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I am: 21, asian, brown haired, brown eyed, 5'6", a college senior, complicated, blunt, honest, comprehensive, cynical, outspoken, angry at the world... and it's all because I think too much.

But don't worry, I won't hold anything back.

I used to have a really long, big paragraph here about my past, but now I deleted it. So there.

My favorite diaries:

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My favorite music:

Michelle Branch
comments: when there's you i feel whole and there's no better feeling in the world
Nine Inch Nails
comments: smiling in their faces/while filling up the hole/so many dirty little places/in your filthy little worn out broken down see-through soul
Jimmy Eat World
comments: oh god, please don't tell me this has been in vain/i need answers to what all the waiting i've done means
comments: she's got a pretty face/it covers up the poison that she hides/she walks around in circles in my head/waiting for a chance to break me/a chance to bring me down
Death Cab for Cutie
comments: and i rationed my breaths as i said to myself that i'd already taken too much today/as each descending peak on the LCD took you a little farther away from me

My favorite movies:

Kill Bill
comments: silly rabbit trix are for kids. blood/limbs/uma thurman/sword fighting/lucy lu/go go and the like; awesome shit.
Harold and Kumar
comments: "i've never had to suck a dick before" "me neither" "i bet it sucks dick!" / "fuck you. donuts are awesome!" "yeah, they're delicious"
comments: AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME! I can relate everything in this movie to real life.
The Ring
comments: scary shit. 7 fucking days.
The Butterfly Effect
comments: another interesting movie, with an interesting concept. I also like Donnie Darko for the same reason.

My favorite authors:

RL Stine
comments: I still like his stuff even though I'm too old for em.
Francine Pascal
comments: "Fearless" and other such series that are addicting.
J. D. Salinger
comments: Holden is great.
Sylvia plath
comments: Bell Jar is awesome... Plath ended up killing herself by putting her head in an oven.
Linda Howard
comments: suspence/thriller/sex/romance and the like; great stuff. Karen Robards is also good.

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