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from raven72d :
Whatever did become of you?
from al-bal :
Dearest Avox, would it be possible to swap information? I miss hearing from you and what's going on in your life. My email is [email protected], and I'd really like to have access to your journal unless it's too private. Do take care.
from raven72d :
whatever became of you?
from illusionless :
Hello, I really enjoy reading your journal. I wondering if I could please have access to yours? I'm not sure if you are able to view mine or not, but if not I don't mind swapping info. Let me know. My e-mail is emilymiedema (at) gmail (dot) com
from alienamiss :
Thanks. This 'style' carries in to everything I do, poetry aside.
from alienamiss :
Mm.. love your template, man.
from raven72d :
i'll be here, girl... and i hope you'll stay in touch, too.
from omfggwtf :
aw thank you ^_^ and perhaps yeah! i guess it's good in a way though, means we don't have to try as hard ;) haha x
from raven72d :
i try to be useful.
from raven72d :
i like the new diary.
from omfggwtf :
i really like your writing! xo.
from opposure :
My purpose for writing this journal (here) is mysterious, even to me. But if you're right, and its primary function is documenting our dark secrets, then at least I can't be accused of abusing this forum. :)
from al-bal :
That's not a problem at all! The username is albal, the password is lovemeplease.
from al-bal :
Your writing is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
from warpednormal :
i truly enjoyed that entry...haha
from katrina-xo :
lovely writing!!
from playinghouse :
Beautiful writing...thank yoiu
from zombielemon :
Thank you!! :D
from ladyluck92 :
Thank you for the comment, I appreciate it. I totally agree with what you said!
from daily-prose :
Thank you for the welcome note! Your writing is beautiful; I will be back. :)
from notunique :
it was actually an entire beatles showcase. my old college does it every year, and this year was the abbey road anniversary.
from illusionless :
Thank you for the interpretation. I found it very interesting!
from synchestra :
Hi there, thanks for your note, it's nice to get 'em. The world's full of curious synchronizations eh. Nice to know I'm not alone. He is really a good boy though, I'm just in a bit of a funny place at the moment. Stagnation is a bitch. Take care.
from cached :
Your note made me smile for days and days...your writing is beautiful. Simply beautiful.
from acuteapathy :
yeah definitely. im always busy and she goes to school in the next state over. so us coming together is a very wonderful thing.
from acuteapathy :
just her, ofcourse.
from fatalbreath :
Thanks for the hopeful words. Maybe some day I'll get there. I have to deal with all the hate first.
from dope-slave :
dope is heroin not pot, babe.
from chsturtle :
Cool, I don't know if I will end up making that (not as involved with Diaryland as I used to be), but I love that movie!
from chsturtle :
Hi, thanks for joining the BeatlesHelp diary ring :)
from hopey :
appreciate the feedback - i often wonder after having this blog at diaryland for almost 10 years (no, more!) if anyone even reads it. thanks. :m
from ohmyblog :
ahha, yes, underwear shopping. its the ultimate in retail therapy and it has a CONSTANT success rate. plus, its non-expensive:)

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