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I am a walking contridiction-that's what I am. I am a Christian. Not the cliche' Christian of judgment and close mindedness but one of love who is just trying to follow the Savior who has won his heart. However, as Brennan Manning would say I am an angel with a great appetite/propensity for beer. My feelings, thoughts, and ideas are all probably a bit different from the Bible belt buckle idealogy I was taught. I am a husband and proud of it. I may not be the best but I sure enjoy the process and the journey we are on together. No contridictions there except I ain't half as good a husband as that line makes it sound like I am. I am 28 and a manager in retail but my favorite past time, besides snuggling with my wife, is hanging out with my dad decked out in camo hunting deer like some redneck named Bubba. Oh well maybe we can work some of this out here, huh?

My favorite diaries:

stitchfish profile - diary
comments: this girl is funny and a great story teller even of the rountine things of life. She's pretty dern cute too!
trackinglife profile - diary
comments: babygirl... our daughter
stuberosum profile - diary
comments: the potato

My favorite music:

Johnny Cash
comments: pill-popper, prophet, priest! He is not only the Man in Black He is the Man when it comes to music.
comments: Their Irish, they rock, they speak the truth without apologizes or explainations-Walk On!
Eric Clapton
comments: You can't go wrong with ole' slow hand.
Switchfoot/David Crowder Band
comments: I list these two as a tie. Switchfoot came into my life and spoke to me when not much else was making since. Crowder always brings me to that place with God.
comments: the guitars, the harmony, the blending of sounds

My favorite movies:

comments: Not a movie but my all time favorite show. My wife and I have DVD marathons all the time.
Fight Club
comments: the plot twist, the great lines-" a whole house full of condiments and no food, how embarassing" "Tyler Durden, Tyler Durden, TYLER DURDEN!" Yes, sir, I love that movie.
Oh! Brother
comments: I'm with you fellers. Hit by train! My hair my hair?
Walk the Line
comments: OHHH come on it is about Johnny Cash for pete's sake you know I am gonna love it! He is neither hero nor villian but John.

My favorite authors:

Don Miller
comments: The truth with my hand up! "the Bible does go strangely better with cigarettes and chocolate" Read this guy he is amazing!!!!
John Maxwell
comments: Everything risies and falls on leadership
Leonard Sweet
comments: New understandings all the time.
C.S. Lewis
comments: Classics, man, classics!

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