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from iamhubpluh :
If you are voting AGAINST Bush, check out he is for 100% EQUALITY for the gay/lesbian community as well as for stoping the war in Iraq, and NOT sending more troops as Kerry is for (based on his debate answers). Vote your heart, not the less of two evils!
from daizylee :
glad to get the update. it sounds like you've had a lot to deal with but it also sounds like things are going okay now, which is good to hear. look forward to more. remember, you can always email me if you need to. --daiz
from rocio717 :
Hi,I wanted to join your ring "Life" but as I understood if I don't change my templates in 3 months I will be deleted.Is that what you meant?I just need to know.I mean if I don't change it un 3 months will you delete me then??
from kerigirl :
Like a few other people have offered (I think?) I'm more than willing to help out with a design. I love doing the image-less ones, but I'm guessing you don't need one of those anymore. (Also, if you like, I got a new diary just for my designing stuff-
from no-answers :
Ahh, supergold! I finally invested a few weeks ago :) If you want someone completely different to design your layout, please keep me in mind :)
from mindlesspop :
Ahh! I feel guilty for getting you hooked on MTV. I feel like a drug dealer! As much as I rag on MTV, they do an awesome job of keeping my entertained from day to day. And what is the deal with "Cool as Ice" not being at any Blockbuster? I checked their website and that fine Vanilla Ice film isn't available within a 20 mile radius (at least. I got frustrated and gave up). UNFAIR! Take care, hun - and sorry about the whole MTV addiction thing ;D
from daizylee :
Aw, babe, hope things are looking up for you. If you ever want to reach me, email me. If you need a shoulder --daiz
from mandypandy83 :
Also mocksie did not design their diary, there is a link to under the Credits section.
from mandypandy83 :
Hey, I don't know if you realize this, but on the survey where it asks for a public diary and a private diary, public means a diary that anyone can post to, not just the owner. Private means nobody can get into it, because it's locked. If you would like to go in and change your answers please feel free to do so.
from daizylee :
Reading me? Aw, bunny. Love ya--daiz
from lilnik :
Hey girly...this is "Aimee", old CP buddy remember? Yeah, so ironically enough I stumble across your diary, and figure out from the rings page that it was you. How ironic. :) Talk to ya on IM or something, alright? Adios!
from pink-sparkle :
hey of my friends had you as her favorite diary! i read a few entries and i like!! im gonna read some more! neways just saying hi! Hiiii! *TAWNS*
from daizylee :
Another from me. Sorry I haven't been online or I would've sent you a little card or something. We've had no internet for a few days. Still miss you bunches. Happy Happy Holidays, hon.
from daizylee :
*sigh* Saw you online for about five seconds but didn't get to IM you in time. Miss you, girl. Remember how we used to have those CP chats all the time? Golden days. ;) Wishing you the best, as always. --daiz
from stretchlimo :
okay. let me tell you something. as much as you can try to replace the father of the baby, you can't. And it seems to me that he has an active part in the baby's life. It's none of your business to tell luevonna she made a mistake - That's between her and the father, and THEIR emotions. They may not have made the smartest choices, but quit making her feel bad about something that's in the past. I think that it's great that you're being supportive, but you need to back the heck off. This isn't your child. and I don't know if you can worm your way into the child's life. Continue being there for Luevonna, but stop thinking you will overrule the father, since that's what it sounds like.
from manos :
well, i'll use your own words to get my point across, "It's about *my* life and anything else *I* want to ramble on about." it's MY journal. i don't have to explain myself or my journal or my description to you, or anyone. that's the point of online journals. sure, it may be rude, but there are certain people here who aren't exactly upstanding individuals, in my opinion. ::ahem:: and sure, i should be the bigger person, but it's my life, and i've *always* been the bigger person, so this time, i'm not gonna. and that's my choice. if you don't like what i have to say, don't read it. i don't really care. and ya know, that's a mocksie kind of mindset. how do you like them apples?
from larawolfe :
Hey, girl. What's the deal? I apply to the CP diaryring weeks ago and no follow-up? I'm hurt. ;). Ok, not really, since you have mega stuff going on in your life. Just a q. always, ~Lara~
from mskaos :
CENTER STAGE rocks:) *grins*

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