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from sprkid :
That was such a fabulous wristslap. ::wanders off to talk about you to the kittens::
from no-yes-maybe :
Hey! I really enjoyed reading your diary. You seem so incredibly cool.
from rpkp :
Uh...Hi. You're kinda the reason I came to this site, you linked your diary in your sig at Spank!, and well, here I is. Thank ya much.
from sprhrgrl :
I like that I am That Weird Person Who Leaves You Notes. Can I do that for you on livejournal too? I'm sprkid.
from sprhrgrl :
(shrug) I didn't get presents either (maybe that's secretly why I stopped).
from sprhrgrl :
a university. (smooch) that was your 999th entry, in case you hadn't noticed.
from bellamante :
I freakin' love Amelie'!! It's by far one of my favorite movies. I'm with you, I think it's hard for people not to like it. :) Have fun in London!!
from darkfairy13 :
well the banner has brought more , huzzah! yes your diary eees cool.
from bellamante :
Nice diary and profile. I love 10 Things I Hate about you,and other cult-like classics, and a lot of the same authors. :) Hope you can get more sleep tonight(Always sucks when someone is walking above you.)
from mbarestfrog :
hi, do you like old skool? could you read my diary entry called "quest for song" ? have you heard this song by any chance? thanks :)
from sprhrgrl :
here's a toast.
from cherry-girl :
bitch and animal! whoop! luff em lookit my diary
from praiseandrew :
raise the praise to andrew!
from sprhrgrl :
Oooh! You're on the mushycat rotation! Hehe!
from sprhrgrl :
it's funny. . . i bought to the teeth today, and watched tomb raider. i'm planning on watching hackers, soon. . .
from unsurelife :
thanks for dropping by.. sorry that my words run into her. they are as attracted to ms jolie as i. actually, it's probably because i design everything so it looks nice on my screen (selfish, i know). mine is set to 1024x768.. one thousand apologies.. i'll see about making it more palatable on all screens. whether they're viewed by norwegians or americans. now that i've given you a lengthy and generally uninteresting explanation, i'll just run along now..
from onmymind :
thanks! i fixed it after i was confused. the number 25 is always appearing in my html for some reason!
from lip :
Hi, welcome to the Class of 2002 diaryring. Thanks for joining! Stop by and say hi sometime. :)
from nesrop :
i do not hate you. but i like harry potter.
from cordeliameg :
I love Snowy. Snowy is adorable. Snowy makes me smile. Snowy Snowy Snowy. And I still owe you a "Diary Survivor" party gift. As soon as I'm settled in back home and pay some bills I promise. You really deserve it. Cause Snowy is the best. xoxo
from mar-in-pink :
Awwww!!!how cute!!!im glad u've got it finally!!!!YAY FOR U!!
from tricks4tori :
You know that snow will melt and go when its heated. i feel cheated since you went away i long for winter days to taste you again. Pretend you miss me too i just met the most beautiful one. holding you in my palm i let the sun warm you, all too aware of the damage it does....
from pixiekins :
bound by wild desire, i fell into a ring of fire
from mangledoll :
*hug* *hug* *HUG*!!! you are my "you must be 22 to date" exception, darling. sending many love-filled vibes your way...
from snowcloud :
*hugs tightly* you know you're the best and i love you, right? good.
from mocksie :
I got two of those crushlink e-mails too!!! :/ I wanna know, too! Awww... I <3 you, snowy, and I'll miss you on the outback :(
from plume :
I love snow
from pischina :
from cordeliameg :
You're beautiful Snowy! Wow, I remember playing "Super Mario Bros. 3" fron the NES. And my brother and I fought over who got to play the bonus games. We'd start shoving each other and throwing the controllers until my Mom had to separate us. Ah the good ole days! Don't listen to that freak. You're perfect the way you are hon. Emaline or Chuck (or whoever that fucker is) is just jealous and seeking attention. *hugs* Meg
from honeyfly :
hey chica! nice the site and its content:) good luck with the project!
from uberhamster :
Hey, Snowy! Would you tell your namesake Snowy the Hamster to take a chill pill? He's driving me crazy running in circles all the time! Love the diary!
from mangledoll :
hey there doll, i bet you'd look cute with a tongue piercing... hm... yes... most definitly. and you KNOW that the ladies would just be banging your door down if you did get one. do it.
from reality :
hey there. been reading your diary with the other survivors and i just wanted to tell you i enjoy it. today the background didn't load and i liked the black, or grey background better than the image, it's easier to read. good luck and take care.
from mocksie :
the peircing between the eyes is called an Earle in english :) I should know... I'm a peirced up badass... (okay just my ears, nose, and tongue... nothing crazy... but then I *do* have those tattoos...) hee.. ~mocks~
from anticontent :
:) You have a really, really nice diary. Very spiffy :)
from glistenen :
Oooo, I just lovie-love-loooooooove you! Woooo! We are both wonderful actresses, I bet. (I still loooooove you though...:)
from kelly :
Type your comment here! Dude, you are my diaryland hero:)
from haley :
Great job with your diary!
from kelly :
dude;) I was just being...a pouty bitch:) Like I could NOT post in my diary. *L* So I am back! Like return of the Jedi and of COURSE I'm not studying!
from wickedwitch :
Type your comment here! Hey i love ur backround too!! Email me sonetime @ [email protected] Thanx :) ;)
from wickedwitch :
Type your comment here! Hey i really love ur Backround its really nice!!:) Now u dont know me but id like to get to know u PLZ! Email me sometime @ [email protected]
from action_grrl :
from glistenen :
Problem? Why would THAT be a problem? I see no problem. I'll be expecting the letter without delay.
from glistenen :
Hey, I'll sign the blasted letter for you! Woowoo!
from ruth88 :
um... really great diary! I don't really know what to say.. except I like it.. a lot!
from mangledoll :
darling snowy, oh how i wish to soil your analyzer. i wish to hard-core soil it, but i cannot think of anything witty and point-filled to say. i hope all is well... much love to you! --amy
from kelly :
A lot of smiling and judicious amounts of popcorn have raised my endorfins to acceptable levels...and all thanks to you! (for the smiling bit..i came up with the popcorn on my own. *L*:)
from sixtwo :
thank you for filling out my survey, i like your diary a lot. it's nice. it makes me want to read it, and you're very interesting.
from kelly :
I *love* your diary! And your comment in my guest book made me VERY happy!! We should start a group called Innosense together. *L* Too bad that name is already taken:(
from action_grrl :
Everyone loves Snowy!

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