sweet dreaming.

I love life.

My favorite diaries:

minderella profile - diary
comments: This diary got me hooked on Diaryland! Just awesome.
outtatune profile - diary
comments: Sammy! She's not on Diaryland anymore, though...but I still love her! ^-^
otdesigns profile - diary
comments: All right, admit it. You know you love my layout! So, head on over to this diary and request your very own! Made by Sam!
andrew profile - diary
comments: Holy crap this is so funny! Plus, he invented Diaryland! Yay for Andrew!
dreamer2003 profile - diary
comments: Stacey is possibly the sweetest, kindest person I have ever met. She leaves great messages and just strives to brighten your day. *hugs*
residentdork profile - diary
comments: Nate is great! Hehe I rhymed. He is Stacey's boyfriend, and again just an incredibly caring person. His writing is really great as well. (Locked, though!)
stella-caeli profile - diary
comments: A funny chick from Oklahoma who wants to live in Ohio! ; )
lady-elena profile - diary
comments: She is so much like me that it's scary! Seriously. I was reading through her diary and wow, most of the entries could have been written by me. Interesting stuff!
indie-anna profile - diary
comments: I just found this diary, and I love it! Her layout and her words remind me of Amelie.
jettemarie profile - diary
comments: She offers a different side of college life...I can live vicariously through her.
misspinkkate profile - diary
comments: She's going to NYU, and I am so jealous. She's a real individual, and I admire that.
chasingavoid profile - diary
comments: It's just a great diary. He is so sincere! Plus, he really reminds me of someone I know...

My favorite music:

comments: Elliott Smith, Ben Folds, Rufus Wainwright
Billy Joel
comments: John Mayer, Josh Groban, Van Morrison
David Gray
comments: Counting Crows, REM, The Beatles
comments: Santana, Queen, Enrique Iglesias
Carole King
comments: Goo Goo Dolls, Styx, Sarah McLachlan

My favorite movies:

Bring It On
comments: This may be my favorite movie of all time. I know, I'm terrible. But I love Kirsten Dunst, and the final routines are awesome!
comments: This movie just touches me. It hits close to home (not the druggie girl part, but the interracial relationship).
Ocean's Eleven
comments: Love it love it love it! Every second is great! Plus...so many great guys! ::sigh::
Angels in the Outfield
comments: Do I need to explain?
Moulin Rouge
comments: What's not to love?!? A musical, Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor, and love!

My favorite authors:

J.K. Rowling
comments: I love Harry Potter!
Oscar Wilde
comments: The Picture of Dorian Gray is arguably one of the greatest books ever written. Plus, have you read The Importance of Being Earnest? Classic British satire.
George Orwell
comments: Animal Farm and 1984. Great.
Charlotte Bronte
comments: I love Jane Eyre! So sue me.
Ernest Hemingway
comments: Have to love his stuff. Farewell to Arms is my favorite.

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