You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

If you would like to read about the life of a neurotic, robotic, lesbionic, chemically enhanced grad student/instructor of German at a major midwest university, all in obsessive detail, here ya go. Obsessions include: obsession, "recent media experiences," love, martial arts, my dog, my cats, occasional random drama. And oh yeah, I just turned 30, so add 'occasional existential angst' to that list as well.

My favorite diaries:

anikk profile - diary
comments: My girlfriend's diary. Get her perspective on things. :-)
ubertuff profile - diary
comments: This is the diary of my drag king groupie pal, now in Tulsa (A Slut spelled backwards), formerly of Frankfart, Germany.
poupou profile - diary
comments: This is the diary of a fellow Bloomingtonian, friend of my girlfriend, now friend of mine.
geishagirl profile - diary
comments: Sie studiert dieses Jahr in Berlin, so wie ich letztes Jahr gemacht habe. Viel Glueck, Geishagirl!
spunkygypsy profile - diary
comments: Here's a rockin-ass michfestgrrrl. I like her b/c she leaves me comments regularly.
bevin profile - diary
comments: Hey, who doesn't want bevin on his/her buddylist?
atari-rock profile - diary
comments: If I were still in high school and went to his school, we'd be buds for sure.
adianoeta profile - diary
comments: A fellow Bloomingtonian who cared enough to write? You get on my list.
quoted profile - diary
comments: The Source for hilarious diaryland quotes.

My favorite music:

10,000 Maniacs
comments: the Natalie Merchant years of course
the Pixies
comments: I saw them in Nashville in '91.
comments: ...everything up to "Automatic" album... a lot of good memories for me. Their latest album isn't too bad either.
comments: Carrie Brownstein=rock-n-roll goddess, go see them, you'll understand
the Butchies
comments: current favorite, about to enter the all-time fave list... seen them 5x. They have even stayed in my house before!

My favorite movies:

comments: scenery and creature design by freaky Swiss artist HR Giger
Star Wars
comments: any entry in the series... my childhood obsession has evolved into adult neurosis, but you wouldn't be able to tell from looking...
Dead Poets' Society
comments: This movie literally "changed my life" when I was 16. It still holds up as beautiful filmmaking even after many semesters of film courses..
Ed Wood
comments: ...with Johnny Depp, Bill Murray, Martin Landau, etc. Hilarious but subtle.
Sling Blade
comments: Beautiful music and cinematography, moving story, superb acting, actually deserved its Oscar(s). Best of all, it was filmed in my home state of Arkansas!

My favorite authors:

Douglas Coupland
comments: the guy who wrote _Generation X_, better still are _Microserfs_ and _Shampoo Planet_. Funny, sassy, poignant, witty, all at the same time.
Insert your favorite Zen Master here.
comments: for instance, Suzuki, _Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind_; Chadwick, _Thank you and Okay_; ask for more recommendations
Thomas Mann
comments: _Death in Venice_ and some of his short stories are amazing. He's not an easy read, but worth it.
Franz Kafka
comments: _The Trial_ Am I the only one who finds this stuff funny? Art imitates life as I attempt to battle German bureaucracy.

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