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from ilonina :
I'm a research student in TCD, Ireland, and I'm going to Berlin for a year this summer - can't wait! What do you work on?
from ariadne518 :
kick-ass! a jolt of pride from me for you for putting the phone booth exposer in his place. I love reading your site.
from spunkygypsy :
tee hee. whyihateyou is one of sooner's diaries, and it's 100% made up hatred. It kicks a lot of ass. Thanks for the well-wishes, I send them to you too!
from lezbian :
I just wanted to let you know that I read your diary. Check mine out if you'd like :)
from ubertuff :
bin immer noch bei eltern. sucks ass. ich will einfach zwei jobs, geld verdienen und ein crap wohnung finden. wie schwer ist life?!? glaube ich bleibe hier in aslut bis next fall wenn ich nach uni ausziehen. it was good to see you and meghan too. hat idke gefaellt dir? ich habe gedacht von brunch dass du kein spass gehabt hast.
from ubertuff :
i find it werry werry kool that you and M can come to IDKE. this way i won't miss seeing you since i can't swing over to b-ton due to carlessness. autolosigkeit sucks ass. call me so we can dish on the details.
from spunkygypsy :
Hey! I just saw your banner! Fabulousness it is.
from lankhamr :
Tu parle francais? Je parler francais, je 15 ans =/. And the pixies own.
from quantum87 :
vous sont beau .xo.
from ubertuff :
i like the idea of kale. all that calcium without dairy. perhaps those hairs weren't gray but silver, which is a sexy thing so don't fret over it. p.s. peaches and chicks on speed are playing in columbus on oct. 16th...that's right before the drag king extravaganza. that is a miracle to me and drag dad got me a ticket today. i want to go in peaches drag with mullet wig.
from sipthis :
Love your diary...
from jonnybox :
Hi, thanks for the great girl-sex answers! I want to be a lesbian now.
from spunkygypsy :
Alas, 'tis Sarah Lawrence that was the SL in I am not in the state of Indiana. I so have a friend who is at Purdue for the next five or so years, so if I ever come through to visit her I shall let you know. I am also extending an open party invite to all d-landers who come through NY. Wee are a party people, methinks.
from kimmikers :
Absolutely adore the profile, especially the "Fotze" "Finger" part. Hilarious-can't wait to read more.
from poupou :
Hi! I was sad you didnt have a guestbook until I realized I could send you a note! Now, I am happy. Sadly, I had to adjust my browser settings to be able to read your text. Yellow on turquoise is mean. :( I like your diary, love poupou
from ubertuff :
the idea of posting a list of things you'll miss is a great idea. i will do it for berlin and will be good for me to point out the actual positive or missable things so i stop coming across as a little american bitch bitching. yeah! good idea.
from abananafish :
*gasp* the butchies have stayed at your house?

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