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How you doin?! I'm Stacey...19 yrs old. I live in Florida and I am from NY. I am in a long distance relationship. I guess people would describe me as down to earth, really sweet & caring, laidback, a hopeless romantic, a good listener, easy to talk to, optimistic, real, perfectionist, deep thinker, picky, open minded, fickle, analytical, slightly goofy, honest, odd, sarcastic, sensitive, sincere, witty, levelheaded, loyal, innocent YET naughty, stubborn, opinionated, unique, too much to handle at times, moody, a bit rebellious, and someone that doesn't really follow others. I'm on a spiritual quest trying to find myself.

To some extent I care what people think and want to be accepted..just like anyone. I tend to be misunderstood because I am more on the introverted side and that leads people to think that I am a snob. I am probably harder on myself than anyone..mainly because of how I was raised (I don't come from a good family). I've been known to do things on my own time (I'm a late bloomer) and I pride myself on being Mysterious. I think if you look underneath ALL the mystery that is will see this person that you would like to get to know..and a HUGE softie. I am bad at athletics and math and I love the beach, sunsets, poetry, movies, chocolate, shopping, and alterna/ rock music. Mainly any type of music really.

My biggest flaws are probably being jealous, lack of direction in life and not motivated, not being in touch with my emotions, and not being trusting. There are so many things I want to do in this world and just learn..and I have a lot of time to do it in. I'm at my true core..a writer..I feel passionate about it, as with Psychology & helping people and it just may be my "calling." I am also really musical. Hopefully I will do something with those and just trying to find my place in this vast universe. Class of 03 ROXS!! -The Bunny-

My favorite diaries:

residentdork profile - diary
comments: This is my boyfriend (&tiger)Nathan..I love you babe!--This is MY Aragorn,dawson, lover,soulmate &best everything in this world. Doesn't update anymore, he's now at LJ.
angel-like profile - diary
comments: Caroline..a sweetheart!! Her diary is one of the best i've seen. I love reading it..and if you read it you'll love what you see. She is too great for words. =) I identify with her very much. <3 I'm glad we're so close. My best gal pal.
sweets73 profile - diary
comments: Mariah..a good friend. So nice, caring, and amazing. She is so quirky and so brilliant. Rock on!! Read it!
excentrique profile - diary
comments: Nate's friend..Mon-Mon...very cool gurl, so funny, and has an odd but interesting way at looking at things. She will always make you laugh!! She's such a great person to know.
missdove profile - diary
comments: Nate's friend Nat..a wonderful writer. She is so brooding, and deep and caring and sweet. She has razor sharp wit, is a dreamer like me, and her poems just leave you in awe. She is incredibly smart and has a lot to contribute to this world.
dreamscooby profile - diary
comments: My boyfriend's 'other' journal BUT it's private..only for him and me. :� Not updated anymore.
musiq-chica profile - diary
comments: very interesting..good taste in music and good poetry..has a lot to say, is deep, and doesn't hold anything back. Sweet girl!! Lovely person. She is pretty much exactly like me, so I call her my
onehotpoet profile - diary
comments: My poetry/lyrics diary. At first, I was a little hesitant to put ANYTHING up at all but I guess criticism won't hurt so tell me what ya think..Thanks bunches. Haven't updated in awhile. =/
sylviashadow profile - diary
comments: Connie..Amazing poetry that will take your breath away..amazing person too. Go read it! She is so thoughtful. Doesn't update much.
poetinthesky profile - diary
comments: Adriana..a great writer! She just got married and her stuff is so great to read. It's so honest, so raw, and so insightful. Check her out!
beloved323 profile - diary
comments: Tiff...She is "addicted to love." She rocks and she is always there for people even when she's having her own problems. She is someone anyone would want to be friends with. The guys like her, the girls want to be her. Doesn't update.
gabriela83 profile - diary
comments: sweet as candy. She is so easy to talk to & get along with. Maybe she was an angel in the past life?! She is funny, and caring, and amazing. She has a beautiful soul. Read her diary..if you don't you will miss out!
gothangel profile - diary
comments: Jade..Dark poetry..kind of mysterious and introspective. She has her opinions and isn't afraid to voice them, and she's just always herself. Go read her!
groban83 profile - diary
comments: Lisaanne..really different and popular. She is a great friend, is loyal, and the girl-next-door type. She is one of the sweetest people out there and we have a lot of things in common. Now updates on LJ.
outtatune profile - diary
comments: Sam is now at LJ.
direwulf profile - diary
comments: Brian...nice guy..witty..good sense of humor..great musical taste and very friendly. =o) Check his diary out. It won't disappoint.
icantregretx profile - diary
comments: of the nicest people on here. We truly have a bond, she's absolutely gorgeous in many ways, fun, she's like the sister I never had, and she's one of a kind. Updates mostly on LJ.
endless-luv profile - diary
comments: Me and my boyfriend's diary together..just 2 people in love, writing one another, pouring out every emotion and feeling. Sweetie, I am so lucky to hold a speshul place in that great, big heart of yours. Ri Rove Rou! Not updated. :(
exhale9203 profile - diary
comments: Derek..Der Der..the D's very sincere, sweet, smart, fun, and we have a lot in common. I urge you to read his diary. : ) He's a great, great guy & friend. Heart ya! Updates mostly on LJ.
swtslvsgngst profile - diary
comments: Mariah's other diary. She's that cool that her other name is mentioned. : ) She's such a great person and someone I am privileged to call a great friend of mine.
txloser04 profile - diary
comments: Mariah's poetry/lyrics diary..COOL shtuff!!! =D
crimsonqueen profile - diary
comments: Jean..Great poetry, and such a sweetheart. A good person to know, she truly is..she's special.
Sincerelyurs profile - diary
comments: pretty cool..wants to be in love..mature beyond her years..really sweet & caring and unique. :) Luv ya girl! always. Updates at her other diary.
annachan profile - diary
comments: Anna..:D I'm glad we're friends, cos she's awesome, wonderful, sweet, caring, and SMART..and reminds me a lot of myself. My long lost lil sister! lol. I luv you, anna banana!
lizblizz05 profile - diary
comments: Liz..she's very sweet and cool..caring, intelligent, fun and one of the best people around. Yeah! Rock on babe! =D A very dear friend. She now updates at LJ.
cleorock profile - diary
comments: Cleo...Very cool girl!! =D Her diary is amazing. I really can relate to her entries. I just hope the pain and sorrow eases because she's too awesome to be going through it. <3 She needs to update more. :(
johanabanana profile - diary
comments: Johana's poetry diary. She doesn't update this anymore.
j-u-s-t-me profile - diary
comments: Chrissy's amazingly beautiful it!!! She's such a sweetheart, and I am so freaking lucky to have her in my life, she's such a great friend. I heart ya babe! I admire you soo much.
dreamin-big profile - diary
comments: Danae..Awesome girl! We are very much alike!!! My twin! :o) She never updates though.
neangel profile - diary
comments: Angel...I love reading her updates..they are nice and detailed and she has a great personality and would prolly be cool to hang with.
blackfetisha profile - diary
comments: Shannon....interesting, nice, fun girl with tons of personality. :) Doesn't update.
screemingink profile - diary
comments: Amazing, amazing writing!!! Miss takes, you're the absolute best! She updates at LJ.
blade51 profile - diary
comments: Brian..yes another sweet guy. =) He never updates. :(
filmcritter profile - diary
comments: Nate's (my tiger) private diary..only he has access to it. He is my absolute favorite person in the universe and I'm one LUCKY girl to be his girlfriend. He's a huge part of my life. He doesn't update here anymore.
lostinlife18 profile - diary
comments: The thoughts, wishes, dreams, emotions, feelings that run through my head that can only be seen by my eyes. Haven't updated in ages. =/
halfawaken profile - diary
comments: Kayla...She has such a way with words! Doesn't update. :(
usweandall profile - diary
comments: Vic...dude...real great guy, caring, and I hope he finds love in his life. He doesn't update much. :(
barbiebabe14 profile - diary
comments: Brittaney...Danae's cousin..nice girl. Doesn't update. :(
ash-rose21 profile - diary
comments: Ash's private diary...her writing is so completely out of this world, and her thoughts are thoughts i've had many times.
love-to-live profile - diary
comments: Liz..another one..she's so very sweet, intelligent, we have quite a bit in common, and she's going through what me and Nate are! She's such a cool chick & good friend. There should be more people like her out there.
blakkrayn profile - diary
comments: Sarah..we're very similar and that's such a cool thing. She has a good head on her shoulders, plus an awesome sense of humor, she's sooo nice, and I can tell she's a romantic. =)
babygirl1745 profile - diary
comments: Amy...really nice girl, romantic, intelligent, interesting, and fun. Never updates. :(
lostiris profile - diary
comments: Ashley...really sweet girl, great writer, caring ,and thoughtful.
whisper-now profile - diary
comments: Claire..She's so cool. AND she likes Evanescence so she gets cool Very sweet! Update more! :(
onyourshirt profile - diary
comments: Meaghann..awww..what a sweetheart..great musical taste, caring, and is an amazing girl. <3 Updates on LJ.
eliant profile - diary
comments: Shannon...really interesting, smart and nice. Great writer.
bloodreign profile - diary
comments: I'm liking what I'm seeing so far. :) I can't wait to read more. I wish he'd update more. :(
rudejude profile - diary
comments: Lisaanne & her friend's joint diary. I hope they update soon.
cinamonjaide profile - diary
comments: Jaide..She's very 'straight up', caring, sweet, and she gives great advice.
pacey2052 profile - diary
comments: Pacey...She's really, really nice!!! And cool! :D Great writing. Wish she'd update more. :(
al0ne-n-g0ne profile - diary
comments: Kay's all poetry diary. Never updated.
mixtape- profile - diary
comments: Alex...A sweetheart..what's there not to love?! :)
attente profile - diary
comments: Anna's french diary.
plastic-face profile - diary
comments: Sam.. She's an awesome writer, very smart, and so sweet.
shugersweet profile - diary
comments: Johana's new diary. I hope she stays on this site for awhile. She's so sweet and caring. :)
swtssvsshrty profile - diary
comments: Mariah and her friend's joint diary. I hope they update more.
shdwsoldier profile - diary
comments: Kay's re-opened diary. Not updated. :(
wrap-me-up profile - diary
comments: Pacey's other diary. Not updated much. :(
mutemind profile - diary
comments: Toni...just met her...we have a lot in common. I love it when people feel like they can relate to me. :o)
creativitly profile - diary
comments: Anna's beautiful poems and songs. She's an amazing person and so very talented.
almostanarcy profile - diary
comments: Kay..Kayla's friend (halfawaken) girl and sweet as well.
typelove profile - diary
comments: online couples support...never updates. :(
afterday profile - diary
comments: Kay's (almostanarcy) poetry diary...READ IT!!!
sillyrabbit2 profile - diary
oliangel05 profile - diary
comments: Olivia..her new diary..she's a sweet girl, fun, interesting and a good friend of mine. It's nice to have her back.
flyingby profile - diary
comments: Kayle...
damagedxsoul profile - diary
comments: Laura's old diary...she uses this one the most.
my-solitaire profile - diary
comments: Sommer!! her new diary. :)
tru-luv profile - diary
comments: place to share love stories, etc...(Johana runs this)
lanienaked profile - diary
comments: Anna's locked diary...
blackndnails profile - diary
pink-circle profile - diary
comments: Writing group i'm apart of.
cinnamon1j profile - diary
comments: Jaide's other diary

My favorite music:

comments: Lifehouse,No Doubt,Coldplay,3DoorsDown,Linkin Park,The Strokes,GooGooDolls,The Calling,DMB,Finch,Sublime,TheVines,Incubus,Bush,Simple Plan,The Ataris,Audioslave,AAR,Seether,Nirvana,Good Charlotte,The Used,Foo Fighters,Switchfoot,Yellowcard,etc.
More Rock/Classic Rock
comments: Beatles,TheDoors,Journey,BeachBoys,RighteousBros,CCR,BonJovi, U2,Foreigner,Survivor,SavesTheDay,Chicago,LBizkit, Eve6, Evanescence,GreenDay,CheapTrick,Trapt,SocialBurn,Ourladypeace, Maroon5,REM,SocialBurn,Fuel,MB20,Adema,Die Trying,311,Nickelback,etc.
comments: 2 Pac,50 Cent(g-unit),Chingy,Pharrell,Outkast,Mya,Babyface,Usher,112,Jay Z,Jagged Edge,Ginuwine, Alicia Keys,Ashanti,Boyz II Men,P diddy,Loon,Musiq,Stevie Wonder,Donna Summer,Destinys Child,Fabolous,Dr Dre,Eminem,TLC,DMX,Nelly,Ja Rule,etc.
comments: Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston, Heart, Roxette,Janet Jackson, Madonna, Elton John, James Taylor, Lionel Richie, Celine Dion, Simon & Garfunkel, Stacie Orrico, Enrique Iglesias, Josh Groban, Clay Aiken, Sarah Mclachlan, Jewel, Sheryl Crow,etc
comments: Michelle Branch,John Mayer,Jon Secada,Gin Blossoms,Bob Seger,Duncan Sheik,Lenny Kravitz,Richard Marx, Cher,Cat Stevens,India Arie,Billy Joel,Bryan Adams,Phil Collins,Don Henley,Rick Astley,Alanis,Bob Marley,The Stylistics,Donna Summer,Gloria Estefan

My favorite movies:

"Chick Flicks"
comments: Coyote Ugly,Lilo & Stitch,Lion King,Pochantas,Crazy/Beautiful,10 things I hate about u,Save the last dance,Boys & girls,Down to u,Whatever it takes,Get over it,Mona lisa smile,Blue Crush,How to deal,Uptown Girls,Bruce Almighty,How to lose a guy in 10 days
Dramas/Romance (Chick Flicks)
comments: Now and Then,A walk to remember,Serendipity,Here on earth,Riding in cars w/ boys,Sidewalks of New York,Heartbreakers,Sweet home Alabama,Titanic,My best friends wedding,Never been kissed,Not another teen movie,She's all that,You've got mail
Mainly 80's flicks *i heart them, can't u tell?*
comments: The Breakfast Club, Dirty Dancing, Say Anything, Stand by me, Pretty Woman, Sleepless in Seattle, 9 months, Fast times at Ridgemont High, Mrs Doubtfire, The nutty professor, The first wives club, Romy & Michele's high school reunion
comments: Disturbing Behavior, The Faculty, LOTR (all), Pearl Harbor, O, Final destination, Idle Hands, Swimfan, Go, Baby boy, Dead man on campus,6th sense, V Blues, Freddy vs Jason
comments: Scary Movie,Anger Management,South Park,Bringing down the house,Legally Blonde 2,Just Married,Shallow Hal,The sweetest thing,Father of the bride,American Pie (all),Clueless,Miss congeniality,My big fat greek wedding,Bad santa,40 Days &40 nights

My favorite authors:

Stephen King
comments: A true legend!!
Patricia Cornwell
comments: I LOVE Body of Evidence..I usually don't like mysteries and all that but it kicked some ass!!
William Shakespeare
comments: No explanation
George Orwell
comments: 1984 is such a great book!!! :)
Robert Louis Stevenson
comments: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde..woo hoo!!

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