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from tia734gurl :
Yeah , I feel you cute diary.
from herdarlinsin :
Entered with a wide open mind set, left feeling sad, dazed and confused. It's amazing to me how you hold on everyday, and still fight some the same battles day in and day out. Someone needs to recognize your strength and pay you with a reward filled with an abundance of love and appreciation. *hugs*
from raven72d :
Everyone should have a Set stuffling. And both wombats and your site are cool.
from shawnie4eva :
I like to do things that i like to do, but responsibilities happen to not be one of them. maybe i'll learn more when i get older.
from cdghost :
enjoyed your words very much
from mutemind :
i believe that a relationship CAN be ruined by financial issues. for example, my parents. for a few years now money has become an issue for them. this makes them stressed and thereby angry with one another all the time. it's like they're no longer the happy couple they were. nowadays, the only reason they're still together is because my mom can't afford to take care of everything by herself.
from alisama :
How come every time I try to sign someone's guestbook, it's a problem for me? Huh? Huh?! Oh, Aislinn, it's not your fault, is it? I guess I'm in a crappy mood. But not too crappy, because I read I just read your latest entry. And while simple, it means a lot to me. I don't necessarily hate the people I work with, but I'm really beginning to get ticked off at the clientele, or customers, or whatever. Oh, the woes of NOT being self-employed, right?
from ludovic :
Hey, thanks for paying attention to my lonely little survey Cheers ludo
from ezriel :
Long time no see. Drowning Is one of the worse ways to go out you know. That and fire. As much as I love water, I dont think I'd want to spend my last few in a muddy water filled pothole. But I digress (One of those phrases you just have to stick in there somewhere) That... well that... Oh poo you know what I'm just gonna write you an email.
from chicagojo :
Thanks for joining the long-hair diaryring. Now flip that pretty mermaid hair and make everyone weak in the knees!
from darkflora :
thanks for joining the wind diaryring.
from parlance :
Oh my :) Chobits.
from inaptbeauty :
♥ for linking. what does ur username mean?
from dragonbuds :
I'm glad you're home with your mom. You sound really well. Have a great day, Inkdragon
from dragonbuds :
"...not a little girl who's idly letting her life pass her by in a quiet corner of the world, but a viscously intelligent screwball who's seen more and done more than Confuscious ever dreamt of doing. This is the kind of girl who'd lead empires and maybe let them crumble, too, if she thought there was something better to be doing. She's confusing to gauge, sometimes, but it makes reaching the happy ending all the more wonderful. If you can get past her armor, you can be certain that you will leave having learned something..." You are still this person. Yes, you may have made some "poor" decisions in relationships, but how else are you supposed to learn? Not for one second do I think you are a pile of shit. Not for one split second. You are worthy of friendship, you are worthy of the therapy to help sort out what you can change and what you need to release, and you are worthy of feeling well. If people walk out of your life, they do. You are responsible only for your own actions, so don't push people away thinking they are going to leave anyway. Experience the bad and the good. Life sucks sometimes, but sometimes it can be pretty good. Look for those good times and relax in them. I know this is super preachy, I didn't mean for it to come across this way. I just want you to know there are more people who care than you believe. Be gentle with yourself, Inkdragon
from cj0015 :
I would notice and I would miss you.... Love, CJ
from an6elo :
you're leaving leaving?
from sombrengel :
from dragonbuds :
Are you leaving Diaryland?
from an6elo :
the schoolgirl look: i would think it has to do with the look's innocence... and how a guy's fantasy is to be the one to take that innocence away... kinda like how some guys want to be the one to pop a girl's cherry.
from sombrengel :
Jill thinks the same of Danni. Being friendly with Adam doesn't change the fact that you are my friend.
from sombrengel :
I've always had good results with T-mobile, except sometimes you geet a voicemail and it doesn't show up until a few hours have past. Otherwise, I get decent reception and they are always helpful :)
from pixie-led :
PS - deleate that note once you write down the number! ;)
from pixie-led :
Just to let you know...I don't have AIM anymore, hence why you are not on the buddy-list. I am one less person you ever have to wonder about. :)
from pixie-led :
Definitly hon. Next time you are coming down this end of the world, let me know, I will give you directions to my humble abode! :) Be good and feel better about things, OK?
from cj0015 :
Hey Danni, Hope this note finds you doing better than your last post. I just wanted to let you know I'm doing well and I sill read your posts all the time. Thank you for all the help and hope you gave me. Love, CJ
from freakyouout :
sometimes the pieces to the patchwork don't fit together until you stand back and get a larger perspective...
from an6elo :
breath sweetie
from sombrengel :
I don't think it's a bad thing, I just found it shocking because last year she looked all tomboyish and sloppy, and then on the awards she looked pretty and feminine. I wasn't saying anything bad about you, but her hair and outfit put me in mind of you.
from dalyrical1 :
the sleeping beauty series was awsome. i like the awakening the best...but they all changed my soul and views on bondage. then again, anne rice makes even death seem beautiful. i really like your diary. come visit mine some time! ill add you as a fave so i can come back. great writing!!
from dont-stop :
I chased the banner and found your serene diary site.
from sombrengel :
Hope you have fun at Water Country :)
from lost-mistake :
Hey, I just wanted to say I LOVE your layout. ~Rachel~
from insertsmilex :
from your survey friendshipt, one of the questions were, do you think i am over-reacting, and you put a link to something you wrote about friendships, and i don't think you are over-reacting at all. i seem to have the same problem <3
from lilchrissi :
Thank you for adding me to your favorites..Yay lol A new fan of my morbid, droning sad ass life. Whoo! (Jk) ;) Thanks.
from adamson :
I would like to talk to you again at some point...
from queenbee13 :
Is this Danielle, or am I just confused? Let me know. Peace *Vicky*
from queenbee13 :
hi you have me listed as a favorite. Just wanted to know who you were. Do I know from somewhere? Peace *Vicky*
from chise :
i've never heard of dragon half, but everything else is pretty cool. hellsing, i have to admit was REALLY awesome and there's another anime called witch hunter robin that you might like if you liked hellsing. not quite so bloody but full of secrets too. =] i like... saikano, whr (of course), lain, dragon drive, abenobashi, psychic academy... errr.. i can't think of any other ones.. but yeah. if you haven't heard of most though, it's because i can't wait and download them off mirc >< im impatient like that. haha
from chise :
actually, i do have all the episodes but it's so popular that you can even find it on kazaa. there's 26 episodes and u can find the first by typing in "chobits 1" or "chobits 01". anyway, the plot's just about how there's these things called persocons, androids who are almost human. like, the line is so fine that people marry these things and whatnot. anyways, it's mostly a funny anime that gets more serious when you find out more about more about the creators of persocons and stuff. anyway, hopefully you'll find it good cuz i did. unfortunately it hasn't been released yet in the us, only the manga.. oh, and i hear you liked hellsing too? did you get to watch the whole series? =D sorry about my rambling, i just really got a thing for it. =)
from zombieslayer :
God damn zombies...
from chise :
chobitsu! i have yet to see that picture, but i like the brownness of your new layout. ^ ~ im an anime freak so i have to ask - have you watched chobits yet?
from zombieslayer :
Freaky man. It said earlier today you hadn't updated in 12083 days. Then the diary link led to some guy named Doug. I'm just eating Cheerios, not smoking crack or anything, I swear!
from adamson :
I love it. So very familiar...
from faeriesky :
I loved your old layout.... but this one is pretty cool.
from czarria :
ahh. I could've saved you time if only i'd have clicked your image before. If I sounded snotty in my previous note, i'm sorry.
from pokable2 :
Loving it :) I followed the banners to your diary (common love of Gir, you see)- twas the best banner I have ever seen :) Clever entries too, I'll visit again soon!
from sir-inky :
The drawing is gorgeous and artistically tasteful, but the real question is . . . WHERE DID YOU GET THE DANCING GIR, please-i must know. not to be rude and seem like some fanatic but i adore that cute little dog and want my own little dancing version to show off. Yours truly with artistic compliments, Sir-Inky
from tifflove :
your diary is really cool. i'm glad i clicked on it!
from raven72d :
Everyone needs a GIR. People never appreciate Mongoose Dogs.
from locony :
Holy shit you are oficially my hero, after GIR.
from mittag :
What fantastic writing. I had difficulty clicking on the "notes" link because I didn't wanna stop reading. Your writing has brightened my day... ironically.
from psycho-chik :
I love that layout!
from raven72d :
Clever entries... And of course I have to like anyone who likes Gir, my vur' favorite Mongoose Dog.
from comment-anon :
I clicked on you :)
from terrarose :
Nice page you got here.. and I like the pictures too! =)

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