the land of jacks*

my life isn't as strange as it used to be.... it's better than it's ever been. sorry for locking you out.... maybe one day i will feel more free to speak in anonymity again.

My favorite diaries:

stuberosum profile - diary
comments: he made me laugh at a time when nothing was funny to me. i can appreciate that! and now, he's become a great great friend!
jason75 profile - diary
comments: he keeps you smiling though you don't see him very much anymore.
morbidalily profile - diary
comments: she's pretty angry, but I'm interested in what she has to, she's a TN girl too!
kdip profile - diary
comments: the SWEETEST 60s year old on diaryland! And LOVES stupid jokes! :>
discothekid profile - diary
comments: we won't be seeing him for a while... which is sad, but the kid was a great.
beautiflntmr profile - diary
comments: beautiful, open, raw, and kind hearted
trackinglife profile - diary
comments: one step at a time
estero profile - diary
comments: someone who wears her halloween socks all year long! liking that idea... gonna try it!
iooi profile - diary
comments: this fishbowl is SO COOL!
jrladrun profile - diary
comments: the man in black
F-I-N profile - diary
comments: does the time warp and liked my painted bunny!! Instant bond!
sinus profile - diary
comments: the site is so complex and wonderful that I'm jealous!
catsoul profile - diary
comments: just met her
porktornado profile - diary
comments: Seriously, he's famous around here!
taurusbull profile - diary
comments: FINALLY, someone who understands the joys and sorrows of nursing!
and-darling profile - diary
comments: understands the significance of a pen name

My favorite music:

johnny cash
comments: yeah, i can't help it!
comments: a nonrighteous christian who is doing something in this world...walk on brother bono
comments: the sexiest girl in music
presidents of the united states of america
comments: how could you not dig a band that's main sources of lyrics revolve around kitties, 5 million monkeys, 5000 fishies, as well as frogs, lizards, salamanders...
violent femmes
comments: "just last night i was reminded of just how bad it had gotten and just how sick i had become"

My favorite movies:

train spotting
comments: "Choose life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a (freaking) big television. Choose washing machines, cars, compact disc players and electrical tin openers..."
comments: instant new classic
you've got mail
comments: i love the imagry of the seasons...especially fall. it's like you can smell the seasons while you are watching.
rocky horror
comments: i don't know why...probably everyone singing in their underwear!
fight club
comments: 'i am jacks wasted life', 'how embarrassing; a house full of condiments and no food'.'Tyler Durden! TYLER DURDEN!!' Yep, I want to see it again right now!

My favorite authors:

C.S. Lewis
comments: I wish I was as smart as he was, but I'm probably too lazy to actually be that smart!
Rob Bell
comments: Facinating! Just facinating to see his insight into RELEVANT Christianity!

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