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And a hideous amount of aggravation.

My favorite diaries:

anenigma profile - diary
comments: the first diary I read compulsively
perceptions profile - diary
comments: yeah, I kissed Bobby, what? But it wasn't me that took off her pants. ahem. and thats the conclusion. ahem
quoted profile - diary
comments: defunct, but funny
dub-me-sybil profile - diary
comments: Ginger, the only person in the world that thinks better of me than I think of myself
epursimuove profile - diary
comments: idda mah Lucci!!
mermaid482 profile - diary
comments: Bean, never updates. I pray for her return. I miss her slut stories.
b-612 profile - diary
comments: Now, how many times must you prove you're an angel How many more demons do you have to strangle How much longer must you remain in this dream Before I finally figure out if you're insane or a genius
conclusions profile - diary
comments: Ariel. I hope she never works at the post office.
frisbeefreak profile - diary
comments: Thom-Tom. I bought him a birthday present that didn't fit. He wears it anyway. Thats a true friend. Oh yeah and he puts up with all my bitchiness.
MissVronique profile - diary
comments: our lives parallel, from the same dress in first grade to the confusion boys bring us now.
michelerobin profile - diary
comments: it's nice to keep up with people I can't have in my life anymore
vicinity profile - diary
comments: I spy on G's roomate, too.
sugartits profile - diary
comments: G begins anew.
speaknipple profile - diary
comments: he caved and joined

My favorite music:

Norah Jones
comments: Spinning, laughing, dancing to / her favorite song / a little girl with nothing wrong / is all alone
Ryan Adams
comments: (no, not Bryan, Ryan.) better off as a fool / than the owner of that kind of heart
Beth Orton
comments: I can't waste another second / living in hell like it's some kind of heaven
comments: friend is a four letter word / end is the only part of the word / that I heard
Dar Williams
comments: I fear that to fall in love with you / is to fall from a great and gruesome height.

My favorite movies:

Sense and Sensibility
comments: I have no idea why, but I love it.
comments: rent it, you'll see.
Mary Poppins
comments: supercalifragalisticexpalidocious
Cruel Intentions
comments: grrrr

My favorite authors:

Phyllis Anderson Wood
comments: 70's young adult paperback fiction. a junk shop dream come true.
Francesca Lia Block
comments: the way she strings images of pain and happiness together amazes me with every story I read.
Maeve Binchy
comments: I love me a good Irish novel... Or a good novel about Irish people.. whatever.

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