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from curiouoso :
Thanks for checking out my pages. Depending on what you read, I can't say that was a sterling representative of my diary. Come back anytime to see more. Curiouoso*
from blucollarboy :
Hello, how's Harrison treating you? I grew up there, it's been about three years since I lived there. The main purpose for this note is for you to love me. Take care.
from blueeyedgurl :
Shhhhh I'm from Ohio too, but I think that we should keep it a secret for awhile....
from lady-crystal :
Have a wonderful, wonderful time Crissy!!!!! Wish I was there with you. Need anyone to carry your bag and give you a massage? I look forward to hearing of your travel adventures!! Love you loads. Crystal.xxxx
from lady-crystal :
Awwww Crissy!!! Oh that is just a really poo thing to happen. I've been stung on the arm and leg before but, heavens above, on the breast must hurt like hell! Honestly love, I'd gladly kiss it better if I could! (I'm kind like that you know). Get well soon, okay? Love as always. Crystal. xxx
from lady-crystal :
*tight hug!* Many thanks for leaving your note for me Crissy. Of course I'm delighted to have been able to assist in removing my friends from a situation beyond their control but what I did was really 'too little, too late'. If I had stepped in earlier maybe things could have been different but I have to convince myself that I didn't KNOW what was about to happen; the trouble is that I saw them whipped several times earlier and did nothing. Too late or not, I am now trying to help them to heal. Sending your note was a very thoughtful thing to do and I really appreciate it a lot. Believe me Crissy, it helps a lot to know there are friends who care. Love,
from lady-crystal :
Hi Crissy. Wow, hon, you are soooo right!! To receive a handwritten letter is such a wonderful feeling and, yep, a letter a month just might be a way of getting back into the habit of writing properly. A huge gold star for that idea! Love always. Crystal. xxx
from truth-review :
Hi, your review is up.
from truth-review :
Hi, I would like to know you would still like a review from Truth Reviews.
from silverbiker :
yea i hate writing when i have nothing to write about but if you really put your mind into it you can seriously come up with the most hilarious shit ever! hahaha! but anyway your layout is really "elegant!" *muAH* :)
from iced-dreams :
hey! thanks for leaving a message at my diary. If you don't mind me asking, how did you find me? I just signed up yesterday. LOL. Anyway, I like your diary too. ;)
from lady-crystal :
Hiya Crissy! So we were in the same state at the same time??? That's a tad infuriating really 'cos I'd really have loved to have met up with you. Next time I visit the States I'll let you know in advance and you never know, we may be in this situation again! Hugs and stuff from England. xxxxx
from lady-crystal :
*Huge hugs from England*. It's wonderful to see you back Crissy! Oh, and as for love, well I've found it to be a mixture of books hitting your head AND those thousand butterflies. You get both sets of emotions but, on the whole, love is certainly worth experiencing. Anyway, as I said, it's terrific to see you back! Take care babe. Crystal (and D) xxx
from lady-crystal :
Hi Crissy. Darling girl, no matter what you decide - whether you keep up your diary or not - I hope you will allow me to have an email address so that I can keep in contact with you. We all evolve in a way - it's called 'getting older' and some even add 'growing wiser' but I'm a tad uncertain about that bit! Anyway, if you do decide to finally end your diary pages please know that I, for one, will miss reading them. I wish you nothing but every success and happiness; you deserve nothing less. Bye for now hon. From you blonde friend in England. Crystal. xxx
from beagle47 :
hey, thanks! hope i don't disappoint. hate it, hate it, hate it. ;)
from neuroticaa :
perfect, contented days like that are the greatest. <3
from lady-crystal :
Hi Crissy It has taken me far too long to read the whole of your diary and I feel bad about that. I have now completed reading it through twice and I still have a lump in my throat. Crissy, you write extremely powerfully and your diary does you credit, to say the least! What is it I really want to say? - Well, I'm not sure I share your ability to put emotions into words but I do want to say that I have a hell of a lot of respect for you. We all do some things that we aren't proud of but hell, who is perfect? We live in different continents sadly, because I would dearly love to be able to meet you. I send some huge hugs from England with a promise to read your entries frequently from now on. Consider yourself befriended by a British girl! Crystal xxx
from bitch-haven :
Feelin Bitchy lately??? Then come to Bitch-Haven and tell us all about it!!!
from xcorruptionx :
I'm happy to hear you're making that promise. Even though I don't know you that would be amazingly sad. You seem like such a great person.. you really do, and I'm not just saying that. I've read back a bunch of your entries and I can relate so much to you... tkae care of yourself <3<3
from kacklefight :
awesome template, and great writing, ill be back for more -mr. kacklefight
from xcorruptionx :
Ah man i've been reading your diary and you're hilarious. so random and great and you write so beautifully. I'm sorry to hear you're hurting though... i hope you feel better. Take care though.. you're awesome. <3<3
from pura-vida :
You're locked?!
from kt235472 :
hey, i like george bush & u love that about me
from kt235472 :
crissy, u're entry seriously made me cry. I love you honey, but obviously u know that- it's what u're whole entry was about. oh, btw, this is katie in case you couldn't figure it out. and yes, i do know how incredibly stupid my username is- i don't even remember thinking of it. Love ya!
from lady-crystal :
Hi! Many thanks for your kind comments. It's always wonderful to hear what others have to say and I really do appreciate you taking the time to write. Love and cuddles Crystal xxx

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