? If so, email me, thanks. Later! :)
from evil-edna :
Great Carrie - I'm so glad you've nothing better to do with your Saturdays than hang around clinics hassling women who are already having a hard enough time. People like you really do bring out the very worst in me.
from valida :
i thought this was supposed to be a leftist diary? what's with the pro-life post?
from entity- :
Our posts are never intended as rants, we apologize if they come out that way. It's just that so often, the real problem is something you can't truly organize action against. So what we write is intended merely to notify those around us that this is a facet of reality, so they can combat it on their own.
from soul-mixture :
Tick-tock of that doomsday clock. ~that was seriously one good true entry...... made me think. Wish pipol can think like you. Well atleast in a way think like you.
from souldiver :
rock on, guys. rock on. you want another poster? you've got one. "I WILL DEVOUR YOUR HATE!!" -- knighterrrant, 4/22/2002
from cyberfunk :
it'd also leave you morally void, but that's ok. So does just living.
from aimee218 :
Seems that boycotting Israel will leave me naked, hungry and cosmetically unadorned. *sob* Criminy, please tell me they don't own the rights to SEX!
from billyidol :
Agh! Not Dr. Pepper! I am addicted. I was so sure it was independently bottled, too. I think it's just distributed by Coca-Cola.
from hemopoetic :
Like indigo-love, I'm really happy there is a diary of this nature here, a public one at that. It is a simple but effective way of increasing awareness in a capitalist world where the people have been drenched in mindwashing ads and pop culture. The makes me sick. Thank you for creating this awesome diary.
from entity- :
Great fun this.
from indigo-love :
this is an awesome, awesome, awesome idea for a diary. it raises awareness. anyway, i just wanted to say keep up the good work. it is important to spread the word and try to make positive change. :)
from myroom :
Maybe the owner could add this into the entry for the April 20th demonstration in DC... Washington DC has a great subway system called "the Metro". Click here, here, or here for interactive maps. The closest Metro stop to the White House is Federal Triangle on the orange and blue lines. Walk towards the Washington Monument (the big pencil) past Freedom Plaza, and follow the crowds of people. If you're staying in the city, chances are there is a Metro stop within walking distance. The lines (conveniently labeled with colors) stretch into parts of Maryland and Virginia, and some stops have parking available. The Metro is really easy to use, and you can buy passes at all the stations with easy to use machines. Just be sure to hold on to your pass when you enter and leave.
from queenjanice :
Hello. I love your site. I'm a poli-sci major, going in to advocasy/legislation mainly for the blind/disabilities, and women's issues.
from activism :
Thanks for your feedback. The sites do simply report on how he's voted, though - consistantly anti-choice, against the Equal Rights Amendment, etc. These are matters of public record. Whether or not he took an anti-Klan stance back then, he's certainly no friend of progressive policies today.
from boink :
I just read the article concerning the Appeals court nominees. To be fair, I don't kno wmuch about any of them, but the links posted were slightly one-sided, particularly for Judge Pickering from Mississippi. A lot of us Mississippians really support Pickering, and he has taken a bad, false, and partisan rap from a lot of politically motivated groups. Older citizens I've spoken to remember his first elections and how he lost them in the popular mind for being anti-segregation and anti-Klan. Just a thought that maybe when posting links, we should provide more than just one point of view. We can be activists, but we should also be fair and make sure people have ALL the information. The diary is a great idea, and that's just a suggestion for minor improvement.
from myroom :
This is a fantastic idea. May I invite you to join my oneworld diaryring? I don't care at all if you put the code up. I would simply be happy to have a site like yours on the list. Take care. Thank you for this site.
from lazygenius :
I am intrigued by this diary and the cuases being discussed. I know this diary is not here for debate. I am not looking for debate but rather aclarification regarding the post of 3/27 I am confused and hope someone could explain to me the following statement from International A.N.S.W.E.R. (an organization for peace?) "The U.S./Israeli War against the Palestinian people, who are courageously and determinedly resisting overwhelming force." This appears at first glance to justify the violence of Palestinians who I think are as much to blame as the Israelis. Is that the intent of this statement? Am I misreading this? Please help me. Thank You.
from lazygenius :
I am intrigued by this diary and the cuases being discussed. I know this diary is not here for debate. I am not looking for debate but rather aclarification regarding the post of 3/27 I am confused and hope someone could explain to me the following statement from International A.N.S.W.E.R. (an organization for peace?) "The U.S./Israeli War against the Palestinian people, who are courageously and determinedly resisting overwhelming force." This appears at first glance to justify the violence of Palestinians who I think are as much to blame as the Israelis. Is that the intent of this statement? Am I misreading this? Please help me. Thank You.
from medicated :
very interesting...i will definitly be back to read more.
from joleen :
This is a great idea! I look forward to seeing what happens with it - I hope only the best. And thanks for including me in your links list...

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