Comme ci, comme very, *very* ca...

My friends call me the angel of death. I'm not evil, I just have unfortunate... tendencies.

Oh, come on, now, do you really think we'd be sitting here alone in the dark if I was planning to hurt you?

My favorite diaries:

alesiag profile - diary
comments: "If you know where the feet for our bedframe might be please let us know."
alisandra profile - diary
comments: "I get to daytrip to Detroit tomorrow."
balynar profile - diary
comments: "Oh, and snakes. MUST handle snakes."
bbrigit profile - diary
comments: "The sun is shining. I have windows to make."
bdeb profile - diary
comments: "I just can�t waste my precious drachmas on this drivel."
blackbear profile - diary
comments: "So instead I am here�drinking apple juice in the dark�cause there is no beer in the house�and I have no candy to give to the trick or treaters. "
blooeyedevil profile - diary
comments: Fire-Engine Bloo.
bootkiller profile - diary
comments: "I can speak Spanish fluently, fumble my way through Catalan and French, decipher Italian, and get slapped in several other languages."
findlaech profile - diary
comments: Wood, wood, wood! Er... Blood, blood, blooooooood...
celynen profile - diary
comments: "I'm not a gawdy ho and you can't buy me with diamonds. "
chris-sca profile - diary
comments: When I'm up against the wall, do I get a last cigarette?
colin-g profile - diary
comments: "...but who has the right to speak in God's name? Catholics say the Pope, Baptists say the Bible, Jews say the Torah, Muslim say the Koran, Atheists say 'who are you guys listening to?' "
cynwrig profile - diary
comments: I'm a hamster-ball, and you're an insanely loud bar monkey. Still.
dameanne profile - diary
comments: I like finding a friend again for the first time. My role model for Southern grace under pressure.
damenora profile - diary
comments: "By the end of the day, the drifts of glitter and small tufts of maribou floating through the classroom suggested not so much festivity as a brutal leprechaun mugging."
debsiobhan profile - diary
comments: More special than she knows. But I'll keep telling her every now and then. :)
dragonazure profile - diary
comments: Keeper of the scrolls.
dreadbaron profile - diary
comments: "Because zombies moaning 'caaarrrottttssss' wouldn't be scary." Can't say enough good things about Harv.
ealdthryth profile - diary
comments: "This morning I tried to be good by eating low fat Canadian bacon and plain cauliflower for breakfast. Then I spoiled it by eating a huge bran muffin and a brownie."
educaitlin profile - diary
comments: NinjaCaitlin.
foxphotog profile - diary
comments: Standing up for truth, justice, and the *real* media.
genvieve profile - diary
comments: "In reality it was a food sharing, belly ickiness sharing, hotel sharing, road sharing, drinks sharing, shampoo sharing, couch sharing, boy torturing kind of weekend."
giuliana profile - diary
comments: "Most people generally don't appreciate being micro-managed to death and/or being treated like a retarded four year old. I am no exception."
halowenslut profile - diary
comments: Obsession fueled by madness borne on the paws of little furry monsters with pumpkins
havorc profile - diary
comments: Daddy-orc. Beating the King's English into another generation.
honeypot904 profile - diary
comments: "I had to bite my tongue a couple of times lest I reveal my non-baptist, liberal, tree-hugging self and be immediately burned at the stake."
hun-e-b profile - diary
comments: Things I haven't thought of.
influence profile - diary
comments: Lenny is dead. But Influence is still felt.
pirate-cat profile - diary
comments: "My first 2 questions will be "Can I fight lefty?" and "Can I do slow work with a light-weight sword?" So much will depend on the answers. Like my sanity. "
jdl profile - diary
comments: Blonde, but not B-L-O-N... oh, never mind. :P
kyneburh profile - diary
comments: She has the mouse. Rags has the cheese, though.
lacuriosa profile - diary
comments: 80% girly-girl. :)
ladyadriana profile - diary
comments: Life is never insurmountable. And sometimes, it's very, very good.
ladyiseulte profile - diary
comments: Knowledge is the candle that lights the darkness.
ladyrhi profile - diary
comments: The quest for self-knowledge is the point of life. You too, are loved.
ladysusanna profile - diary
comments: Thinking out loud is always an interesting exercise.
leofwynne profile - diary
comments: Passionate.
las-veces profile - diary
comments: Found me through a review diary that trashed my diary (well, sort of); started reading anyway
courtney-d-h profile - diary
luciaantony profile - diary
comments: Loo-CEE-ah. Keeping it real, to an '80s beat.
luciab profile - diary
comments: I remember when all I wanted to do was paint...
marn profile - diary
comments: "Yes, I am living proof that a person can age and yet paradoxically never grow up. This seems to be my special gift."
muirgheal profile - diary
meng profile - diary
comments: Apprentice girl, you are so fine/Your wardrobe's bigger far than mine./Even if you're far away/I'll think about you night and day. :)
mistressrhi profile - diary
comments: Feisty goddess Snow-Cat on the loose. Whiners beware!
moirarowan profile - diary
comments: While you search for balance, never forget you are loved by more people than you think.
moustache profile - diary
comments: This man actually persuaded me to play hockey once.
nia-nia profile - diary
comments: Half the woman she used to be. Yay Nia!
nikulai profile - diary
comments: A good man. Insane, but that's part of being good.
padraiga profile - diary
comments: Smart enough to be a good Queen, sweet enough to be good company. :)
idonealuv profile - diary
quoted profile - diary
comments: Nose-snorting quotey goodness.
roland profile - diary
comments: It's the quiet ones you have to watch out for.
rosine profile - diary
comments: Sweet.
rumblelizard profile - diary
comments: Political foo. Pet foo, too. Foo, but she's good!
scalisette profile - diary
comments: MY apprentice. Mineminemine. Mwahahaha! Also known as Knuckles. Go on, call her that - then tell me about it... if you live.
scatristan profile - diary
comments: More obscure '80s music knowledge than I had IN the '80s. What can I say? Too cool for school.
sdq73 profile - diary
comments: Pink!
shalindria profile - diary
comments: Learning.
squirrelx profile - diary
comments: Rare fun. Truly riveting. A life fully lived is a life well lived.
supfiggy profile - diary
comments: The word for the day. And it was good.
the-bookgirl profile - diary
comments: Still waters make the pages go all wrinkly.
theodora profile - diary
comments: "But, we did walk about with satisfied smirks because it�s not going be us that has to clean up the mess and return the keg on this drama."
thjora profile - diary
comments: "So far she hasn't shown the same interest in devouring mystery and science fiction that Maxi did, but she's still got time."
thornbury profile - diary
comments: My own personal chew toy. And your soul is eternally mine, except on weekends (that's Jake's time).
Trancejen profile - diary
comments: "Sometimes I catch myself talking about my internet activities and realize I am so hopelessly geeky that there is no turning back."
twelvebeer profile - diary
comments: 12% beer - Monkey-humping diary happiness
knitgeek profile - diary
weetabix profile - diary
comments: "Did you hear that sound? It was the sound of a hundred emails getting Bible verses copied and pasted and then a self-righteous mouse-click on the Send button."
ysbryd profile - diary
comments: Still learning - and that's a good thing.

My favorite music:

comments: Everyone should listen to "Hiroshima mon Amour". Really.
The Cure
comments: ...but I admit, I like the bouncy, happy stuff, especially when it's Robert Smith doing the bouncing.
Tom Waits
comments: "Small Change" changed me and my musical tastes forever. The other albums are good too. Go listen to them.
'80s music
comments: You always like the music best from the most retarded period of your life, and I was a teenager in the '80s. Kate Bush, Trio, DM, Souxie, New Order, PSBoys, Joy Div... mostly NuRo and *shudder*... Goth.
comments: God, I know, jumping on the bandwagon... but "Clocks" is excellently beautiful, and the album's pretty good, too.

My favorite movies:

Moulin Rouge
comments: As the curtain falls, and the rose petals are falling, I click the 'off' button and say "And they lived happily ever after". Poo to tragic endings.
My Neighbor Totoro
comments: Japanese fuzzy cuteness. Have the plush toy, plan to get more.
Resident Evil
comments: Yes, I'd kick butt and take names if confronted with drooling zombies, too. Or maybe not. But I like female stars that don't get all weak and expect the man to do everything.
28 Days Later
comments: Damn. I mean... uh... damn.
Carnival of Souls
comments: Creepy little black and white number. Good at 2am when you can't sleep, so you may as well creep yourself out.

My favorite authors:

John Wyndham
comments: 50's sf writer. English. Best *ever*. His book "The Midwich Cuckoos" responsible for all those terrible "Village of the Damned" movies.
Sluggy Freelance
comments: Killer bunny, demons from the dimension of pain, ferrets. On line - - Is it not nifty? Worship the comic.
Anthony Smith and Barbara Smith
comments: My parents. He writes books about travel, she writes articles for "The Economist" and "The New Statesman".
Neal Stephenson
comments: If you haven't read "Zodiac", you should. ...though his later stuff is getting a little long-winded. I liked "Diamond Age" a lot, surreal though it was. As many do, owes a lot to William Gibson, but you knew that.
Bob Mellin
comments: My husband. Writes killer short stories and humour, mostly just for me. Be very jealous..

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