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My favorite diaries:

dependant profile - diary
comments: First diary I read . Found Solanum Tuberosum in here. The funniest frustrated hand model I've never actually seen. Is dead in Matrix Revolutions.
blondeinside profile - diary
comments: I still say she looks like Lorelai. Can fight like a t-rex.
yahweh profile - diary
comments: See Vyv Think
big-red-bow profile - diary
comments: Think Vyv Think
malmsey profile - diary
comments: Poem Vyv Poem?
awkwardpause profile - diary
comments: funny intense kind of guy. Also knows that redheads are cool - smart guy.
someonemaybe profile - diary
comments: was once lozsparkles seems to have a lot of stuff going on. Knows my family history. Possibly a private detective. I'm in her cast woo hoo :)
mindriot profile - diary
comments: Walks into stuff and people laugh. So you could say she bring joy where ever she goes. A very polite well mannered young lady.
spudbutter profile - diary
comments: Likes a lot of good stuff ie stuff I Iike. Am assuming very high IQ
pink-pearls profile - diary
comments: Sassy Jedi Master 24 Hours A Day. She said she likes me! She likes Zoolander/Red Dwarf/Daria/etc. But really the first was all it took. Although the DBC didn't hurt ;)
chikyblonde profile - diary
comments: I can relate to things she writes.
stitchfish profile - diary
comments: there is something honest about this diary
diatribes profile - diary
comments: pictures, pretty pictures of powerlines. Okay just the once but still.
jrladrun profile - diary
comments: johnny
bluperspex profile - diary
comments: interesting reading :)
pernickety profile - diary
comments: I think I am going to have to add "wears Pernickety brand Chocolate Toffee lipstick" to my list of things I want in a girlfriend.

My favorite music:

comments: It seems like all I did at uni was walk around listening to Garbage and Version 2.0 and eating muffins. Can still taste the muffins when I listen to the songs. Also Shirley Manson mmm redheads.
norah jones
comments: One of my favourite albums to sing to at or around trains stations
linkin park
comments: strong, loud emotion. Also like Evanescence which is pretty much a female version
weird al yankovic
comments: funny clever stuff. Billy Connelly - isn't really a band but he's funny
comments: Only just heard of them but they kick ass. Also, Powderfinger, Ben Lee, Jack Johnson, Pete Murray, Presidents of the USA, Cake, Andrea Bochelli ...

My favorite movies:

life less ordinary
comments: braveheart, gladiator, matrix, clerks, mall rats, chasing amy,
monty python holy grail
comments: soapdish, fish called wanda, fierce creatures, naked gun movies
princess bride
comments: toy story 1&2, emperors new groove, shrek
is it fall yet?
comments: daria straight to tv movie - and I want to see "is it college yet?" They are so movies
comments: daria, simpsons, blackadder, red dwarf, father ted, bottom, danger mouse, the goodies, gilmore girls

My favorite authors:

Terry Pratchett
comments: Funny guy, likes to think. Seems to be trying to burn himself out by writing a book or more a year.
Robert Jordan
comments: Wheel of Time - love massive long stories. Wouldn't mind if he wrote the books quicker though. Maybe he's helping Terry.
CS Lewis
comments: Love the way he thinks
Roger E Moore
comments: and Mike Yamiolkoski - they write Daria fanfic, very good fanfic. Go to or Yes I do wish Daria and Jane etc were real people and No I don't want your pity but thanks for offering
and many more
comments: I'm sure of it

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