I am Snowy, hear me.

I am Snowy, hear me whine/talk/babble/crush/laugh/hate/love and so on...

I am happy more often than not, (http://snowy.diaryland.com/googlesearch.html) Google proved this to me.

I mean the world to me.

I'd write that I'm an angry, angsty, depressed, suicidal goth girl with a bisexual side, but that'd be a lie (and a sleazy way to get me readers who're searching for... well, that kind of stuff.). I don't claim to be anything other than me. But I'm good at that.

I'm pretty damn sure I'm a lesbian, I'm not goth (I tried, but... Just, no.), and I'm not depressed, not all the time. Very scarcely, even.

So... Yeah. Ummm... Go me! And I hate snow, just so you know it. (But you're welcome to love it. And me, please?)

My favorite diaries:

action_grrl profile - diary
comments: Michelle is the best, it took me too long to realise that I needed to read her. Now I read and read and read. If only she would update...
cubiclegirl profile - diary
comments: I have no idea when I found cubiclegirl, but I remember a summer full of agony 'cause I couldn't access her diary (dumb computer problems...) Now that's over, and it's all good.
citizenjane profile - diary
comments: This is my true love, and that says it all. I think. If it doesn't, then you don't know what you're missing.
cordeliameg profile - diary
comments: I can't remember how I found her or when I found her, I only know that I keep on wanting to jump on a plane and go hug her.
sent profile - diary
comments: I accidentally happened to stumble upon this diary sometime late last year, and I feel like an intruder, but it's intriguing..
mangledoll profile - diary
comments: I found her when the first Survivor was playing, and I've been reading since then, I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.
kelly profile - diary
comments: We're uncommonly attractive and unually pretty and we will use that to get us double dates with T&S, once we have mohawks, mind you.
quoted profile - diary
comments: How can one not love quoted?
dyke profile - diary
comments: for the hot
badsnake profile - diary
comments: I countinously feel extremely guilty for reading this diary, 'cause I think if my mother knew that I read it, she'd slap me and refuse to let me go online again, ever. (Which is kinda why I like it, so... *grin*)
sprkid profile - diary
comments: so damn great.

My favorite music:

Ani DiFranco
comments: One and a half years, lotsa albums, even more boots, and I'm (still) in love with it all.
Ryan Adams
comments: Or Whiskeytown, but both. I have a bite size-guitar-crush on him. Because wah! It's love.
Tegan and Sara
comments: They're twins, guitar players and beautiful. And they replied to my e-mail, which is funky cool.
comments: When my All hands on the bad one CD got ruined, I bought myself a new one. Without question. Answer enough?
Bitch and Animal
comments: This is good good good music. Anyone who doesn't agree gets their ass kicked.

My favorite movies:

Show me love
comments: "I'd rather be happy now than in 25 years..." This is the greatest movie ever made in Sweden. (It doesn't take much though) It's one of the greatest movies ever made. It's adorable, funny, sad and just beautiful.
Bring it on
comments: Eliza Dushku... is a lesbian in this movie. A very yummy lesbian too. I want to kiss her. Heh:> And I keep watching it, 'cause it's fun:>
But I'm a cheerleader
comments: What's not to love? Clea DuVall "I like girls. A lot." and ohsocute!
Apocalypse Now! Redux
comments: This is something that changed my life, along with 1984. I like the things that change my life in whatever way. It's good.
10 things I hate about you
comments: "People pervieve you as somewhat..." "tempestous?" "heinous bitch is the term used most often" It's everything I hate in a movie. I LOVE IT! (And Julia Stiles...)

My favorite authors:

Stella Duffy
comments: I'd let her feed me fables anyday. And she does. Or, atleast whenever I give myself time to read the books.
J. K. Rowling
comments: Harry Potter rules the world! I mean, he's a wizard, he goes to a wizard school, he has wizard friends, and wizard enemies, he has terrible family. He's almost like me! (Well... Almost)
Sherman Alexie
comments: Because he writes the best damn books I've ever read. And he makes me mad and sad and angry and willing to fight.
J.R.R. Tolkien
comments: I have seen the light. It was shiny. Much like the ring. (Also Douglas Adams)
Terry Pratchett
comments: I like fantasy, it seems. Discworld is fun and Good Omens is my god-like-thingamabob. or so.

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