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from vanoonoo :
hi :)
from gumphood :
I just read your whole diary. I liked it. I bet you aren't coming back though.
from lunamagae :
*looks around* where are you?
from tpicasso :
bobs big boy
from iluvjessee :
hey saw you like makin too. ok lol just wanted to say that. :)
from dizzigemini :
men, guys...boys, can be assholes at any age. it's just IN THEM to be so, immature. I have an entry about it, in my archives section. Click on the boxes at the top of my diary, and go to "the R-saga", ohh, you'll read all about my recent immature ex-boyfriend, Ryyan. haha, or do u really want to recap on it, right!! I feel ya, girl, things will get better, they always do!
from chic-chicka :
love ur diary!
from othelladub :
hey, falling in love ain't so bad. it's falling in love with an idea that sucks hard. man, it sucks. people - hell - there are a lot of them. and every person you think is cool as hell -- i hate to say it, but if you drive three blocks in any direction, and you'll run into a near-clone of that person. so - don't worry. have fun with it. eat pizza. and - be nice to those intellectual boys who treat ya nice. there will be a prize for ya after the board game is over. thank you for listening. ~ transmission ended ~
from ghostofgor :
Wether or not you want to hate men for anything but pieces of meat, there are many who only want sex anyway. This isnt a lecture, this is My opinion. Men by there very nature are selfish. Some women are too. ive been "free" for too long and Im sick of it. I dont sleep around. Does it make Me weak? I dont think so. If anything Im just that much more sure of what I do need. Sex is wonderful, but I wont lower Myself to sleeping around, thinking it will empower Me. Stan needs to be impaled. marcus...whoever he is, needs a clue. I just hope you dont do something you will in fact regret later on little miss. best wishes....GOG
from lost-mistake :
Hey I know what is like to have a boyfriend cheat on you. well not you ... me but I cant remember I delt with it... But yea... :( I know it hurts ~Rachel~
from drunkencynic :
Oh, man, I've been there. Well, first it was me cheating. On my first boyfriend. With two guys. 6 years older than me and 10 years older than me. Then with my next boyfriend we cheated on each other at the same time (he kissed my best friend, as well as his!). Boy was that a slap in the face. But he caught me fucking another guy...:) Anyway, you remind me of me. I understand how just not thinking about it and sleeping with someone else is so easy to do, and feels so momentarily usually ends up hurting me, though. Hang in there!
from loveandlust :
It sounds like he got hurt cause you were just like "thanks Bye" Maybe if you guys can talk about it and salvage something. Hopefully this works out cause good sex is a bad thing to waste.
from punkymunky41 :
damn, I guve this diary/ journal a 9.9/10 funky munkys, hell yeah
from morbid-lover :
Cheaters suck. Sometimes I wish I had the courage to just go out and have sex. But I'm weak. How can you enjoy sex so much when you're drunk? I find it quite difficult...
from until-we-die :
i was just browsing the banner ads (which normally lead to really shit diaries by the way) and i came across yours. of course the entry about you sleeping with marcus was intersting. i am drawn in. i'll be back
from x-x-zero-x-x :
i agree with the previous statement<br>I especially like the part when the guy is taking a beating
from first-blush :
I saw your "it can't be easy being my boyfriend" banner.. I usually don't like "dollz"..but that banner is so cute XD
from funky-moose :
wow, you seem really popular...loads of notes!! Anyway you will probably just ignore me cos im just a small retarded freak but hey! Wot im trying to say is feel free to read my diary and leave a note. Btw, im proud of go girl and ignore the bastards!! Anyhow you sound like a cool person. Lots of love Tasha xxxxxx
from deadwinter2 :
I am sorry to hear what happened. Relationships can be so fucking horrible sometimes. He obviously doesnt deserve you, I hope you feel better soon.
from apocalizardn :
that guy would so catch a foot up his ass for a stunt like that. btw, it could be arranged...:)
from annachan :
wow. that really sucks, you deserve better than a guy like that
from froot-punch :
Hey. I tried to send you an email cuz these DLAND notes tend to be kinda impersonal, but it came back as an unknown addy. Well, anyways...I just wanted to say that I am in the boat w/you girl. My boyf cheated on me w/a 16 yr old girl and she is supposed to be moving down here with him (she's in another state) once she turns 17 cuz that's the legal age here. Yeah...really sucks. And someone else left you a note saying to eat ice cream and stuff, and yeah...that's cool at the time...but later you'll feel like doo doo about it. Or at least I do. LOL Well anyways....if you ever wanna chat or vent about your screwed up sitch, feel free to email or message me. Lord knows, I do it as much as I can. Sometimes it just feels sooo much better to tell someone and hear what they say! LOL [email protected] hollyberry1625 (AIM) And let's hope that I don't end up getting a bunch of spam and stuff after posting this addy! LOL =P Hang in there, girl! You're worth more anyways! Easier to hear and say than to believe though, I know.
from sarmo592 :
Hey I totally know how you feel!!! My b/f cheated on me too! It hurts really bad and all you need is some good crying chick flix and lots or ice cream it should make you feel better for atleast one day!! I hope everything comes togehter for you!! Sara
from ghostofgor :
if this is the same one I offered to thump little miss. I sensed he was a asshole. And Ive been cheated on and it sucks worse than any nitemare. Feel free to vent, Im listening.
from prowlingleo :
I know this is officialy random guestbook signing week, but I'm making it a 'thank you for reading me' day. So here is me, thanking you, for continuing to read me.
from myhorizons :
from ghostofgor :
May 8th, thats why I said what I did. Unfaithfulness to me is unforgivable. Well, the offer stands for head thumping. Low rates.....maybe even poptart, or gummi bear low. In any case....I hope it works out, just dont get upset if you drift apart. I was a Marine for 8 yrs. It isnt what people think it is.
from andrewsgurl :
hi great diary and I can't believe Marcus
from unfit-man :
just write how you feel from the heart *hug*
from tsukihoshi :
Hey! You're diary is nice. Very personal, I think. Hope everything goes well with you and your friends :)
from vacantlegend :
Ello! I clixd your banner, and found your diary.. and you sound coolies :) and if you check out my shit, then i may link you, an if you link me, then we might be friends :) neato huh? *lolz* nitenite fer nows -0ut
from froot-punch :
Hey Girl. I just wanted to tell ya that I really like your diary and I'm going to be adding it to my faves. I know EXACTLY what you're feeling pretty much as my boyfriend/ex boyfriend or whatever the hell he is has some other chick licking at his heels and it's really pissed me off big time. And to make it all worse...she's only 16!!!! And he's 24!!!! But anyways...I feel ya, girl. I really do. Maybe we should chat sometime!
from naorachell :
Hi. I know how you feel. but you can sent him to hell ya know! Like youre banner sais. BTW i love your diary layout. In comparison to mine, mine is shit. well, hope u get ur revenge and shit. Bye
from redfoxy11 :
Hello! Nice diary!
from twistedlove3 :
from salsa-kitten :
I clicked on your banner and read a couple of entries...I feel weird saying this, cuz we don't know eachother, but here goes. I just got out of the Marines, so I have some pretty good experience on the subject. Boot camp will change him. It changed me; it will change everyone. Depending on what job he gets, he may change even more. If it's infantry, you can bet that he will be a completely different person when he is done with his schooling. These changes have to take place for one to become a Marine. He will be in a testosterone-charged environment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Respect for anything female goes down the drain. Yes, I have to admit that there are some good eggs in there, but they are far and few between. I know this because I experienced all of it. It seems that no one knows or no one has the guts to tell you, so there you's up to you if you want to deal with it. Good luck.
from roftlmao :
more from gbook.. Also, this is the first time I read your diary. I dont know about what basic is or anything, but I only get to see my boyfriend once every two weeks. We broke up before he left, but we thought about it and talked about it and decided it was worth it. Its terribly hard on both parties. Also you could be missing out on something closer to home.
from kimmie4ever :
Hehe nope. These colors don't blind me at all. Lovely! :-D Of couse light purple is fav color. :-D Right, well cya! Kim
from apockalyptik :
Lovely banner dahling, nice layout too. Mmmm.
from samuraipie :
If there's anything I can say at the moment really, it's that pink and grey don't mix... change the colours! Please! They don't match!! *dies painfully*
from bcleopatra :
Been there done that..Love your diary. Take it from me baby..dont waste your time or energy on something that will never be!! Love is to rare and precious to risk me! I know we are strangers..take it from me CLEOPATRA..queen of the nile. I've lost two lovers then I lost myself...
from sad-doll :
I love your diary banner, very pretty I will stop by again. I love your name aubrianna how pretty ♥ always, Audrey xoexoh
from babyisblue :
I started reading your diary because of your banner, and I love your diary, I'll be back for more... RacH xoxo
from lotrchica711 :
I love your banner thing on Diaryland!
from lotrchica711 :
I love your banner thing on Diaryland!
from phoenixtease :
Thanks for joining the dramaqueen diaryring! :o)

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