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from icantregretx :
holycrap, someboddyyy's got an amazing taste in music. ugh man, i've been trying to find the 'existentialism on prom night' mp3 EVERYWHERE but it isnt working and it saves as a 'html' file instead of mp3. its frusterattting. help? :/
from sheisbliss :
gordon from lizzie is cool. I wish they would of a put him in the movie thursday & soco? <3 we have alot in common. nice layout too!
from garet-carrot :
oh!!! and you like sigur ros AND GORDO?! oh you rock. you're my new hero, dudette.
from garet-carrot :
i just want you to know that i think you are quite conorifically cool. i'm probably creeping you out, so now would be a good time to say that i'm kenny's girlfriend and i found your diary somehow. i found it in a crack in the sidewalk. and i think you rock. woo. and i'm not on crack. i promise.
from ba13ygurl :
Sometimes love inspires us, Sometimes it builds our faith. Sometimes love is painful, but we all know, without love, we wouldn't have the courage to breathe.
from indie-snob :
back to tell you that I reviewed the latest Mayday album. they're on Saddle Creek and feature members of Bright Eyes, Cursive and Lullaby for the Working Class. (I also have some other reviews you'd probably like, including Radiohead, the Postal Service and the Faint)
from sunxkissed :
just passing through and found your diary. i wanted to say that for some reason your entries amuse me. i like the way you write. anyway, yea and i agree with you about who should have won american idol. clay is an awesome loser with a great voice. and yea... that's about all i had to say. ~em
from indie-snob :
hey there! as a member of my saddle-creek ring, I thought you'd like to know I just reviewed the Bright Eyes show I saw last night... check it out! thanks.
from xxrejectedxx :
the hidden track from the new afi CD? well...that is called "This Time Imperfect". If you look in the little booklet thing, it has the lyrics and stuff in the back. That cd is fucking awesome by the way, well thats it, Bye bye!
from boopgrl :
hey, i was just randomly reading around and found your diary. i just have to say, FINCH ROCKS! i saw them when they were in town a few months ago. woohoo. have fun
from megan0905 :
Welcome to the SR-71 diaryring! :-)
from captivated- :
Hi! This is Sommer from the Clay Aiken ring! I was finally able to host the Clay Aiken ring myself so if you�re still interested in being part of the Clay Aiken ring, please visit the new link to become part of it! I�m sorry that it�s an inconvenience, but I had no idea I would one day be able to host my own rings lol. Thanks for your continuous support in Clay Aiken!
from ctamustang :
okay i loved you diary, but i thought you were a guy at first, due to the pic at the top, but anyway. where do you work? sounds like shit there, but good luck anyway. check out my diary at keep up the cool entries
from loveburns :
PS: Brandon Boyd is the hottest guy EVER. I love him!
from loveburns :
thank you for joining the greatest diaryring on diaryland. The Julian Casablancas diaryring of course. I just wanted to say: I miss Mikey too. Conor is a stone cold FOX! You gotta love the Strokes. And I think you have excellent taste. -MissJackie
from sk1ttles :
Predisposed to our fears...we fear the almighty krammy...come from a foreign land to haunt you...forever take away your soul...beat it with a wooden spoon...only to be taken hostage by the evil conor and his sandcrab...eaten alive for no other purpose than human sacrifice...*amen*

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