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from dangerspouse :
What a wonderful, sweet and charming story about your boys and their "wife wines"! I have to know though: what kind of wine did you buy?? There used to be an English tradition where a father would buy a bottle of port on the birth of his son - a port made in the same year - and they would drink it together on his 21st birthday. 21 years being when vintage port was considered to be "ready". I love your tradition better, though! Allow me then to at least give you a tip or two to ensure those wines have at least a fighting chance during journey before being opened (in case the salesman didn't): The big enemies of wine aging are temperature - particularly temperature fluctuation -, light, and air. Any can ruin a wine before its time. You need to store wine on its side so the cork doesn't dry out and shrivel up, letting too much air in and spoiling the wine. You need to keep the bottles in a dark place, because wine is "photo-reactive", which means light energy causes chemical reactions in the liquid. Bad reactions. And you need to keep the bottles at a cool, constant temperature with a certain amount of humidity. Your best bet would be to buy a decent small wine refrigerator, but if you have a cool dark cellar where the bottles can lay undisturbed for years that will work also. Finally, every couple of years lift the bottle up gently over your head, putting it between you and a naked ceiling light bulb. Look at the color of the wine, particularly in the neck of the bottle. You'll start seeing the color change from purple or ruby to lighter shades, and brick. But if it starts turning brown, you may want to consider opening it even if nuptials are not around the corner (or at least ask an expert to give their opinion). Finally, before the Big Day, learn how to open and decant an aged bottle of wine. If you just pop the cork and pour, all your years of patience will be for naught. Seriously. Learn to decant at the very least, so you don't drink the sediment/mud that old wine develops in the bottle. (BTW, I say this as a former wholesale wine buyer and instructor at the International Wine Center in Manhattan. If you have any other questions, feel free to e-mail me!) All the best to you and the boys - and keep updating now! Enough of this 2-years-between entries stuff. You're too interesting! :)
from elizamark :
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from shrty16 :
hi i saw your diary and just want to say great joke! i saw ir cuz i looked up ppl in portland and saw urs. i'm moving there next year so i was seeing what ppl say about it. u live in portland,oregon? well anyways good joke!
from dragonsnaps :
Things will work out :)
from rissa46 :
Thank you for sharing your dairy. I lost my sweet dad last May 22nd. He was one of the great ones and I miss him so much . I know you know, I feel it in your writing. Hugs. I just began my writings.
from dragonsnaps :
Oh posh. I come here. I like your diary, but I'm sorry Dennis is....changed. I would have taken it more personally than you did, and it would have made him mad at me for griping. I'm glad you have such control over your temper :) Hang in there--you're in a hole and you have to reach the end before you see the horizon (that's my rendtion of things have to get worse to get better ;)]
from averynewlife :
NO messages for you.... no one comes here.

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