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My first name is Laura. I'm mad as a moose and a diarylandholic. I bake and dream. Bisexual. I think the way I do, because otherwise I wouldn't be me. Quirky Finnish woman. Casualty (series 6-15) freak. And I don't like phoning people, I rather write.

My favorite diaries:

caretaker profile - diary
comments: D. He still makes me embarrassed. He makes me laugh too. :)
hot-crumpets profile - diary
comments: X's new diary. My all time favourite diarist and a fellow phone hater. ;-)
puppet-666 profile - diary
comments: Dark girl. But very sweet.
ravieslave profile - diary
comments: Raven
slit profile - diary
comments: Other side to Raven
kristoli profile - diary
comments: Kristina
onthesix profile - diary
comments: Becki
jenoline profile - diary
comments: Jen S
dutyofcare profile - diary
comments: John
broken-spell profile - diary
comments: Vicki
little-laur profile - diary
comments: Laura
cutiepie-nat profile - diary
comments: Natalie
then-why profile - diary
comments: Fran
underthesuns profile - diary
comments: Karin
dozydormouse profile - diary
comments: Heather. "Staying positive really is harder than it sounds."
augustdreams profile - diary
comments: Nicole
nosilhouette profile - diary
real-lies profile - diary
comments: Han

My favorite music:

comments: Not actually a band rather a musical project, nearly perfect. Members of Shunt are Recoil fans.
comments: Beautiful, intelligent, talented, arty & individual artist
comments: Finnish humour-rock
comments: A Finnish band, has it's own style
Scissor Sisters
comments: "Better luck next time..."

My favorite movies:

Beautiful Thing
comments: Tells a beautiful love story
The Virgin Suicides
comments: Just because of the beautiful girls in it... mmmh
The Court Jester
comments: Danny Kaye's finest moment

My favorite authors:

Virginia Woolf
comments: + Ana´s Nin, L.M. Montgomery
Jeanette Winterson
comments: + Lisa Jewell
Arturo PÚrez-Reverte
Leena Krohn
comments: + Pentti Saarikoski, Elina Karjalainen, Heidi Liehu
Sarah Waters

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