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from sinus :
i love your 'a short little poem' entry ... nice ::: >>> [sB]
from notme2000 :
Hey, if you still read my diary the username is "reader" and password is just "password".
from bluepetal :
*wipes brow*! For once I'm sooo glad I was wrong. I'm still sorry about the whole thing, friendships are really important, but wow you are right, there are so much unfaithfulness going around these days. I do (obviously lol) believe there are still some who can be committed, I know there are (since I'm one) but I guess it depends on if they have the Source for their commitment. *does a small dance of joy* I'm just glad that (the big "D")type of hardship isn't on you - maybe that just means I need to read your diary more ^_~ thx for putting up with my notes :P
from bluepetal :
hey don't give up so easily on what you've worked for. don't let go of the covenant you've made with him and GOD.
from bluepetal :
well is there anything you can do about the running to the friends? have u talked about it? i guess if it appeared like u didn't have anything w/o him that's what he's used to, but then i guess it depends on how independent you've been being too. i would HATE if my husband did that.
from bluepetal :
:( wow that's so sad. I'd hate for that to happen. what do you think is causing the separation between y'all?
from thunderdave :
I did read "things we tell ourselves," and you know what? You have pretty much the same concerns I do. The same worries. The very same thoughts and feelings. And I think one of the reasons we're all so depressed and down and thinking "fuck it all" is because we don't think anyone else feels the same way. Well, now I know someone else does. And as misery loves company, that makes me feel better. Not because you're down, but because you UNDERSTAND. I hate my job here, hate that I'm lonely and bored and unappreciated, and sometimes family makes that worse. They don't help, they only exacerbate the problem. I want to belong, I want to matter, you know?
from pixiespork :
I just read your "Things we tell ourselves" and I know where your coming from wondering if your fat motivates you or doesn't motivate you as the case may be. I think society does put pressure on those of us that are overweight cause we continue to have to validate ourselves to everyone around us. Try to find a way to be happy with how you are. I know it's hard, but it does help you get over those mountains of dispair.
from xinashadowx :
hmm...I'll echo what the last person just said. I stumbled across your diary through that banner as well, and I just wanted to say your writing is so expressive it just grips me. I love it! I think we have a lot in common...your "self loathing" entry struck a very deep chord with me, and I don't know if this will help at all, but I do understand how you feel. Maybe that will keep you from feeling so alone?? Drop me a line sometime. :) ~Ally~
from cheekyash :
"I hope someone else reads this besides me." I just stumbled across a banner (I'm waiting for something darker than black), but I'm still someone ♥
from planet-maxx :
Did you know that Elephants have no scrotum ?? Sad...But True...
from candoor :
Merry Happy New Year and hope your 2006 is the best year of your life (until 2007 :)

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