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from lacuriosa :
Hey! Good to have a face to go with the cyberstuff.
from courtney-d-h :
Love the pictures of Yates! He looks just like one of my cats, and it is a favorite breed of mine! They are super sweet cats, if a bit tempermental at times. Looks like you've got a big one on your hands too! Good luck!
from belfebe :
Alienor. If you need help with late period, let me know. I will be glad to help.
from bdeb :
Sorry, that should have read, 'sometimes the benefits of having an event outweigh the event loosing money.' I.E. it is possible to have a sucessful event and still loose money. What is the objective of the event? Why are you haing it? If the group is solvent there is nothing wrong with a small lose if the event itself goes well and accomplishes what it was created to do.
from rosine : Hope these help!
from elsworthy :
it's in the Acorn, under Principal of the White Scarf. elsworth AT erols DOT com.
from rosine :
Apron not too long. Ideas vary but both floor-length and mid-shin are supported by what little evidence we have (shin length somewhat more). So don't add to your sewing load!
from ladyiseulte :
I think you are right on track with your idea for "make & take" classes to increase attendance at A&S. When I started as MoAS we had the same problems and that's what cured it. Other things that helped was posting the class list two months in advance and developing a good relationship with the chatelaines. We found that a lot of new members were just too shy to come to classes and the old folks were too bored of the same old stuff. By encouraging the old folks to show up to teach and help out the newcomers we were able to really increase regular attendance.
from howlindoggie :
Thanks for the message. I needed the hugs! We missed you last night at A&S but I understand that you both are getting used to the new schedule. Hope to see you tonight at Fighter Practice!
from lordtheron :
I agree whole heartedly with you. Using the arm awarded to him as a baron is the only way to go. I do not understand why a baron of the middle ages with a chance to become a king would not do so. And why, in the name of all thats holy, would they not use the arms they are recognized under?
from damenora :
(1) Please note that I said the comment I read in Byram's diary was from *a* Sir Richard, and I didn't know which one. There are a couple floating around the kingdom, as you may have noticed. (2) I did not characterise his remarks as being tainted by snotty attitudes. I characterised many of the discussions I have had with knights about the medieval concept of chivalry as being tainted by snotty attitudes. Please read more carefully before posting outraged comments in my guestbook.

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