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from soconfined :
still happy.
from the-grey-one :
thanks for the kind words!
from ladiebug :
hope you had a blast on the half! last one i ran was in april - i totally understand not running with others (prefer to run on my own, as well) but agreed - it's lonely not having someone to talk to about it post-race!
from msboombastic :
Congratulations on the wedding! I finally started posting again here and there--we'll see if it lasts! :)
from ladiebug :
so wonderful to see you still blogging... and still with Jeff! I'd love to touch base and reconnect with you if you like - [email protected]
from bantenhut :
"I see my failure in everything I touch or do." I recently saw this quote in an issue of Psychology Today: "Everyone fails, at least a little, everday. Try to accept that this will happen." It comforted me, anyway. I hope you have a chance to escape for awhile and then come back. Alone time can sometimes make the difference between happy and angsty. And I'm glad you don't want to kill yourself. Still, if you did, you wouldn't be alone. People don't talk or even write about that stuff, they're always so afraid it seems. Anyway, I hope you and your mom patch things up and she can learn to let go. See you later.
from doing-it :
I saw that you wrote me a note awhile back. I just wanted to let you know that, after a year and a half, I added another entry. :)
from bantenhut :
First thing's first: you're not pathetic. AT ALL. I am a bit jolted by his not proposing thing, though. But then again, I have a problem with men in general, so maybe I shouldn't dole out relationship advice, especially to people I don't know personally. Good luck, stay strong, and stay writing!
from goldylockz22 :
alright, but only 'cause you asked so nicely... :)
from mordorr :
thank you, really.
from ladiebug :
i never understood people having to defend their religion when there's no malicious intent or practice involved... if it gives you "that" feeling, then pursue it! especially through these rough transition going on right now... i really wish i had more supportive words to say, but honestly i think you will learn so much in the next coming year(s). you know how you say he's a part of you? i think it became that to the point where it was... eh, complacency, you know? and that in some way, you two melded together that you didn't know who you were? obviously, i don't know you, but just in how things were told (and kinda the fact that you didn't write as often in your personal journal, the thing that made you, you). it just seemed that you weren't happy for a long time and putting him before yourself (even with trying to bring it up, since you didn't want to hurt his feelings... extremely compassionate, but it just seemed you were compromised because of it), so i hope it turns around soon. keep writing, chickie - you were missed! xo, l.bug
from soconfined :
your note meant a lot to me. <3
from soconfined :
thank you for the note. i love when people compliment my writing because sometimes i forget its out there for the world to see and its a surprise to find out someone else has read my poetry :(
from aglaia :
Thank you so much for the notes you left me. I know this is something I have to do and it will not be easy no matter when I do it but the longer I wait the longer the rest of (both) of our lives will be put on hold.
from blazingstar :
Hey, I've been reading for a while...About what you said about marriage. You asked if you're doing the wrong thing by walking away, because if you were married, you'd probably try to make it work. But that's not a reason to feel bad now. The fact of the matter is, you're not married. And there are reasons for that. You've been feeling awful for a long time. I definitely believe that a lot of your stress and problems have come from your relationship, much as you love and cherish Jeff. Something has to change. I had a similar problem with my boyfriend once. We drifted further and further apart but didn't talk about it, and all I could think was, "Does HE not realize this is happening?" When I finally brought it up, he made it sound like he had no idea what I was talking about, but after a few minutes all these problems came out. It turned out he thought I was cheating on him. So he'd been angry at me for a long time, and I had no idea. Anyway, didn't mean to ramble on here. Just wanted to wish you luck with the talk...I'm sure something good will come of it.
from realsimple :
good luck in's a fun city! the couple paragraphs you wrote about idle chit chat in you recent entry...i totally agree and know how you feel. i also find myself going to my own "happy place" when i'm suppose to be listening to and participating in conversations! :)
from realsimple :
thanks for note...i love get suprises in my notes! you even linked an entry to mine:) ...and i'm seeing the boy today. :)
from inthepresent :
In your "notes" section of your diary, I noticed that quite a few of yours said something like, "Oh my gosh, thank you for stumbling upon my diary and reading it. I feel all warm inside." Or, "I can't believe someone our there cares." They all indicated that you had read their diary and left them a surprise note of your own. Much like you did for me. It's just interesting to see how people respond to attention from a stranger.
from inthepresent :
So you went on a diary-reading extravaganza. And a note-leaving escapade. Interesting. These blog things and this internet are changing communication as we know it.
from queerscribe :
Hey there, I'm baaaack! :) QS
from anniewaits18 :
Question: How did you find my diary? I just curious. Anyway, to answer your question about "discarding" the form if you are Mormon. Several reasons (my personal preference of course) ...and this could be my complete ignorance, but don't Mormons have several wives (or like the Utah Mormons? Or was that some other religion? I forget) I am not religious nor do I believe in organized religion. Further, a friend of mine is Mormon and she couldn't have caffeine nor have sex before marriage...two things I can't deal with in a significant other. I guess I would've put "If devout Christian, please discard form" but I didn't want to create TOO much controversy. It was an application in jest, so if I offended you, I apologize. But thanks for reading my journal! It's about 2:30 in the morning here so I will peek at your journal tomorrow. Geez, I guess I rambled on this note-- I just got the new Harry Potter book at a midnight party thingy and because I'm tired, I tend to ramble. There I go again, rambling. Okay. I will stop. The end.
from scarydoll :
thanks for your nice little note! I am having almost the same EXACT problems in my relationship with BF which is weird! I added you to my favorites, take care - abbey
from nicole24 :
Thanks for your comments about my diary, I didn't think anyone actually read my mindless chatter and whining. :)
from msboombastic :
Hi! I got a message from you so I thought I'd check your diary out. I have to say I really enjoyed it and will stop by again (although I wish you posted more frequently!) :)
from elagabalus :
Ol' Paul Oakeefoldee...very nice. Went to a raVVVe (inside joke...damn...rl inside joke...) and listened to some jungle techno. Must say, BT and DJ Tiesto (spelling...adoy) are must listens. Dude. The calender thing. Schaweet. Ok. I gotta go to Linear Algebra. Thanks for the comments. Congrats on the Suck Award's touch. Aren't we special? Keep yer ears clean.
from cro :
Hey! I like the diary, and good luck in school. I'll be entering the college thing in another year, so maybe you can give me a few pointers! Good luck!!
from badbrain :
thanks for signing my analyzer page thing. haha, i don't use punctuation too often because if i think, "oh, a big M needs to go there", then my whole train of thought wrecks. haha, i forget easily. thanks for saying all you did...i'm enjoying your diary. :) keep it going. <3 badbrain
from change :
OK, first of all, your diary is great. But that's not really why I'm writing here : I'm writing to say that you should go to Barcelona. The clubs over there are like nothing you've known in the states. And besides, Spanish men are like nothing you've known in the US. Spanish men are way yummier.
from scud :
hi. i'm scud i'm signing this cause you r0x my s0x. and..well say you like melodic rock. then please for the love of JEBUS i beg of you to go out and find out about 'everything' [] and listen to them..they are so that. and so much more. i can not pimp them enough. anyways. much wub goes out cause well..your diary rocks.
from karina :
aw, your analyzer is so empty! I thought I'd leave some (holiday?) cheer rock, girl!
from snowy :
Hi! It said tp analyze you, so why not? I love you:> Analysation enough? I'll go back to being groggy now:>
from fauxpasdiva :
thanks for the comment! i feel like a celebrity now! no, you made my day. woo!-rachel

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