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from lynchbeauty :
Hi! This is Dave in the UK here. We used to chat over MSN a lot and had great ideas for musical collaborations! As you've moved and changed jobs I have no way of getting in touch with you now. Could you please email me at [email protected] Thanks. I miss you and would love to chat again.
from snow666white :
Your words are indeed rich within their contexts... and by the way...I think you are the only Clan of Xymox fan that has a valid diary besides myself and Chamber9... *smiles* all the best, dear oxo~Snow-white.
from beautifulwoe :
I cannot stand deadbeat Dads. Whatever they are. I had one, and he was crazy to boot. I applaud your efforts to raise your child, and the tampon story, one day, will be even funnier!
from cdghost :
i enjoyed your words
from beautifulwoe :
Thank you for visiting and your note. Sad to say my old blog died a tragic death. I'm adding you, you are a doll.
from fuschia :
thank you, love
from helderheid : Helderheid's new addy :)
from helderheid : Helderheid's new addy :)
from myeels :
hey! What is your lj again?
from annamarie84 :
haha Ive been to livejournal, xanga, and now here at d-land... Just diary hoping :) Happy friday
from myeels :
becoming vegetarian is easy! You just do it, and then it's done. You can plan incredible meals to cook for yourself and then brag about it to all your friends. I also find looking at PETA's website to be helpful when my resolve weakens. And such like. I will be a source of vegetarian/vegan info/recipes/resolve if ever you need me. AND, get a fitball! They are fun. And when you aren't using it, you can sit on it at your desk, or just mess around with it. A fitball helps me approach exercising without that sense of dread, because it kind of feels like I'm just bouncing around and having fun. Get a big one! And Ari will love it, you are right. They are cool. You can get one shipped to your house. I forget the website, but I know i did it once!
from myeels :
oh baby. You are going to be all right. Life goes in phases. Phases pass and you emerge as though from a coccoon--different, newer, changed. It is okay to go through dark dolphin times. I have also gained weight of late. My recommendation: A fitball! You exercise while also having fun and feeling like a little kid messing around. You are a strong lady and you are going to come through just fine. I am thinking of you.
from fuschia :
you're kidding, right? i just had a dream about you this morning. your son was with me and we were in san francisco, or some place in cali becuase i remember saying to him "now is it disneyland or disneyworld??" and then he found a skateboard with an alf head attached to it, for me, because i told him i loved alf. and it turns out you guys and your family left on an airplane and forgot him, so we had to go looking for you.
from hyacinthgirl :
hi! scrabble747 has moved to cheers!
from egbridges :
thanks for the encouraging note! - and yes, you can do it!! go for it! I hear online courses are great.
from myeels :
this is a beautiful entry.
from myeels :
HEY DUDE! Oh man, all through my youth I got bronchitis once a year, regularly, in the wintertime. It is so intensely horribly awful. Robutussin with vicodin, however, sounds AMAZING.
from egbridges :
hi... i'm back to reading regularly now. i audibly cracked up over the 'are we chinese?' battery of questions a few entries ago. just thought i'd say hi.
from lip :
That is such a cute picture! :)
from myeels :
HEY! Awesome. I love the thing Ari said about the "human" turtle. That is the cutest.
from bellis :
"This summer has fallen kicking into my lap, begging for change." I don't think you can write a line like that without knowing it's brilliant, but just in case.... great writing today. Thank you for sharing it.
from myaphasia :
I believe singing in the rain lost all sacred connections with "A Clockwork Orange".
from bellis :
I love the new layout!
from anti-diary :
;-P how come you have emailed me? huh? huh?
from anti-diary :
hi! =)
from egbridges :
I have those same associations w/ REM, especially the Eponymous singles album, Document, Green, and Out of Time - all of these actually came out when I was in high school, which makes me an angsty 30-ager. Eek.
from fuschia :
:) hey there. i made really good banana bread the other day. its vegan. if you still are, you may be interested in it. its here: and if you dont like banana bread i will feel really stupid for giving you this note. but that site is really cute anyway.
from helderheid :
Stumbled onto your diary - I will definitely be checking in to see what's happening. Hey, I was bummed Joe Strummer died too. ;) My husband thought I was a dork for being bummed.
from que-suerte : --> bands --> bright eyes --> pictures
from snailandsky :
hey dudely! thanks for the note. And the guy from bright eyes is named Connor, I think. And wow, I hope Ari starts sleeping soon! I hope your headaches go away! I am ready to go home!
from snailandsky :
from snailandsky :
lady, that is so weird. But isn't everything she said just AMAZINGLY ACCURATE? It's like that was written by me. It always gives me chills when I run across something written by someone else that could have been written by me. Yikes yikes yikes!
from chick-lit :
DUDE. I have a Hello Kitty Vibrator!!! A web forum sprang up for it for all the HKV purchasers. It was all fun and games, until people started posting pictures and the hoo-ha's started appearing...
from snailandsky :
no!! I haven't heard the new azure ray. But my boyfriend told me they are on the new Moby album that's coming out soon! Isn't that insane? Wait...actually, I might have heard the new a.r. album, because i bought one at their show but i don't know if it's new or not...what's it called? Also: Howard the duck, oh my god.
from snailandsky :! I love your diary so much. I like hadn't really read it that much before but just now I read like 10 entries all at once and I fell in love with it, and with your little baby boy. The thing about him making conversation at dinner? SO CUTE AND FUNNY. Also, it is so weird, but just a few weeks ago I had my first ever encounter with Azure Ray, and now I can't stop listening to the CD I got, and then you QUOTE them on your DIARY! WHOA!
from shoeboxdiary :
excellent! i was afraid you maybe thought i was being sarcastic. the main thing for me is that she uses such poetic language, especially when it's supposed to be the thoughts in people's heads. i mean who actually thinks like that?
from snailandsky :
they totally do make hello kitty vibrators. I haven't seen one in person, but I have seen them advertised. I can't think of where...But my friend dated a girl who had one. IT'S TRUE!
from mattesque :
so you read me but i can't read you. do i get a peek?

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