a veRy BRaDy diaRy ::: SiNuS BRaDy's virtual adventures ::: >>>

i am database administrator of boston based start-up company :

in my spare time i compose modürN poetic discourse for eventual online publicatioN & distributioN :

i am also the station manager of 87.25 fm - wpür - radio pü currently broadcasts live from the milky way lounge & lanes in jamaica plain every second monday of the month : come check us out :

My favorite diaries:

jeinyz-yo profile - diary
comments: artsy, poetic, fun to read
stitchfish profile - diary
comments: just love the writing style
pirategirl profile - diary
comments: i want to be a pirate when i grow up
itsdorkrock profile - diary
comments: also here: ariamagick.livejournal.com/
omri profile - diary
comments: omri created me
frenchpress profile - diary
comments: i guess you need the password to see this diaryland account, no?
jolieani profile - diary
comments: nicely designed | well-written | interesting blogspot too ;]
danidiary profile - diary
comments: nice, elegant design | love the writings
spunkie-girl profile - diary
comments: password protected
kinky-love profile - diary
comments: short & sweet passages
xaaiieex profile - diary
comments: the last bunch of entries are a bit sad | please let us know more ...
tuftscheer05 profile - diary
comments: from Tufts ... nothing too recent posted i guess
americansin profile - diary
comments: interesting layout + nice entries
bunnybabi05 profile - diary
comments: nice writings ... go there, read that
worry-doll profile - diary
comments: she's not okay ... more online life gone wrong
kutegyrl profile - diary
comments: a bit hard to read at times ... red on black ... nice entries
those-words profile - diary
comments: i want to remember ...
fuschia profile - diary
comments: sad ending to this so far
robotsinlove profile - diary
comments: lots of imagery ... nicely done
sexyjesusfrk profile - diary
comments: i enjoy listening to Journey too
wilted-daisy profile - diary
comments: life keeps moving
yummybeautie profile - diary
comments: good beginnings
sk8er-ghurl profile - diary
comments: nice design | need more entries soon ... please?
fsdesigns profile - diary
comments: nice stuff ... go get it
alannablue profile - diary
comments: read 'a short little poem'

My favorite music:

beware the haberdash
comments: acoustic claustrophilia
radio pü
comments: neo-dada radio theatre with a twist of satire
comments: avant power trio with schooldesk
parliament | funkadelic
comments: rescuing dance music from the blahs
julian cope
comments: head heritage revealed

My favorite movies:

boogie nights
comments: is this one the documentary or something?
the royal tennanbaums
comments: that scene where the cowboy poet is talking in front of this insane painting makes me laugh and laugh and laugh on ends
3 colours | white
comments: powerful powerful movies | the music and this theme of re-birth - re-invention | just brilliant stuff
life is beautiful
comments: i cry every time when that kid wins the tank { lollipops | buon giorno principessa }
punch drunk love
comments: what a perfect film | it really captures the quirky disjointed mood of our times

My favorite authors:

henry miller
comments: sexus | nexus | plexus
anais nin
comments: the diaries of anais nin | the delta of venus
nicholson baker
comments: vox | the fermata | doublefold | the mezzanine
am holmes
comments: the safety of objects | the end of alice
charles baxter
comments: the feast of love

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