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My favorite diaries:

Genvieve profile - diary
comments: Blonde but not forgotten
thornbury profile - diary
comments: A guy I look up to, and not just cuz he's my Peer and 6'6"
luciab profile - diary
comments: Another Lucia...luckily, this town IS big enough for the two of us!
cynwrig profile - diary
comments: Love the monkey, pat the monkey, well....then again maybe not.
scalisette profile - diary
comments: Being a mom never looked so good
scatristan profile - diary
comments: Poet, squire, philosopher, 80's music fiend.
bdeb profile - diary
comments: That much creativity has gotta hurt!
giuliana profile - diary
comments: Who knew such fabulousness lurked in one so quiet?
colin-g profile - diary
comments: My favorite Republican, Part 1
theodora profile - diary
comments: I stand in awe of this woman daily. Really.
elsworthy profile - diary
comments: Marvelously twisted. Brava!
roland profile - diary
comments: Unk-ey Roland....mrrrow!
rupe33 profile - diary
comments: Mika's favorite babysitter
celynen profile - diary
comments: Adventuress
padraiga profile - diary
comments: A Rose of Atlantia, actually, the original one the song is based on....
bootkiller profile - diary
comments: A fabulous dad, a fabulous cook.
balynar profile - diary
comments: Who says rednecks can't be beautiful?
chris-sca profile - diary
comments: The James Brown of fencing (don't ask)
blackbear profile - diary
comments: A Heavy Metal Man
the-bookgirl profile - diary
comments: Lots of talent, lots of patience, lots of goodness
lacuriosa profile - diary
comments: Someone who always makes my day to see her
kyneburh profile - diary
comments: Metal Maiden
belfebe profile - diary
comments: Time for the Mamma-thon!
foxphotog profile - diary
comments: My Favorite Republican, Part 2
havorc profile - diary
comments: A king and an all around swell guy
nikulai profile - diary
comments: Ask him about his "inner Muppet"
love2fly profile - diary
comments: The inimitable and wonderful mrs. foxfotog
mistressrhi profile - diary
comments: Looks so lovely and yet scares me to bits
dameanne profile - diary
comments: Cloak-cuddler
nia-nia profile - diary
blueduke profile - diary
comments: Missed. A lot.
quhinten profile - diary
bbrigit profile - diary
thjora profile - diary
alesiag profile - diary
damenora profile - diary
idonealuv profile - diary
comments: I've got that backup brain somewhere around here......
declanmac profile - diary
nitenar profile - diary
hun-e-b profile - diary
ladysusanna profile - diary
squotter profile - diary
GenieAlisa profile - diary
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supfiggy profile - diary
courtney-d-h profile - diary
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siobhan-sca profile - diary
psallite profile - diary
turgeis profile - diary

My favorite music:

The Afghan Whigs
comments: Something about that guitar and Greg's voice just gets me. Besides, "Gentlemen" is so damn tight as an album you could bounce a quarter off it.
The Old '97's
comments: Not only are they the nicest rock stars on the planet, Rhett may be one of the best lyricists since Elvis Costello
RYan Adams/Whiskeytown
comments: Because "Stranger's Almanac" is so hauntingly beautiful I could never get tired of it.
Billie Holiday
comments: The only person who I can't play sing along with in the car because her voice is so wonderful it shames me into silence
David Bowie
comments: Because I have loved him from the moment I first heard "Rebel Rebel" at age 4.

My favorite movies:

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
comments: Jane Russell is my hero. And I was broadway-damaged as a child
The Matrix
comments: Because any woman who has ever played Cyberpunk wants to be Trinity
The Princess Bride
comments: Because I am waiting for a man who will tell me "As you wish."
comments: Alfred Hitchcock, Jimmy Stewart, and a refutation of the "Superman Theory," all done so that it looks like it was shot with a single camera. Masterpiece.
Dangerous Beauty
comments: Great costumes, Rufus Sewell -- everything an Italian Renaissance period persona could want.

My favorite authors:

Neil Gaiman
comments: Because "Sandman" is so innovative
William Shakespeare
comments: Because he makes language into liquid gold
Kage Baker
comments: Because The Company novels are more entertaining than even Harry Potter. Really.
Keri Hulme
comments: Because "The Bone People" was one of the best books I ever read
Alfred Bester
comments: Because without him, science fiction as we know it would never have existed.

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