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from cerebrate :
Oh, but where have you gone? I miss you.
from theshivers :
just to let you know i signed up for the notify list - but not using my Shivers hotmail account. But my 'real life' account. It's the one with the work grrrl in the domain name...x0x0~S
from ramanda :
If you're looking to get rid of all your old crap you should sign up for Swappington's so you can trade your old stuff for new stuff :)
from ramanda :
Why are you the sweetest comment-leaver, ever? Thanks so much :)
from influence :
well thanks. i just figured, if i'm going to pimp myself out, i ought to go where the big hits are.
from missleigh :
For iron, any dark green veggie like spinach or collards steamed until soft - or enriched instant oatmeal. You can put blackstrap molassas on your foods for sweetener, it has a high iron content as well. Hope the tongue feels better soon :)
from aquietboy :
in a completely none threating manner: you have stunningly beautiful eyes.
from revoless :
I'm revoless on lj too. No creativity from this side, I'm afraid.
from aquietboy :
i love the book that the first line on your profile quotes from......if thats where you got it from.....perhaps not and it was just wishful thinking....
from inkdragon :
Dear Bellis: I know EXACTLY how you feel. Your first paragraph hit the nail on the head. And I am watching my diet too. Ugh. I hope you begin to feel better, could be the winter-blues. Thinking of you, inkdragon
from adianoeta :
Congratulations on your S.'s job! On the tongue piercing: I had mine done twice several years ago and i still miss it. I had to take it out because it was bothering me when i was sick. I swear that it made my lymph nodes swell more when my body was trying to fight off infections. That was the only problem i had with it, other than that i absolutely loved it and am considering getting it done again.
from vnichols :
i don't do resolutions either. it seems like tempting fate to me *shrugs*. Happy new year to you!
from ramanda :
Thank you so much. You're always so sweet to me. I'd love to dye my hair fire engine red - but I think it'd be frowned upon at the office. The lip ring I can get away with. I'm not so sure about crayon coloured hair. *mwah*
from inkdragon :
Dear Bellis: Merry Christmas. I hope you have a great day. Y.
from adianoeta :
Good Luck!
from mckay68 :
Oh- Good luck!! xo K
from theghostgirl :
I totally agree with your entry about consumerism and the holidays, makes me sick too. A gift someone takes the time to make is SO much more meaningful and special than something someone saw on an advert and paid 10 times what some worker in the 2rd world was paid to make it! 'scuse the lack of grammatical correctness there.
from soliloquize :
Again, I have to tell you; I wish that someday I'll be able to have children, and have the same, almost equal relationship that you and Beck do. It's really rather beautiful. And I'm entirely jealous of you and your learning of the Hindi language. At present, I live in a very small town in Texas, and that diversity is simply not available to me, and I miss it wholeheartedly. I wish that you could live that diverse, learning-new-thigs-all-the-time life forever, as opposed to the military(I've got my qualms with the military, but you already know that...), but you do what you need to do. As long as you're happy. Much love. -Bella
from viktorrya :
hey.. You write..really well. Thank you for sharing your life. Your daughter is so beutiful. hmm I had a lot to say, but now i cant think of anything.. so i feel lame Email is [email protected]. enjoy your holidays, with your sweet husband and daughter. Im 26 and i have a daughter who is going on 8 too :) Take care girl-Tori
from soliloquize :
It seems that I have about ten thousand things I want to express to you. Lost to where I should start. Eh, I'll let it flow. Your entry on your ex-husband was...more touching than you know, and at the same time shockingly empowering. So much so, that I, a writer, can't put into sufficient words. I literally weeped through out almost the entire entry. You are such an amazing woman, one(that I've told you before) that I admire so thoroughly. You just seem to plow through everything, while not forgetting. You're so utterly strong, and it surpasses any strength that I, personally, could ever hope to have. Thank you for being a woman that your daughter can look up to, for the simple fact that we will surely have another unbeatable woman like YOU in the world. Secondly, I'm so incredably relieved that you're doing financially(as well as emotionally) OKAY. I was utterly worried, and wished with everything that I personally could have done something for you, but, I too broke as a joke. Then again, I don't have a family to support;) I sincerely wish I would have offered my well wishes and hope earlier. I'm so utterly happy for you and S, that your marriage hasn't been tremendously affected by the troubles. Money was always an issue in my house growing up, and it not only affected my parents marriage, but also my childhood and relationship with my parents. And it just makes me smile to know that you and your family are relatively safe and sound. You do such an amazing job raising your daughter, and I hope to be as wonderful a mother as you. Know that you are raising your daughter fantastically, and that I'm sure she'll morph into a beautiful, strong, independent, compassionate woman. Just like you. -Bella
from aphroditegrl :
I was reading your latest entry, and the one about your first husband. You are so incredibly brave, even if you don't think you are. You always found a way to rebel against his abuse, and in the end you finally got away from him. I really admire your courage. What I think is really pitiful is that a sicko like him is able to live freely, even with the horrible things he's done to you. Try not to regret giving Julia up, I'm sure she'll ty to find you again when the time comes. Oh, and I really like your diary.
from raven72d :
I admire your intellect and passion...and the dry wit of your entries here and at the blog.
from feverlover21 :
I clicked your banner and was surprised at the intellect you have. Just the manner of wording and the way you communicate. If only you could get out in your words what you seem to be so well at writing. I think you owe him some kind of explanation because he could probably clear it right up. Or try damn hard to. Try to focus on the you and him factor as opposed to the just you..everything will be oki..everyone has insecurity issues..but if they take over your hurt not only yourself but everyone around you. People who love you and adore those big beautiful eyes more then any 90 pound woman. blessed be
from thornbury :
Ugh. That was your trigger? You can almost count her ribs in that photo. No thanks. (And take heart that if he wants to be with you, you are attractive to him, no matter how attractive you may feel.)
from almostgoldsf :
Thanks for taking my food survey! You seem (by your responses) to love food as much as I do...
from kateso :
I went over to your blog. Your daughter has those same, big, haunting, beautiful eyes you do. Congratulations on your wedding. You looked gorgeous and happy. And the little piece about 'My wife, my wife' brought tears to my eyes. how absolutely sweet. really. i can't stay away from your words.
from kateso :
just wanted to say congrats for facing some REALLY REALLY tough issues in the past week or so; i've been off reading journals becasue i've been so busy--i respect you so much for these decisions...i'm so happy for you about your dad. i hope it continues to work out well. thanks for sharing all this stuff. it's just wonderful. just like your writing.
from influence :
oh it's still nice here. i just wish i knew a connection to helmets and bullet proof vests. i could so be getting rich off the irrational fears of others right now.
from adianoeta :
aw. i used to have a black kitty named pandora when i was a kid. :) congratulations on your new addition.
from influence :
actually i live up in silver spring. you know Leisure World, now famous as one of the sniper shooting locations? That's me, only I don't live with the Q-tips, just next door.
from influence :
i'm not sure that's the best night, it very well might get ugly, and he's bigger than me these days. but how close are you to Arlington? you should check out this place
from idealistic :
geez, I've spent almost an hour trying to catch up :), good for you on everything, congratulations on the divorce :), and woohoo I'm back.. finally in the new place, and with a real internet connection, and I'm unlocked.. good luck to you!
from soffs :
Body hair? I'm very comfy with mine. I shave my underarm hair now and then, sometimes my legs, but not regularly. The fact that hair grows on our bodies is written into our genes, otherwise it wouldn't keep up growing back again after we've shaved it off, right? ;-)
from soliloquize :
It's SO nice to hear that you are back and well. I've been reading your diary for quite a while now, and thoroughly enjoy you. I wrote you an email a few weeks ago, actually. I wish you all the luck in the world, and hope that your new home treats you well. Happy adventures to you and your family! -Bella
from theshivers :
good luck, welcome back (echoing Headmusic here) and here's to new adventures!
from headmusic :
good luck, and welcome back!
from sweetfancy :
Bellis, best wishes on the move and welcome back to the U-S-of-A! Erm, also, have you seen
from gothdaria :
Your blog link in this most recent entry (8/29) is kinda messed up. Just thought you might like to know - I read your diary constantly anymore. Wish you luck on your move :)
from ramanda :
Yay for things looking up :) I'm so happy for you. Also, how do I get a job that sends me 5-figure bonus cheques?
from katress :
I fit the bill for your wanted ad, but I live in MN. Sorry dahlin. But you're not asking for to much <b>at all!</b> That's what friends <b>should</b> be, and unfortunately to many people just "settle." What a jerk.
from mckay68 :
Hi Bellis, I wasn't sure if you are aware of it, but you're page isn't coming up in my browser at all and hasn't been all week. Instead it displays the following error: The XML page cannot be displayed Cannot view XML input using XSL style sheet. Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try again later. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- End tag 'P' does not match the start tag 'BR'. Error processing resource ''. Line 43, Position 9 I have Internet Explorer 5.0 and my OS is Windows ME, if that's of any help at all. Just thought you'd like to know - perhaps it's my system... Take care, Karen, aka
from snailandsky :
dude, I KNOW. It's so awful. Awhile ago I had two bladder infections in a row, and I had JUST gotten health insurance, and I had to go to the ER, and when I realized that I was paying 10 bucks for prescription drugs that would have cost me over THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS (counting both infections), but which I HAD to have or else I'd get a kidney infection and die, I felt like screaming at someone. It's so unfair. It is so unfair that people spend their whole lives crippled by outrageous medical bills while Ken Lay has a mansion in Aruba. I mean, I don't know if those two things are literally related, but kind of they are!!!
from greyparadise :
"it don't take a dick to have balls, it don't take balls to knock down the walls of this..." a quote by alix olson (slam poet) i thought you'd enjoy, relative to your post today. she's awesome, you should check her out if you don't know her. also, bitch and animal (music grp) deal w/ this issue all the time. one of bitch's favorite expressions is "that took pussy!" just others who are thinking of similar issues...might intrigue you... :) xo c.
from theshivers :
ah, that is the world famous Ladies World Reading & Terrorist Society (formerly known as the Ladies World Reading and Domination Society)...some of us (I know myself and Whatgoeson at least) have suggested you for membership...basically it's just an online virtual book group. I don't know where membership stands right now but if you're ever interested let me know and I will tell you's not evil, I swear!!!
from diotoir :
Was just wondering if you might have been at the same base as my brother in law, because I know there are a lot of Americans stationed there too. Thanks for answering my question!

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